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Welcome to Math 110 Online Section 001, Summer 2015.

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1 Welcome to Math 110 Online Section 001, Summer 2015

2 Meet the teaching staff: Course Instructor: Dr. Jeanne Foley After you register in the software, you can click the “Profiles of class members and staff” menu button in the course web site to learn more about me. (You’ll be writing a profile like this for your first online assignment.)

3 Course Grades: Daily Homework Assignments: 150 pts (HW: 43 @ 3 pts, 3 @ 7 pts) Tests 1, 3 and 4: 2 @ 50 pts, 1 @ 25)125 pts Proctored Midterm (Test 2)200 pts Proctored Final Exam (comprehensive) 500 pts Practice Tests (5 @ 5 points) 25 pts TOTAL COURSE POINTS 1000 pts Note that daily homework assignments account for 15% of your course grade. Proctored Tests account for 70% of your grade. Other Tests account for 15% of your grade.

4 Grade Scale: Note that the minimum grade to pass this class is 67% (C-)

5 Daily Assignments: There will be two sections covered and two assignments per weekday (Monday through Friday), except on test days. If a homework assignment is finished to a score of 100% by midnght of the day after it is assigned, a 10% bonus will be added to your score. I will keep each week’s homework assignments open though the end of that week (midnight on Sunday), but no extensions will be given after that date. Students who don’t get 100% by the day-after deadline still have a chance to get a 5% bonus for weekly assignments that are finished to 100% by the Sunday deadline. A zero score will be entered for any weekly assignments that haven’t been started by the midnight Sunday deadline. All deadlines are given in the Course Schedule and in the on-line assignment list. Homework can be submitted ahead of deadlines. You can do homework on any PC or Mac computer with internet access. (The course software isn’t compatible with smart phones or iPads or other such tablet devices.) You can work ahead, so plan to do this if you will have any days during the 8 weeks of the course when you won’t be able to access the internet.

6 Quizzes and Tests: You can do all quizzes and tests except the midterm and final from home or any place with internet access. A scientific calculator and an instructor-supplied standard formula sheet may be used, but you may not use your notes or textbook or any online resources or assistance of any kind from another person. A statement certifying that you have complied with this “authorized resource policy” on all quizzes and tests must be signed and submitted by you at the end of the semester before an official course grade will be assigned. Each test will have a practice version for you to try before the actual test. Unlimited attempts are allowed on practice versions of tests; only one attempt is allowed on tests.

7 Proctored Midterm and Final Exam: The midterm and final will be proctored exams, and you may either take them on our campus in Menomonie (recommended), or if you are beyond driving distance to campus, you can find an appropriate proctor in a convenient location for you. I will provide more information on proctor policies, including qualifications, forms and how to make arrangements, in a separate handout. The midterm exam (Test 2) is scheduled for Monday, June 29 th. That test counts for 20% of your course grade. The final exam is comprehensive and scheduled for the last weekday of the course, July 31st. The final counts for 50% of your course grade. There are three final review homework sets and a practice final to help you prepare for the final exam.

8 Academic Dishonesty Policy: Any student discovered receiving unauthorized assistance from any source or giving assistance to another student on any test or quiz will be given a failing grade (F) for the class and a notation will be made in the student’s permanent file. At the end of the semester, each student will be required to submit a signed statement certifying compliance with the “authorized resource policy” on all quizzes and tests before a course grade will be assigned. See University policy at ystaff/dishonesty.cfm ystaff/dishonesty.cfm

9 Notebooks/note taking: A notebook should be used for taking written notes while you study the PowerPoint slides for each section covered. You should also have a page in your notebook for each homework assignment. For each online problem, you should write the problem in your notebook, then show all steps of the work you do to get the answer. These notes will be very helpful to you in studying for tests and quizzes.

10 Software registration and activation: Refer to the pdf attachment you will be receiving by email with your activation code and follow those instructions. (When you open that file, it will look like the snapshot at right.)

11 Once you’re at the course site, the Home Page looks like this:

12 To view the first of two homework assignments due on Day 2: Click on the “Homework” button on the home page Then click on the first assignment (Personal Profile)

13 After you click on the Personal Profile homework assignment line, your computer may run a “browser check” If you have a new or refreshed Stout laptop, you will not need to load any programs. If your computer prompts you to load the updated version of Flash, do so, but DO NOT load any other programs. Read the instructions for the profile on the “Discussions” thread entitled “Chapter 1 HW”.

14 That’s it for assignment 1! When you finish this one, remember that there is a second section you also need to cover the first class day. (NOTE: The purple hair was a consequence of losing a bet with my on-campus Math 110 section spring semester of 2014…) REMEMBER: To get a 10% bonus, those first two assignments must be completed before midnight on Tuesday, June 9 (the second day of class). at 11:59 PM. To access this second assignment, go back to the ** Lecture Slides** button and open the slides for section 1.3A. After viewing the slides and taking notes, use the **Homework** menu button and click on HW 1.3A.

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