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Sales Center of Excellence © 2011 3M. All Rights Reserved. Internship Program.

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1 Sales Center of Excellence © M. All Rights Reserved. Internship Program

2 Corporate Overview 3M Frontline Sales Initiative  Since 1996, long-standing relationship with selected Universities to:  Develop accredited sales curricula as a basis for student internships and hiring diverse talent pool of qualified sales representatives  Build 3M brand awareness and reputation with business schools  Involve 3M Sales Organizations as program advisors and for leadership development  3M Sponsored:  Student internships  Faculty fellowships and research grants  Annual academic conference  Sales for Social Impact course

3 Corporate Overview What is the 3M Frontline Sales Internship Program?  Actual “real-life” Sales Experience: in-field or internal sales with one of 3M’s 40+ businesses  Training and Orientation  Mentor Program – Partnered w/a 3M employee who was formerly a Frontline Intern  Career Networking Sessions w/business sales managers and company recruiters  Leadership Development Program – Project teams  Weekly Compensation  Housing Stipend  Company Car  Computers & Office Supplies

4 Corporate Overview 3M Frontline Intern – Roles & Responsibilities: Each internship will differ based on the 3M market center and business where you will be placed. However, upon completion of the intern assignment, each intern will be expected to have demonstrated the following skill sets:  Territory Management  Identified territory quadrants & created coverage plan  Conducted evaluation of competitive, penetration & retention accounts  Identified appropriate contacts within customer organization  Sales Planning  Conducted thorough account research  Confirmed scheduled appointments  Established call objectives  Prepared questions in advance  Customer Focus  Understood customer’s organization & structure  Understood customer’s manufacturing & distribution  Understood customer’s brand strategy  Understood customer’s customer  Selling Skills  Ask open and closed feedback questions  Limited customer’s answers  Confirmed custom needs  Directed conversation to a specific response  Gained objective factual information & details  Identified customer’s buying stage  Asked for the order  Created urgency  Understands the importance of listening skills within the sales process  Teamwork/Problem Solving  Recognized and accepted team goal(s)  Demonstrated respect for and worked cooperatively with other team members  Identified problems and their cause  Persevered in solving problems  Demonstrated a positive attitude  Displayed trust in other team members

5 Corporate Overview Requirements – Frontline Sales Internship :  Solid academic record – 3.0 cumulative GPA and above  Pursuing Major or Minor in Sales / Marketing  Completed 2-3 Sales / Marketing Courses at University  University Professor Recommendation  Willing to relocate during internship May 22 – August 6,  Advance Successfully thru Interview Process

6 Corporate Overview After the Internship, What’s Next?  Team Project Presentation to 3M Marketing, Sales and HR Leadership and to University Faculty  Opportunity to apply for Permanent Full-time Entry-level Sales Positions with 3M  Continued opportunity to network across the Company

7 Corporate Overview © 3M All Rights Reserved. Contacts & Critical Dates:  Send resumes to: Dan McGinley  On-campus Interviews: Call Dan McGinley for – will be on SDSU campus Friday 12/9/11  Internship begins May 22 – August 6, 2011.

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