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Southwestern College C ooperative W ork E xperience E ducation (CWEE)

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1 Southwestern College C ooperative W ork E xperience E ducation (CWEE)

2 What is Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE)? A program that provides an opportunity for students who have declared a major to gain work experience and earn units.

3 How the Program Works Integrates classroom study with paid or non- paid placement. Students have a supervised work experience with non profits, public and private sectors of the community. Allows students to go beyond classroom theory in a hands-on environment.

4 Required Hours for Program You can earn between 2-4 units depending on the number of hours you work and whether it is paid or unpaid. PAID HOURSUNPAID HOURSUNITS EARNED 75 150 225 60 (4-5 HOURS PER WEEK) 120 (8-10 HOURS PER WEEK) 180 (12-15 HOURS PER WEEK) 1 UNIT 2 UNITS 3 UNITS PLUS ONE UNIT FOR THE CLASS

5 What are the Requirements? You must have declared a major. You need to have or locate a job, internship or volunteer position that directly relates to your major. Enroll in a CWEE course within the first three weeks of the semester, or two weeks for the Summer semester. Complete the minimum hours and class requirements to earn a grade and the units.

6 What CWEE Courses are Offered? During the Fall and Spring, there are several CWEE courses offered for specific majors. – These include Automotive, Business, CIS, Electronics, Environmental Technology, Fire Science, Legal Studies, Nursing, Occupational and Telemedia During the Summer there is an Occupational course offered for all students who have declared a major.

7 Benefits of Participating in CWEE Earn units for working. Applying classroom theory. Earn up to 16 elective units (most transferable). Increase your skills and experiences in your area of study, required by many industries. Build a better resume and become more marketable.

8 Benefits of Participating in CWEE Increase your chances of getting a job or promotion. Provides job search skills. Develops self confidence. Develops work ethic and responsibility. Increases soft skills (personality, communication, common sense, responsibility, leadership). Confirm your major.

9 Advantages for Employers Students are covered under college’s Workers Compensation and Liability policy during semester. Provides employers with a mutual and beneficial partnership. Assists with recruitment of potential future employees. A Win/Win situation between education and industry.

10 Paperwork Required Once you enroll in a CWEE course the instructor will provide the following paperwork: – Agreement form – Timecard – Information Card All forms will be turned into the instructor.

11 CWEE Course Information All CWEE classes vary depending on focus area and instructor, however many focus on: – Learning how to meet employer expectations – Keys to time management – Effective communication – Being a team player – Accepting responsibility and accountability – Developing job performance objectives – Preparing a cover letter and resume – Preparing for a successful job interview

12 CWEE OFFICE CONTACT INFORMATION Dawn Taft, Student Services Specialist 619-482-6537/619-482-6554 Fax Southwestern College 900 Otay Lakes Road, Office S205H (located upstairs in Student Services Center) Chula Vista, CA 91910 Summer Office Hours: Monday – Thursday, 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Office closed on Fridays

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