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COMPANY PROFILE. Contents Introduction 3 Vision 3 Mission 3 Core Business Outline 4 Values 4 Strategic Goals & Objectives 5 Our Divisions 6-9.

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2 Contents Introduction 3 Vision 3 Mission 3 Core Business Outline 4 Values 4 Strategic Goals & Objectives 5 Our Divisions 6-9

3 COMPANY PROFILE Introduction Amaqhawe Holdings is a trading name for Ikutane (Pty) Ltd which is a wholly black-owned BBBEE professional company established in South Africa. Amaqhawe is a Zulu word denoting Giants as the holding is comprised of well-established subsidiaries of note, including:  Magacon (Pty) Ltd  Learn More Academy (Pty) Ltd Vision Amaqhawe Holdings is a value adding company specialising in the design, supply and installation of affordable high quality innovation bouquet offerings by its subsidiaries across sectors including ICT (hardware, software and internet connectivity), training, teacher development and is complemented by the provision of associated expert support services and integrated solutions. Mission Reaching the sky each time, every time, to ensure a happy customer, and therefore maximise the return on investments for the customer.

4 COMPANY PROFILE Core Business Outline Amaqhawe Holdings is an innovative service provider of various products and services. It prides itself not only in the timely supply of goods and or services, but also ensures successful implementation of quality service delivery, continuous support and maintenance. Values  Integrity  Quality  Innovation  Professionalism

5 Strategic Goals & Objectives  To realize synergy and growth opportunities from acquired business deals.  To ensure supply of high quality products at competitive prices.  To deliver sustainable growth in earnings from a diversified portfolio of products.  To aggressively promote the range of products in the offing within the country and beyond.  To promote good corporate governance practice across all subsidiaries.  To ensure robust quality assurance standards and controls

6 Our Divisions Magacon (Pty) Ltd is an innovative provider of customer-focused solutions, technology and communications for the Information & Telecommunication Technology arena. Since Magacon inception in 2004, we have maintained a commitment to cutting-edge technological innovation and uncompromising product quality. Magacon primarily supplies computer services, internet connectivity and mobile technology solutions. After establishment as a hardware and software distributor, Magacon has rapidly developed other ancillary activities such as website development, hosting, consulting and telecommunications solutions. At Magacon, our extensive expertise and knowledge of the South African market ensures that our customers receive the ideal solution for their business requirements and applications at an extremely competitive price. This is possible because of the combination of internationally recognised products with an African ingenuity and know-how. Our belief is that optimisation does not mean replacement of existing investments. We attempt to utilise existing technology and infrastructure of our clients to supply them with a comprehensive Information & Telecommunication Technology solution. We have over the years gained a reputation for excellent quality service in these areas. We have made a remarkable image for ourselves through our quality service delivery for many companies. Magacon

7 Products and Services  Mesh Wireless networks Proven technology in the schools environment Ready made solution for the African Environment A physical secure solution –Lockable Indoor Units mounted to walls –All-metal Indoor Units with perforated lockable door –Outdoor and Backhaul Link Units mounted on masts out of reach Network Monitoring Centre that monitors ALL the components in the VPN up to the User Interface Remote diagnostics via Network Monitoring reduces site callouts dramatically as part of SLA No licenses required for communications –Outdoor Units uses license free 5GHz frequency for communication –Backhaul Link Units uses license free 5GHz frequency for communication Outdoor Units provide redundant connections for high availability and longer reach High Bandwidth  Internet Connectivity  IT hardware (computers, laptops, tablets, interactive screens, etc.)  Office Automation  Computer Consumables

8 Learn More Academy (Pty) Ltd is a black owned BEE company headed by Dr Surgeon Xolo and a group of credible highly experienced teachers and university lecturers. Our products are based on the international literature, National Curriculum Statement and CAPS (2012), covering Science, Mathematics and Technology from Grade R through to Grade 12. The company is responsible for teacher training and the distribution of a range of teacher demonstration and learner-centred laboratory equipment and teacher resource materials in Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Technology and Mathematics. Benefits for teachers participating in our teacher professional development programs:  Content knowledge (Subject Matter Knowledge): Subject Foci  Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Didactic Techniques  Lab equipment-safety and lab utility skills  Strategically designed exam preparation manual (Grade 12)  Master-Educator Guide (Grade 10 and 11 teachers)  Study Cloud – (I.T for All Subjects) – CAPS-aligned  Readiness measures (Physical and psychological)  Special sitting-plan of the students according to the need of the lesson.  Appropriateness of the material used for teaching.  Lesson planning (in written form and practically)  Motivational strategies and didactic techniques  Lesson planning and analysis  Appropriate timing and use of the equipment, chemicals, manipulative, and other materials for instruction  Appropriate timing and use of text book Learn More Academy

9 Teacher Professional Development Model Learn More Academy LMA- Lecturers H.O.D or subject heads School Teachers Learners Teaching and Learning Resources 1.Curriculum for low and medium ability groups. 2.Lesson analysis (Attention; access; advance; adapt) 3.Trends in national assessment 1.E-Learning Solutions. Grade R - 12 2.Lab-related skills: Lab set-up; use of equipment, apparatus and manipulatives; safety; maintenance; stock control; waste disposal; prevention and accidents. 3.ICT-related skills: Study Cloud and Tutor Pro systems 4.Outcomes: Procedural knowledge; Conceptual knowledge; structural knowledge; problem-solving; derivational knowledge (calculus; equations; graphs; geometry; modelling; probability; statistics etc.) 5.Didactic Techniques: Explaining; Examples; coaching; sharing; motivating; differentiating Curriculum Implementers 1.Observe 2.Collaborate 3.Take over

10 COMPANY PROFILE Contact us Physical Address 3687 Waterfall Country Village Maxwell drive Midrand Tel: (010) 596 8928 Fax: 086 652 3826 Mobile: 084 301 6864 Email: Visit us :

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