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Educational Administration Field Internship I & II EL 5813 and EL 5814.

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1 Educational Administration Field Internship I & II EL 5813 and EL 5814

2 Some things to remember You need to be officially registered for the course. Simply filing an application with the department does not register you for the course. If this is your first field experience (5813), please remember that you are required to submit an application for the second field experience (5814).

3 Requirements Time requirement Arranging the Field Visit Comprehensive Portfolio Action Research Project

4 Time requirement You must complete the following two minimum time requirements. –15 weeks –150 hours 2 hours a day (10 hours a week) for 15 weeks Include in the portfolio an Excel file detailing the hours completed during your internship and make sure it is signed by your cooperating administrator

5 Arrange the Field Visit Complete the personal information form, which can be found on Dr. Babo’s website. –EL5813-14_infosheet.pdfEL5813-14_infosheet.pdf –Be sure to complete the section that asks for your schedule –Schedule the meeting with your professor during your free time (lunch, prep, etc.) Communicate with your assigned professor. –You are responsible for arranging the meeting between your district supervisor and assigned professor

6 Comprehensive Portfolio The portfolio can either be in an electric format or a paper format; it is at the discretion of your instructor so be sure to check with him/her. The portfolio template can be found on Dr. Babo’s websiteportfolio template Be sure to complete the cover page for each of thecover page standards. Include artifacts that you have worked on and that clearly reflect the standard. Log Entries - appear under Standard 7. Be concise, yet comprehensive Include the ISLLC standard(s) that apply

7 Field Rubric Students are required to submit the completed Field Rubric to their assigned professor at the conclusion of the internship. Field Rubric The rubric and directions for filling it out can be found on Dr. Babo’s website.directions

8 Action Research Project Begin implementing as soon as possible. –This will allow you time to make any adjustments in case you run into a problem The project is to be submitted at the conclusion of Field II as a separate document.

9 The Objective To acquire a comprehensive understanding of what an administrator actually does during the course of a school day. To acquire the basic skills and knowledge needed for becoming a successful public school administrator. To gain practical knowledge through experiencing and satisfying all of the ELCC (ISLLC) standards. To be able to answer the question: –“Is this what I really want to be when I grow up?”

10 The portfolio template and all materials and forms associated with the field internship are posted on Dr. Babo’s website - –Click on the “Classes” tab –Click on the following link: Field Study in Educational Administration I & II (EL 5813 & 5814)Field Study in Educational Administration I & II (EL 5813 & 5814)

11 Two additional Field Internship meetings have been scheduled for the Spring 2010 Semester –Friday, February 26, from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. –Friday, April 9, from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. –Both meetings will be held in East Campus Student Lounge. Students must attend at least one of these meetings. E-Mail the department secretary, Ms. Valdes, at with the date that you plan to attend by Friday, February 12, The purpose of these meetings will be to share your experiences with your colleagues and address any concerns or issues that you have encountered during the field experience.

12 GOOD LUCK! Work hard Be conscientious And most importantly……….

13 The deadline for BOTH May and August graduation and certification applications is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2010. If a student does not apply by the deadline, their name will not appear in the Commencement program. Applications for both graduation and certification are available at the following links: Certification.pdf The deadline for the Saturday, March 6th Comprehensive Exam is FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH.


15 TABLE OF CONTENTS HOME Introduction Resume´ Philosophy Standard 1Standard 1: School Vision Standard 2Standard 2: School Culture Standard 3Standard 3: Managing the Organization Standard 4Standard 4: Collaboration Standard 5Standard 5: Acting with Integrity Standard 6: Standard 6: The Larger Context Standard 7Standard 7: Internship My Portfolio at a Glance


17 STANDARD 1: SCHOOL VISION My Artifacts (What) [Enter your list of artifacts here that demonstrate how you have met this standard and create a hyperlink to each item]

18 STANDARD 1: SCHOOL VISION My Reflection on Meeting This Standard (So What ) [Write your reflection on how you think these artifacts demonstrate how you have met this standard]

19 STANDARD 1: SCHOOL VISION My Future Learning Goals (What Next ) [Write your future learning goals related to this standard]




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