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Guide to Internships The Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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1 Guide to Internships The Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Brought to you by: The Enterprise Rent-A-Car South Texas Recruiting Department Morris Ellington Group HR Recruiting Manager

2 UTSA Trivia UTSA was established in what year? A. 1957 B. 1969 C. 1976

3 UTSA Trivia UTSA’s earliest students attended classes where?
A. Hemisfair Park B. San Antonio College C. Koger Office Center D. The Alamo C. Koger Office Center

4 UTSA Trivia UTSA enrollment ranks where among the nine (9) U.T. system universities? A st B nd C rd D th B nd

5 UTSA Trivia UTSA sports teams have participated in how many NCAA National Championship tournaments? A B C D D

6 UTSA Trivia UTSA is a member of which of the following NCAA athletic conferences. A. Big 12 Conference B. Heart of Texas Conference C. Southland Conference D. Western Athletic Conference C. Southland Conference

7 UTSA Trivia UTSA’s downtown campus was dedicated when? A. 1973 B. 1986

8 UTSA Trivia Three (3) UTSA men’s basketball players have been named “Southland Conference Player of the Year”. Which of these three did NOT win the honor? A. Roderic Hall B. McEverett Powers C. Leroy Hurd D. Devin Brown D. Devin Brown

9 UTSA Trivia 2002 “Southland Conference Player of the Year” McEverett Powers is today an executive for which of the following companies. A. Enterprise Rent-A-Car B. Valero C. AT&T D. USAA A. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

10 Guide to Internships The Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Brought to you by: The Enterprise Rent-A-Car South Texas Recruiting Department Morris Ellington Group HR Recruiting Manager

11 experience that enables career-related skills in
What is an Internship? Paid or non-paid work experience that enables a student to develop career-related skills in his/her chosen field.

12 Types of Internships Paid or unpaid Full-time or part-time
Academic credit or non-credit Specified time period (i.e. 12 weeks) or open-ended Seasonal (i.e. summer) or year-round Local or national Corporate, government, non-profit or other Structured or unstructured

13 Reasons to Intern Develop career-related skills Enhance resume
Gain academic credit “Test drive” a potential employer Showcase your skills to a prospective employer MAKE MONEY!

14 How to Find Internships
UTSA Career Services Deans and Professors Student Organization Guest Speakers Career Fairs Information Sessions Internet (UTSA Job Bank,, etc.) Alumni Networking Direct company contact Others?

15 How to Find Internships
1. Do your research – find an internship that: A. Fits your major and career goals B. Works demographically (location, dates, hours, pay) 2. Build a relationship with the recruiter and company – make yourself stand out. 3. Apply early – beat the rush. Last summer we had 838 students apply for 40 Summer Internships!

16 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Internships
Full-time 12-week Summer Internship mid-May to mid-August Most professors give academic credit Paid Internship Structured internship which includes: Hands-on, on-the-job experience Formalized classroom training Special intern projects and presentations Fun intern events

17 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Internships
Enterprise Summer Interns are involved in all aspects of our Management Training program: Sales Marketing Customer Service Business Operations Fleet Management Financial Management Employee Development Much, much more!

18 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Internships
In addition, Enterprise Interns have goals and qualify for scholarships depending upon their performance in the goal areas as well as their Intern project and end-of-summer presentation. Awards and scholarships are announced at our annual end-of-summer Intern Awards Banquet, held in mid-August at the Dominion Country Club.

19 Enterprise Internship Objectives
Our goal is to accomplish these three objectives: Provide students with an extensive amount of hands-on training and experience. 2. Provide students with a 12-week “snapshot” of the “real world” and a good idea of what life will be life after graduation. 3. Motivate students to consider a long-term Enterprise career upon graduation. Over the past two summers, 70% of our Interns have accepted full-time positions in our Management Training program upon graduation

20 Completion Requirements
Attend all scheduled Intern events Present Intern Project presentation Submit written Intern Project summary Successfully complete all goals listed on “Intern Goals Worksheet” and submit by the deadline. Participate in all aspects of the first 12 weeks of our Management Training program. Our expectations of our Summer Interns are no less than a college graduate coming into a full-time career with Enterprise.

21 What Interns Receive / Do
7 days of formalized classroom training Almost 600 hours of hands-on training and experience in all aspects of Management Training program Spend the entire summer working on their Intern project: Identify & receive approval for project topic Research & develop project Make oral Intern Project presentation Submit written Intern Project summary Complete Intern Goals Worksheet

22 2006 Intern Schedule of Events
May 15-19: Branch Observation Week May 22-26: Intern Orientation (Group headquarters) June 14: Marketing training July 12: Operations training July 19: Intern Fun Day Out (Fiesta Texas) July 26-27: Intern Project presentations (written project summary due also) August 4: Intern Goals Worksheet due August 9: Intern Appreciation & Awards Banquet Dominion Country Club San Antonio

23 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Internships
67 students, representing 17 different universities, have completed the program over the past two years. Over 35% of our Interns over the past two summers were UTSA students! More than one-third of our Interns are offered career positions in our Management Training program upon graduation. Many have gone on to have GREAT Enterprise careers, including…

24 Former Summer Interns J.R. Huerta (St. Mary’s) – Area Manager, San Antonio Sean Matsalla (St. Mary’s) – Area Manager, San Antonio Chris Borak (Schreiner) – Area Manager, San Antonio Sonya Gaona (UTSA) – Corporate Account Manager, Denver Aric Peterson (Schreiner) – Corporate Account Manager, San Antonio Jeff McCoy (UTSA) – Branch Manager, San Antonio Aaron Book (Incarnate Word) – Branch Manager, San Antonio Ronnie Ortiz (UT-Pan Am) – Assistant Manager, Brownsville David Richardson (Texas State) – Assistant Manager, San Antonio Amanda Corpuz (A&M Kingsville) – Assistant Manager, Corpus Christi Kristina Hageman (UTSA) – Assistant Manager, San Antonio Laura Burkett (Texas State) – Management Assistant, San Antonio Hoang (Kyle) Tran (UTSA) – Accountant, San Antonio Maria Rodriguez (UT-Pan Am) – Accountant, San Antonio April Salinas (St. Mary’s) – Accountant, San Antonio

25 Summer Intern Class of 2006

26 Summer Intern Class of 2006



29 2006 Scholarship & Award Winners
Spirit of Enterprise Award Rocky Villarreal – UTSA Top Intern Project Veronica Olsson – Texas A&M Scholarship Recepients Carlo Johnson – Texas A&M Kingsville Adam Martinez – Texas A&M Kingsville Khoi Nguyen – UTSA Nikole Alexander – UTSA 2006 Intern of the Year Erika Garza – Texas State


31 How do I find out more? Visit our recruiting web site, or get in touch with a member of our San Antonio & South Texas Recruiting team: Morris Ellington: Amanda Conine: Stacy Olds: Phone: (210)

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company of Texas South Texas Group Headquarters 1505 Harry Wurzbach San Antonio, Texas Morris Ellington Group HR Recruiting Manager (210)

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