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The best agency maybe the one you are still to use  World Research Alliance (WRA) is a global network of nearly 6,500 independent research agencies with.

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1 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use  World Research Alliance (WRA) is a global network of nearly 6,500 independent research agencies with the objective of improving cost effectiveness in outsourcing market research services.  WRA is particularly useful for multi-country studies anywhere across the globe.  WRA aims to break the multiple tier subcontracting in the research business. WRA partners have their own fieldwork capabilities in the country where they operate. They are not allowed to offer services that they intend to sub-contract to others. This means no multiple margins on top of each other.  In practice this means one associate per country supports a multi-country project.  The Alliance allows the research buyer to interact directly with the supplier who carries out the work in a country. This serves transparency.  The WRA concept provides an online platform to submit RFQs and quotations. Practically the entire process is automated.  WRA’s sourcing services are completely free to research buyers. Associates pay a 10 % finder’s fee when they are engaged for a project. For more details about WRA check out: Website menu here: A B C D E f Research Buyers : Submit your RFQ here: Research Associates: Submit your quotation here: Check for open RFQs

2 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use  The research business is one of the few industries wherein service rates for projects of the same scope and specification in the same country can vary multiple times over; from the incredibly heap to the outrageous.  Of course, the brand of the agency and proprietary research designs may justify fee variations, but what about the run of the mill “commodity type” research, such as field and tab? This is about managing effective and competent data capture methods in a transparent manner and other than supply and demand that could vary from one country to the other, there is really not justification for a huge disparity in rates in the same country. Yet wide price gaps are common and somewhat bewildering to international research buyers who require field partners in several countries.  Other than a handful of global players, few research agencies can manage to operate field operations in dozens of countries and yet they have clients requiring international capabilities too. Networking through research partners offers the solution, but one that has its challenges. Which potential field partners can you trust? Do they offer a competitive rate? Do they really have the capabilities they claim to have and are these truly their own or do they sub-contract? The Research Pricing Jungle

3 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use  It is not uncommon for international RFQs to cascade around several regions in a bid for a supplier to cover as many countries as possible.  The risk of course is that with multiple levels of sub-contracting, the supplier is remote from the actual field operations and this affects quality control as well as response time to queries.  Each party in the sub-contracting tree requires a margin, which increases the project cost or worse, reduces the quality of data collection by cutting corners, in order for contributors to stay competitive without compromising on margin.  The best agencies may well be the ones you have not worked with yet. The Multiple Sub-contracting Pitfall

4 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use  World Research Alliance is a global affiliation of independent research service providers offering grass roots capabilities in mostly fieldwork and data processing (field and tab). Most associates are single office operators with field teams under their direct management in their own country.  Most of the associates are smaller agencies, owned by one or more research veterans. They care about their business, their reputation, seeking growth and build their status of excellence. In short, accountability ties directly with individuals rather being able to hide behind an amorphous corporate façade. They are members of one or more of the many research societies dotted around the globe. They take their business seriously and want to make a difference.  As smaller players in a country, associates are not necessarily on the radar of multi-national research buyers and mostly serve the national research needs.  The World Research Alliance concept aims to break the multiple tier subcontracting and to provide a facility for international research buyers to connect directly with research practitioners who are not necessarily on their list of potential suppliers; likely because buyers are not aware of them. The alliance allows the research buyer to interact directly with the project partner who carries out the work. This serves cost efficiency and transparency.  Depending on the number of countries, international field coordination can be a drain on time, and so WRA offers an optional service to facilitate coordination on behalf of the client. However, the client has full knowledge who carries out the work in the various countries and can interact directly at will. The World Research Alliance Concept

5 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use  Research buyers simply post the RFQ on the WRA website. The application allows for to upload or to specify the requirements through a series of questions.  Almost immediately after submitting the RFQ, the online program distributes emails to the WRA associates in the countries the buyer has specified and who have the capabilities and competencies required for this work. For instance if the requirement involves focus groups, associates exclusively focussing on quantitative research would be excluded.  In the brief buyers have the option to name agencies they do not want to deal with, for instance because of bad experiences in the past. If these agencies are listed as associates, they will not be contacted.  The buyer receives a ticket number and link, through which WRA informs how many associates received the RFQ and the number who confirmed to submit a quotation. The program allows real time tracking of submitted bids.  The online application automatically assimilates the quotations in a single file for ease of comparison (side by side) at a glance, including credentials of the agencies. The buyer can view and download these directly through the link. All of this in real time. The quotations are direct from the partners at their price. WRA adds no margins or costs of any kind.  So far all exchanges are anonymous. Suppliers do not know the identity of the buyer, nor does the buyer know the agency name of the WRA associate.  For each quotation WRA adds a rating of the WRA associate based on past feedback from other research buyers who have used the services of the supplier before. First time suppliers are marked as “unrated”. Suppliers with repeated negative feedback from clients lose their affiliation with WRA. How does WRA Work?

6 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use How it Works at a Glance Confirmation Receives ticket number and tracking link by email Activation Online confirmation of number of RFQ invitations to associates and accepted Results Online viewing of submitted quotations. Side by side format in single report Invitation Email invitations to submit bid Acknowledge ment Accept or decline invitation online. Downloads the RFQ if accepts to bid Submission Online submission of quotation with credentials RFQ Submit RFQ Online Decision Buyer decides on supplier (if any) Acceptanc e WRA draws up agreement between parties Buyer Associate

7 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use  World Research Alliance can draw on nearly 6,500 associates worldwide in order to secure competitive quotes for your research requirements. This network accounts for over 90 % of all research agencies across the globe and is continually updated.  Not only do you receive quotations, but also credentials of your potential research partners from other research buyers who have used the associate through WRA before.  Practically the entire sourcing process is online with neatly compared quotations in a single downloadable file with suppliers side by side, saving you time and frustration.  Submissions and updates are in real time, accessible at any time from any internet connection.  No more endless sub-contracting. You can be in touch with the supplier who does the actual work in the country where the work is done. This saves time and cost.  WRA’s role is to connect. Once you have established a relationship with a supplier through WRA you can continue using this agency for other surveys directly without a search fee. If you route this through WRA, the associate pays a modest fee.  In case you want WRA to coordinate multiple countries on your behalf there is a service charge of 10 % of the total sum of agreed quotations across the relevant countries. This project management includes a minimum of 20 % back checking of interviews over and above the quality assurance measures of the WRA associate. Benefits to Research Buyers

8 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use  The purpose of WRA is to raise the awareness of independent market research providers and to provide a united front in order to be a credible alternative to the multinational research conglomerates.  Membership of World Research Alliance is completely free.  WRA will alert you of new RFQs by email. You can also check these online.  WRA connects you with the research community at large across the globe be they as research buyers or potential research partners.  WRA facilitates and encourages cross associate support for inputs in expertise to share experiences. For instance, to share experiences on specific types of research designs, sources for secondary research etc.  As of Q3 2011 WRA will publish newsletters with contributions authored by associates, circulated to nearly 6,500 research agencies (and growing), which will flag the name of the author and the represented agency.  In case your bid has not been accepted by the research buyer, you will receive feedback for the reasons for not winning a project, which you can view online in real time.  After completion of a survey you have conducted, WRA requests the client to provide an appraisal of your performance on several aspects culminating in a rating, which will – with positive feedback - therefore in turn improve the conversion rate from quotation to winning a project. Benefits to WRA Associates

9 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use  The service is completely free to research buyers. No search fees.  In case you require the support from WRA to coordinate associates across several countries, you will be charged 10 % of the total sum of quotations. As part of this project management, WRA back checks 20 % of interviews over and above the quality assurance measures of its associates.  While agencies are responsible for their own quality assurance in line with ESOMAR standards, WRA can act as an intermediary in case of disputes to facilitate amicable solutions. However, WRA does not have any legal powers in this regard and provides this service on a best effort “goodwill” basis.  WRA reserves the right to refuse RFQs or quotations if it judges them to be bogus.  Requests for same day quotations are difficult to entertain given the time difference. Associates must be allowed to prepare their quotation within 3 days of publishing the RFQ.  Request for a breakdown of quotations are acceptable provided they relate to different research modules rather than requiring an interrogation of a supplier’s costing menu, which is confidential.  Requests for quotations are in Euro or in US Dollars.  Since associates spend time preparing a quotation, WRA expects buyers to extend the courtesy to furnish a reason for declining quotations at the time a decision is made.  Once a Research buyer has approved the bid of an associate, WRA drafts an agreement detailing the responsibilities of all parties involved. Responsibilities - Research Buyers

10 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use Fees and Responsibilities - Associates  WRA associates agree to abide by the ESOMAR code of conduct and quality standards.  Associates pay a 10 % finder’s fee, but after striking a relationship with a research buyer there are no further charges to pay for any subsequent surveys you win from the same research buyer directly, unless the buyer opts to route this through WRA.  Quotations should always be net inclusive of taxes (if relevant) in US Dollars or Euro. The bid should be all-inclusive within the scope of the project. Separate additions such as translation of open ends etc. are not permissible. This work should be included in the total fee on a best estimate basis.  Submission of quotations are online in a pre-specified format. For additional information, the application has a function to upload files, for instance your company profile/presentation or other information that you think will help you win the project.  Depending on the RFQ of the client, the project fee breakdown would typically encompass fieldwork, project management (including set up), incentives (where appropriate), venue/hospitality, translation, data processing (if required) etc. You will not be required to provide a fee breakdown that would expose the confidentiality of your costing menu.  After the Research buyer has decided on the associate supplier, WRA drafts a contract to outline the responsibilities of the various parties. The 10% finder’s fee is invoiced upon signing this contract and payable within 30 days of receipt.

11 The best agency maybe the one you are still to use Associate membership Administration Online Support Accounts Client Service Contact Us World Research Alliance Kowloon Building Nathan Road Monkok, Kowloon Hong Kong Tel: +852 8177 7672 Fax: +852 2297 9269

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