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The Gift of The Magi O. Henry.

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1 The Gift of The Magi O. Henry

2 Surprise Ending Turn of events that takes a reader by surprise.
Author builds clues into the story to make a surprise ending believable. Helps show the story’s theme or message. Surprise Ending

3 Surprise Ending

4 A tangible item (object, picture, person) represents something meaningful, it has a deeper connection than just the object itself. Symbolism

5 Guess what each symbol represents
What does it represent?







12 Vocabulary words Instigates Depreciate Cascade Faltered Discreet
Prefix : -de Suffix: - ate: Vocabulary words

13 Depreciate Depreciate – reduce in value
Example – Items that do not depreciate are good investments. Depreciate

14 Cascade – a small steep waterfall; anything suggesting such a waterfall.
Example - Her hair flowed down her back like a cascade. Cascade

15 Faltered Faltered – acted hesitantly; showed uncertainty.
Example – The manager faltered in her decision to hire the inexperienced worker. Faltered

16 Discreet Discreet – careful about what one says or does.
Example – Being discreet is a good way to avoid hurting other people’s feelings. Discreet

17 Instigates Instigates – urges on; stirs up
Example – When he is not watched carefully, he instigates trouble. Instigates

18 De – down. Prefix

19 Ate – product of a process

20 Frayer Model

21 Guided Questions on pg. 262-263
1. How do you think Della felt in a street like this one as she approached Madame Sofronie’s shop? 2. What does Della sell for twenty dollars? Guided Questions on pg

22 3. What is the main conflict. Internal or external. 4
3. What is the main conflict? Internal or external? 4. How are both Della’s and Jim’s actions similar? 5. What emotion do both characters show with their actions? 6. How does the conflict affect the story’s plot? Guided Questions on pg. 264

23 7. In what way does Jim’s gift to Della create an ironic situation
7. In what way does Jim’s gift to Della create an ironic situation? What type of irony is this? 8. How does Jim react to Della’s newly cut hair? 9. Explain why the ending is a surprise ending. Guided Questions

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