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Getting Down To Business. Your Freshman Year Dr. Kendra Reed Management Dr. Jerry Goolsby Marketing.

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1 Getting Down To Business

2 Your Freshman Year Dr. Kendra Reed Management Dr. Jerry Goolsby Marketing

3 Your Freshman Year Dr. Frankie Weinberg Management, Bus. Communications Dr. Kathy Barnett Portfolio Program

4 Your Freshman Year Dr. Michelle Johnston Executive Mentoring

5 Executive Mentoring

6 Executive Mentoring Goals:  Provide connection with successful business executives  Increase awareness of jobs available to business majors

7 Executive Mentoring Executive Mentoring Program:  For Business students only  Five students per Executive  Groups meet once per month:  Mentor’s home or business  Coffee shops and restaurants  Networking night, field trips, etc Meet the Mentors >>

8 Executive Mentoring “The Executive Mentoring Program was truly one of the best experiences of my freshman year. It gave me the chance to get firsthand experience with many successful business professionals. The efforts made by the faculty and staff of the College of Business and all the mentors show their commitment to students at even the most introductory educational levels.” Jonathan Rowan, Fin / Mkt, Class of ’10

9 First Year Experience

10 BA 100Intro to Business and BA 101 Business Communication:  Inspire collegiality, curiosity, and pride  “One” business class for the year  Values-based approach

11 First Year Experience Goals of BA 100 / BA 101 Sequence:  Think critically about life and business  Understand importance of autonomy  Grasp ideas with Jesuit philosophy, using an informed world-view

12 First Year Experience Rockin’ good times in BA 100 and BA 101:  Class Mon & Wed day… and Thurs night  Guest lectures, field trips, mentoring  “Wolves on the Prowl”  Self-directed computer competency  Projects and presentations  Business Week and business books…

13 First Year Experience BA 100 Business Readings:

14 Portfolio Program

15 Portfolio Program Goals:  Discover your passion  Discover your strengths  Discover your career path Learn more here >>

16 Portfolio Program Portfolio Program Format:  4-year series of required pass/fail classes  Workshops, guest lectures, and mentoring  Career skills, networking, and professionalism  Designed to graduate well-rounded individuals with academic and professional skills for success

17 Portfolio Program Freshman Year in Portfolio:  “How to Succeed in College” event  Executive Mentoring Program [80%]  CareerLeader assessment / interpretation

18 Portfolio Program Sophomore Year in Portfolio:  Industry panel events  “How to Build Your Network”  Résumé and cover letter writing  Industry research report  Interviewing skills

19 Portfolio Program Junior Year in Portfolio:  Internship  Business etiquette  Communication lab  “Meet the Firms” event  Other networking events See past Interns >>

20 Portfolio Program Senior Year in Portfolio:  Internship, if not completed  Develop your Job Search Plan  Career coaching / mentoring  Job search / grad school search  Communication lab continues

21 Internship Program

22 Value of Internship Program:  Provide real-world experience  Expand your professional network  Practice the job search process

23 Internship Program Sample Internship Sites:  JP Morgan  Goldman Sachs  Coca-Cola Corporate  N.O. Saints & Hornets  City of N.O. Econ. Dev.  Northwest Mutual  Merrill Lynch  Audubon Nature Inst.  U.S. Army Corp of Eng.  World Trade Center

24 Internship Program “Being at Ogden Museum of Southern Art has taught me that business can be incorporated into something that people truly care for and enjoy. You can become good friends with your boss and co-workers. There is not a stigma of always having to be professional or uptight 24/7. People can have fun and get the job done at the same time.” Samantha Foster, the Ogden Museum

25 Internship Program “Try to get an internship in an industry related to your major. I am a Finance major, and working at a bank helped me apply the tools I learned in the classroom, along with meeting new people interested in finance. As an intern, I had to answer to loan officers and much older and more experienced professionals, but as I showed I was able to handle what was given me, I was given more work and more significant work.” Myles Palombo, Whitney National Bank

26 Any Questions?

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