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Submittal of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) A Brief “How-to”

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1 Submittal of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) A Brief “How-to”

2 Getting Started: Make sure you have your full dissertation or thesis, including appendices, the Abstract and any supplementary files readily available. Have the names of all of your committee members. Your file preferably should already be in portable document format (.pdf). If not, the ETD Administrator site has tools you can use to convert your file(s). Access: UMI ETD Administrator - University of Alaska FairbanksUMI ETD Administrator - University of Alaska Fairbanks (


4 Resources Available at the ETD Site

5 Create your own account Simple account creation - Click on: “Submit my dissertation/thesis” “Create an Account” Complete the required fields. Press the “Sign Up” button Check your e-mail for account verification Follow the instructions in the message sent to you.

6 Creating Your Account

7 Once you are in:  The Submission Process  Select the type of publishing you desire: Traditional or Open Access. o Traditional Publishing means that as owner of the intellectual property and author of the work, you contract with ProQuest to reproduce, distribute and sell copies of your work. Royalty payments are possible with this option. There is NO fee for Traditional Publishing. o Open Access Publishing means you make your work freely available for viewing or downloading and open access to the full text. Because it is Open Access, there are no royalties with this option. There is a $95 fee for Open Access Publishing.  Select the publishing options: o Select the access options for your work: You may choose whether or not your work is made available immediately through ProQuest, and the type of access you will allow through UAF’s Institutional Repository (IR).  Select the Access Options o Select the access options that fit your needs.  Read and approve the UMI/ProQuest and UAF Publishing Agreements: o You will be prompted to accept the UMI/ProQuest Publishing Agreement and will be shown a copy of the UAF Publishing Agreement for download. Please print, sign and bring the original to the Graduate School. Check the “agree” box and continue.

8 Contact Information: Enter current information. Do NOT use your UAF email address here. As you complete the submission steps, they will be checked off on the left side of the screen. You do not need to complete the process in a linear order, except if the item is indented. Dissertation/Thesis Details: Enter all necessary data. Title: We recommend you do not use symbols in the title, as this may inhibit searches of your thesis by other researchers. Abstract: you may cut and paste your abstract, but if you have bold or italics fonts in the Abstract, then click on formatting hints for html codes. Once you are in (continued):


10 Electronic Thesis or Dissertation Submission (ETD)  Upload the PDF file:  If you do not have a PDF version of your thesis, the ETD Administrator provides a Word to PDF conversion tool.  The conversion tool will take a Microsoft Word document, or an RFT document, and convert it to PDF.  Is it very important to review the resulting PDF to make sure that there are no formatting errors or other issues.  If you receive an error message, you can contact UMI and they will assist you in uploading your file or to figure out what is preventing you from doing so.  If you upload the wrong version of your document, you can go back and upload the correct version.  Depending upon your browser, you may see the “Browse” button or “Basic Upload Tool”. They do the same thing.  Note: you must make sure that:  All fonts are embedded in the originating document. The Mac OS version of MS Word does this automatically. In Windows you must embed your fonts before converting to PDF.  We recommend that your figures are in.jpg format as.png figures have been known to convert the figure background to black when transformed to.pdf  The PDF security setting allows printing and modification of the document. For more information on saving your thesis to PDF, see the online PDF Help page. online PDF Help page.

11 Thesis or Dissertation Electronic Submission (cont.)  Uploading Supplementary Files:  If you have supplementary files, such as maps, CD’s, sound clips, spreadsheets, or research data not included in the thesis, you can upload them here. You may upload as many supplementary files as you need, up to the 1,000 MB limit.  A thesis with several small data files should be consolidated into one zipped folder.  If the file is “zipped”, that is how the files will be distributed with the full text.  You should select the media type of the downloaded supplemental file.  Maximum file size for entire thesis is 1,000 MB.

12 Microfilming and Delayed Publication Microfilming and Delayed Publication  Microfilming (Digitizing)  Required for all theses and dissertations at UAF.  Processed by ProQuest/UMI  Delayed Publication (Embargo)  Can delay UMI/UAF publication.  This option is used when thesis material is of a sensitive nature; e.g., government or corporate research, intellectual property rights are involved, commercialization is in process; or thesis includes creative work.  Can choose six months, one year, or two years.  See section on Publishing Restrictions in ETD site.  The full text will not be published, but the abstract will be available.

13 Copyright and Your Thesis  You retain ownership of your work, unless you have signed an agreement with a journal/publisher granting them your copyright.  The University retains the right to reproduce or display your thesis for educational purposes.  You must complete this page in the ETD process, but you do not have to request ProQuest to register your copyright.  You can request that ProQuest/UMI register your copyright. This requires an additional fee of $55.00 as noted in the ETD submission process.  You instead can register your copyright directly at the U.S. Copyright Office ( for a $35.00 filing  If you register your copyright (either directly or through UMI/ProQuest) your thesis must display: “© 20xx Jane Student” as the last line on the Title Page © 2012 Luke Anakin Skywalker

14 Ordering Copies/Services and Summary Page  Submission Summary:  Please make sure you review this page. If changes are needed, this is your chance to make them by clicking on the “Change” links.  Complete the submission by clicking on “Submit Dissertation/Thesis”.  Copy and service fees (personal copies, copyright, etc.): You will receive a message to “Continue with submission”. This will take you to the Order Summary page and payment information. Include your billing address and credit card information. You complete the submission with clicking “Submit Dissertation/Thesis & Pay”. This will charge your credit card and submit your ETD to the Graduate School.

15 Personal Copy Binding Options  With ETD, the Rasmuson Library only requires one bound copy. This copy will be printed on thesis paper and will become the archive copy. This one copy is a standing order with ProQuest and can not be opted out.  You may order personal bound copies through:  ProQuest/UMI: see ETD submission process. (Covers will be black with gold foil printing, copies will be double-sided).  UAF Printing Services Center offers spiral, comb and other soft cover binding options.  Online at Thesis on Demand:  Online at Thesis Printing and Binding:  Various other binding businesses.

16 What Happens Next?  The Graduate School scans the signed Signature Page.  The Graduate School reviews your ETD for formatting and reference/citation errors.  You will receive an e-mail message with a list of corrections needed.  You have one week (5 business days) from receipt of the email to make the necessary changes and to submit the corrected thesis.  The Graduate School checks to make sure all the required corrections are made.  The Graduate School Dean signs the Signature Page – the thesis is now officially approved.  You upload your final thesis/dissertation into ETD.

17 What Happens Next (cont.)  You receive an email notifying you that your thesis has been approved.  The Graduate School inserts the signature page and approves your thesis in ETD.  Graduation Services is notified that the thesis requirement has been met.  Thesis (699) grades are changed from deferred (DF) to pass (P).  Graduation Services completes a final degree audit to confirm that all requirements for your degree have been met and post your degree to your transcript. Your diploma should follow in the mail about a month after that.  YOU GRADUATE !

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