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Sherri Lex, Assistant Director for Student Records How to Submit Your Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD) Online MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL.

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1 Sherri Lex, Assistant Director for Student Records How to Submit Your Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD) Online MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

2 What is an Electronic Thesis or Dissertation (ETD)? The digital (electronic) representation of your thesis or dissertation. It is the same as its paper counterpart in content and organization and follows the Directives set forth by the Graduate School. MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

3 Advantages of an ETD 1. Saves you money on printing copies 2. Additional information (i.e. data or multimedia files) that could not be part of a paper submission can now be uploaded digitally 3. Much faster publishing than paper to a much wider audience MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

4 Websites You Will Use 1. Graduate School ( -Contains tutorials, forms, link to ProQuest, other informational items 2. ProQuest ETD (via Graduate School ETD website) -Functional website you will use to submit your ETD, register for Library of Congress copyright (optional), order bound copies (optional) MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

5 Graduate School ETD Website 1. All the information you need to submit your ETD is available via this website (including this PowerPoint). 2. The Thesis Directives and Dissertation Directives are available as PDF documents. These are the directives I use when reviewing your document. 3. The forms you need to submit in addition to your document are available as writable PDFs. MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

6 ProQuest ETD Website 1. Where you create a login to upload your ETD 2. Where you enter information about your ETD (i.e. topic, director, etc.) 3.One of the places you select access (embargos) MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

7 Who is ProQuest? 1. A private company that has acted for more than 60 years as the publisher and distributor for the majority of theses and dissertation written in the United States (they are a reputable company) 2. List and make available published theses and dissertations in the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses (PQDT) database (You may have used them as a resource in the research of your thesis or dissertation) MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

8 Brief Overview of the Steps to Submit your ETD There is a later section that walks you through the process with screenshots. This section is just a quick overview to give you an idea of the process 1.Write your document and save in Word or other appropriate format 2. Go to the ProQuest ETD website (via the Graduate School ETD website: 3. Create an account the first time you log in MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

9 Steps to Submit Your ETD cont. 4. Embed your fonts (it is not as hard as it sounds) 5. Convert your document to PDF using ProQuest’s PDF converter (This process takes from 5-25 minutes depending on the size of your file and how busy the ProQuest servers are) 6. Submit. ProQuest sends you an email to confirm the submission. Check your junk mail folder (it may be filtered) and save the email confirming your submission. Rarely (if ever) are there issues at this point, but this message provides helpful information if there is. MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

10 Steps to Submit Your ETD cont. 7. ProQuest notifies me that there is a new submission 8. Assistant Director for Student Records reviews the document to make sure it matches directives. If changes are needed, and/or if you are missing forms, I will email you and let you know. 9. Once your ETD is approved by the Graduate School, I will submit it for publication via ProQuest and Marquette University Libraries ePublications MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

11 Rose Fortier, Coordinator of Digital Programs Publishing Your ETD: What happens with it now? MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES

12 Publishing of Your ETD A TWO STEP PROCESS (both steps are required) 1. Publishing via ProQuest 2. Publishing via Marquette University Libraries ePublications (this is what you are submitting your publishing form for) MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES

13 Publishing Options: ProQuest Option 1: Traditional Publishing 1. Makes your ETD available for purchase by others (This is one way ProQuest makes their money) 2. Provides the author (you) the ability to receive royalties based on those purchases (You will not get rich off of this) 3. Free to you MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES

14 Publishing Options: ProQuest Option 2: Open Access Publishing 1. Makes your publication available free to others via ProQuest’s database worldwide 2. ProQuest does not earn money selling copies of your ETD, meaning they don’t make any money when people access it and you do not receive any royalties 3. Costs you $95 (which you will be required to pay before you ETD is approved by the Graduate School) MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES

15 Publishing Options: Marquette Open Access for FREE 1. Regardless if you choose Traditional (Option 1) or Open Access (Option 2) via ProQuest, Marquette will make your ETD available to the world for FREE. And we mean free. No cost to you, no cost to others. Q: What is so great about Open Access? A: It promotes the acceleration of research in your field and it results in higher recognition of your work Q: But what about embargoes? A: Be sure that if you select an embargo in ProQuest (6 months, 1 year, 2 years) that you select the same embargo on your publishing form. Marquette will honor your delay. MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES

16 Embargos and Restrictions You must choose one of the following options for publishing: 1. Immediate access (via both ProQuest and Marquette) 2. Block access of the full text for patent or proprietary purposes for a designated period of time (6 months, 1 year or 2 years) If you choose to embargo (delay) access, the ETD will default to whichever publishing method was selected at the expiration of the embargo with ProQuest and to Open Access through Marquette ePublications. MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES

17 Publishing Options: Summary 1. Select Traditional Publishing via ProQuest and Open Access at Marquette. Cost to you: $0 2. Select Open Access Publishing via ProQuest and Open Access at Marquette. Cost to you: $95 Regardless of which option you choose, Marquette will make your document available widely to the world for free via ePublications at Marquette. So, you can either spend $0 or $95. Either way, your document will be widely available. MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES

18 Questions for Ann? Rose Fortier Coordinator of Digital Programs Libraries 288-1675 MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES

19 Copyrighting Your ETD It is optional to copyright your ETD with ProQuest You already own the copyright to your work as soon as it is published. International copyright law provides full protection and establishment of the author’s rights. If you should choose, ProQuest offers an additional copyright registration service that registers your copyright with the Library of Congress, establishes your claim to copyright, and provides certain protections if violated. The cost to have ProQuest register your copyright with the Library of Congress is $55. This is a transaction between you and ProQuest, and Marquette is not involved in any way. The additional fee must be paid via credit card at the time of the electronic submission. MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

20 Still Due in the Graduate School By the Graduation deadlines: Thesis or Dissertation Approval Form (hard copy, original ink signatures) Signature Page (hard copy, original ink signatures) Publishing through MU’s Raynor Memorial Library Form (hard copy, faxed copy, or scanned copy BUT it must contain your signature--we cannot accept electronic signatures) Publishing Fees (only if you choose Open Access via ProQuest, and in that case you will owe $95 that is paid via cash at the Graduate School or a check or money order made payable to Marquette University delivered to the Graduate School) Survey of Earned Doctorates--SED (Ph.D. students only; hard copy or PDF version sent to is fine) MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

21 ProQuest offers a service to produce bound copies of your document. Follow the directions on the ProQuest website regarding their full range of binding options and prices during the submission process (ProQuest has required steps to move beyond this option, so you will not miss it) This is a transaction between you and ProQuest; The Graduate School and Libraries are not involved in any way. Ordering Additional Copies MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL

22 The next few slides are screen shots that will walk you through much of the process of submitting your ETD. They are very close to what you will see; however, your internet browser/word processing program may not match up with exactly what you see. These slides are intended only as a helpful guide; not a comprehensive tour of word processing/internet browser programs. To access the ProQuest website, go to: and select the ProQuest “ETD Administrator” Website link. THE END (of part 1) THE BEGINNING (of part 2) MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL E

23 23 This is where you begin with a new submission or a re-submission.

24 24 Create an account your first time in.

25 25

26 26 Multiple accounts may appear. Select yours.

27 27 Here is where you select your publishing option. We encourage you to select “Traditional Publishing” through ProQuest.

28 28 Embargo options. Distribution options. Such as Google or Amazon.

29 29 Do this FIRST in your original document BEFORE converting to PDF.

30 30 Select the Word icon (File tab for Word 2010 users) in upper left-hand corner, then the “Word Options” (Options for Word 2010 users) on the bottom of the drop-down menu.

31 31 Select “Save” under the Word Options menu bar. Select ONLY “Embed fonts in the file”. UN-check the 2 sub-choices.

32 32 Now convert to PDF. If your original document consists of multiple parts, they must be combined into one document and then be converted into a single PDF. This is NOT where you convert to PDF. After you convert your original document to PDF, this is where you find your saved PDF and upload it to ProQuest.

33 33

34 34 Once your document has been converted, the email address you provided will receive this message. Click here to go to your document. Save the document to your desktop.

35 35 In “Conversion History”, you can check on the status of your conversion.

36 36 Select your PDF from your desktop (or wherever you save it).

37 37 This is where you would upload any supplemental files, if necessary.

38 38 Here you can write any “Notes” to the Graduate School Administrator. (They will not be included in your document’s final submission.)

39 39 Final brief review prior to the ultimate submission. If you need to make changes to your PDF - this is NOT where you do it. You will need to go back to your original document, then convert again to PDF and re-upload to ProQuest.

40 40 This page will provide a total for what you owe which will include Copyright fees (if you choose it) and if you order copies. You do NOT pay ProQuest for the publishing costs. Publishing costs must come to the Graduate School Office.

41 41 The end! Your thesis or dissertation has been submitted to the Graduate School for review.

42 Questions for Sherri? Sherri Lex Assistant Director for Student Records 288-7182 MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY GRADUATE SCHOOL


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