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1 University of Kansas Electronic Theses and Dissertation Fall Workshop.

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1 1 WWW.GRADUATE.KU.EDU/04-02_ETD.SHTML ETD@KU.EDU University of Kansas Electronic Theses and Dissertation Fall Workshop

2 2 Introduction Mary Roach, Associate Dean, Technical Services, KU Libraries Ada Emmett, Scholarly Communications Librarian, KU Libraries Amy Price, Administrative Professional, Graduate Studies Kim Glover, Technology Trainer, Instructional Services, KU Libraries

3 3 Why Submit Electronically? ETD program helps students and the University  Improves visibility and accessibility  ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, (Lawrence/Edwards campus only) ProQuest Dissertations and Theses  Dissertations & Theses @ University of Kansas KUMC-Current Research @ KU KU ScholarWorks,

4 4 Why Submit Electronically? (continued…) Ability to include Media  Audio  Video Reduces Costs and Space Requirements Increases the ability for others to access your research

5 5 KU ScholarWorks ProQuest/UMI No additional cost Protected by copyright Greater access to your work KU ScholarWorks release form  http://www.graduate.ku.e du/-downloads/04- d6_KU_ETD_release.pdf http://www.graduate.ku.e du/-downloads/04- d6_KU_ETD_release.pdf Additional fee $150 for Master’s $160 for Doctoral Protected by copyright Greater access to your work Open Access

6 6 Embargo Embargo-delayed release or delayed availability  Reasons  Patents pending  Sensitive data  Pending publication Must get approval and signature of the director of your graduate division

7 7 Publishing Options Best Option

8 8 Publishing Options

9 9 Copyright: Protecting your work Copyright is a way to protect your work Payment Options  United States Copyright Office (basic fee: $35)  UMI ProQuest will do it for you for a fee during submission. (fee: $55)  Copyright Information  University of Kansas Office of the Vice-Provost for Information Services:  KU Medical Center Copyright Compliance Page:  K.D. Crews, Copyright Law and Graduate Research: US/products/dissertations/copyright/Preface.html “This manual is intended to help graduate students and advisors understand legal rights and duties a an early stage, before the legal issues can become serious and frustrating. This manual should help researchers identify when they need copyright clearances and show how to obtain them. It should also help graduate students protect their own copyrights.” US/products/dissertations/copyright/Preface.html

10 10 General Requirements for Electronic Submission 1. Deliver to your graduate division, signed:  Title page  Acceptance page  KU ScholarWorks release  Director’s signature required to place embargo on ETD The deadlines to submit these materials can be found at the Graduate Studies website under Academic Calendar 2009 and Academic Calendar 2010Academic Calendar 2009 Academic Calendar 2010 2. Convert thesis or dissertation to a PDF Include copies of the UNSIGNED title and acceptance pages 3. Submit through the UMI website 4. Pay fees online during submission process:  Submission and archiving  Copyright (optional but recommended)

11 11 Creating the PDF file Why PDF  PDF preserves the layout and formatting of your original document  Allows anyone with the free Adobe Reader, or comparable program, to access it  Better format for long-term preservation and access; ensures that your document can continue to be read years from now. PDF Requirements  Visit: UMI ETD Tutorial: 

12 12 Gotchas Microsoft Equation Editor and PDFs  Microsoft Equation Editor (Office 2003 and earlier) may encounter problems when creating PDF; equations may appear garbled onscreen or when printed out as a PDF.  Use a different equation editing tool.  Use Microsoft Equation Editor to create the equations, but then create a screenshot of each equation, and insert it as an image in your document.  Office 2007: Notes for LaTeX Users  DVIPDFM (a DVI to PDF translator) is included in major TeX distributions.   For more information see UMI’s PDF Help Center: 

13 13 Submitting the Thesis/Dissertation Start here: How the submission process works  Submitting very large files  Connectivity Questions  Copyright Registration: Retaining your rights When are ETDs available in the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) database and the KU ScholarWorks Repository?

14 14 Resources Support Services for Writers  Workshops:  Writing Center Resources:  Support for Data Analysis  GIS and Data Lab: Software  Working with multimedia files  w w Graduate Division Contacts  ETD questions – email: 

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