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Welcome to. Transfer Orientation College of Business.

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1 Welcome to

2 Transfer Orientation College of Business

3 Our College Mission Our mission is... Superior value- laden education That motivates + enables students To become ethical + effective leaders

4 Our vision is… Awaken Enlighten Transform Today’s students to tomorrow’s leaders Our Vision for You

5 Business Profession Program Creating Learning Portfolios for Success Student – Centered Professional Development

6 Overview A series of eight required non-credit “courses” that include workshops, speakers and one-on-one career development, planning and coaching. Portfolio is designed to graduate well- rounded individuals with the professional skills employers seek.

7 Overview Graded on a Pass/Fail Basis Must turn in assignments on time to receive course credit. Course syllabus changes each semester and is posted to Blackboard. Class meets 4-6 times a semester

8 Freshmen Year Building Your Brand Executive Mentor Program Career Leader Assessment Individual Academic Planning Speaker’s Program Writing Assignments / Readings

9 Sophomore Year Marketing Your Experience Resume and Cover Letter Workshops Individual Mock Interview Coaching Career Panel Workshops Develop an Internship Plan Informational Interview Assignment

10 Junior Year Connecting to the Real World Internship (CoB students are required to complete one internship in order to graduate) Networking Event Job Search Plan Development Communications Lab Career Fair

11 More on Internships Most big-name employers will not consider you without one internship on your resume. We recommend you do a minimum of two internships. Internships

12 Senior Year Launching Your Career Job Search/Grad School Launch Placement Services Internship Professional Networking Account Executive Coach Communications Lab Workshops – Negotiating Offers, etc

13 Programs of Study

14 Earn a BAcc in... Accounting Earn a BBA in… Economics Finance Intl Business Management Marketing Degree Programs

15 Double Majors + Minors Major in both… Finance + Acct Marketing + Mgmt Any other pair or minor in… Accounting Intl Business Legal Studies

16 Help Along the Way

17 Courses + Scheduling You are responsible for your own path... Choice of major Consult faculty advisors or mentors, curriculum planning sheets, major or career assessments Courses + schedule Use LORA to keep track of schedule, grades, and progress toward grad- uation requirements

18 Student Support We will be here if you need help… Math + Computer Labs “Writing Across The Curriculum” English Lab Academic Resource Ctr. Career Development Ctr. Center for Intl Education Counseling Center + University Ministry

19 Understanding Our Curriculum Our curriculum has 4 parts: Common Curriculum: 11 courses Business Adjunct: 8 courses Business Core: 11 courses Major Requirements: 8 courses

20 Understanding Our Curriculum Our curriculum is for 4 years: Freshman: Mostly Common Curriculum, but also will take BA 100, 101, and PFOL Sophomore: More Common Curriculum, but also begin taking Bus. Adjunct/Core Junior: Finishing up Common Curriculum, more Bus. Core, begin Major Req. courses Senior: Final common / business elective choices, finish Bus. Core and Major Reqs.

21 Understanding Your Schedule UA9STUDENT LOCATION FR BU BBA GSBSmith, John Screen:______SID: 10000016Term: 10FDate: 06-30-10 Fall 2010 Main CampusNormal Academic Term08-30-10 to 12-17-10 CourseTitleDaysTimesBldRmFaculty BA -B100-002INTRO TO BUSINESSMW1030AMMI114Reed K R0620PMMI114 ENGL-T122-011CRITICAL READING/WRITINGMWF0130PMCM302Ethridge B HIST-T122-001WORLD CIV TO 1650MWF0830AMBO214BGerlich R MATH-A115-001INTRO TO FINITE MATHTR0930AMMO533Matei A PFOL-B100-051PORTFOLIO FIRST YEAR IT0455PMMI114Barnett K RELS-T122-005INTRO TO WORLD RELIGIONTR0200PMTBA Staff S

22 Understanding Your Schedule Some common schedule abbreviations: BABusiness AdministrationMMondayMIMiller Hall ENGLEnglish DepartmentTTuesdayMAMarquette Hall HISTHistory DepartmentWWednesdayMOMonroe Hall MATHMathematics DepartmentRThursdayMLMonroe Library RELSReligious StudiesFFridayMEMercy Hall PHILPhilosophy DepartmentBOBobet Hall PFOLPortfolio ProgramCMComm. / Music A/B###Major-required course H###University Honors Program T###Common Curriculum intro course U/V###Common Curriculum advanced course

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