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Take part of the vision to make Scandinavia to biomedicine centre of Europe by Creating a common Bio Medical Database in Scandinavia Jens Gran Manager.

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1 Take part of the vision to make Scandinavia to biomedicine centre of Europe by Creating a common Bio Medical Database in Scandinavia Jens Gran Manager Medcoast Scandinavia Stratinc Seminar Monday, 24th May 2004

2 Developing a Borderless Bio Medical Region

3 The GO-region Göteborg & Oslo The purpose is to stimulate economic development trade and industry research and education communications culture and tourism

4 Facts of the GO-region Sweden and Norway have close relations past and present. The region is a gateway to the Nordic Countries. There live about 3 million people in the region. The closest university for Göteborg University is University of Oslo and vica versa. The academic institutions in the region have about 100 000 students and 4 000 researchers. There are several Science Parks in the region.

5 MedCoast Scandinavia The initiative came from universities in the region: University of Oslo, Agricultural University of Norway, Norwegian School of Veterinary Medicine, Gøteborg University,Chalmers University of Technology, and the GO partners. The cooperation agreement was signed spring 2002. The board consists of representative from the academic institutions and the political bodies in the region.

6 The GO-region and the Scandinavian Arena Politically driven mainly for questions related to infrastructure, environment and business in Oslo/Gothenburg/Copenhagen. Oslo Teknopol Does innovation and industry development in Oslo, mainly to increase foreign investors. MedCoast Scandinavia Building network in Göteborg-Oslo between industry, academia and public sector in order to increase growth within biomedicine. Initiate cross-boarder projects between research and industry for development of new products. Does biomedical bench-marking. Business Region Göteborg Business area Biomedicine with several projects in order to enhance the biomedical sector in Gothenburg. Uppsala Bio Driven by the academia, industry and public sector to enhance growth within biomedicine in Uppsala. Stockholm BioScience Driven by the academia to establish an arena for multi- disciplinary research and commercial activities in Stockholm. Medicon Valley Academy Building network in the Copenhagen/Malmö-region between industry, academia and public sector to enhance growth within life science. NBA SwedenBio Scanbalt The organisations in the region

7 International Cooperation Medicon Valley Academy (partner agreement) Scanbalt (Steering group) EFB (European Federation of Biotechnology) Interreg IIIC Research Competence project BioBaltic IIIB Bio Medical Cluster Scanbalt Academy (6FP) Conferences (Scanbalt Forum, ECFG)

8 Strategies How will MedCoast fulfill its business idea and generate a positive growth environment? The strategies will direct our activities.  Initiate and facilitate connections for a positive growth environment.  Initiate collaborative biomedical projects.  Business advisors to members.  Supply the latest, relevant biomedical information.  Making MedCoast and its members known following a well-defined marketing communication plan.

9 Target groups Public Sector Hospitals Politicians Regulators Industry Large companies Small companies Start-ups Science Parks Service providers; Incubators Finance IPR advisors BioBan (Business Angel Network) Institutional investors Academia Researchers Innovators Technology Transfer Offices Faculties MedCoast

10 Target groups’ prioritized need IndustryAcademiaPublic Sector Large companiesResearchers Hospitals InfluenceNetwork co-operationsNetwork co-operations Good citizenFinancing Competence Personnel recruitmentsCompany recruitmentsMarketing Network co-operationsMarketing Network co-operations Small companiesInnovators/TTO:sPoliticians Customer recruitmentsCompany recruitmentsIndustrial influence Network co-operations Financial support Good citizen Specialized know-howNetwork co-operations Network co-operations MarketingSpecialized know-how Regulators Start-upsFaculties Influence Financial supportIncreased knowledge Network co-operations Network co-operations Personnel recruitments Good citizen Specialized know-how Network co-operations Marketing Science Parks Customer recruitments Industrial influence Network co-operations Service providers Customer recruitments Network co-operations Marketing

11 What can MedCoast do? How do we satisfy the needs of the target groups – what is our offer? Increased knowledge/Specialized know-how  Newsletter and website publications on studies of trends (benchmarking).  Seminars on important issues and workshop on finance, IP, legal etc.  The database with company and clinical research information. Financial support  Facilitate financial, marketing and administrative services.  Organizing joint-marketing activities.  Agreements for member advantages. Influence  Cooperation with other bio-organizations.  Making MedCoast and its members known among leading parties.  Member meetings.  Exhibitions. Network co-operations  Professional selected members.  Member meetings. Customer and personnel recruitments  The database with company information.  Marketing.  Positive environment for researchers.

12 The mission of MedCoast Initiate and facilitate collaborations, connections and exchange of competence between the parties. This will increase knowledge, improve understanding and create a platform for fruitful relations. Public Sector Industry Academia

13 On-going projects  Scandinavian Database  Microarrays  Bioinformatics  Proteomics  Biobank and genetic epidemiology  MarEGene  Protein structure and spectroscopy  Ethics  Bioimaging

14 Long-term goals What shall MedCoast achieve within 10 years? MedCoast long-term goals are to: – become a strong trademark associated with professional collaborations, frontline research, high innovations and leading companies within biomedicine. – establish the region as a biomedicine centre, well-respected in Europe. – become the preferred option for industry, academia and hospitals when connecting biomedicine parties for successful co-operations and when searching the latest information in the field of biomedicine.

15 Short-term goals What shall MedCoast achieve within the following years?  Strengthen the biomedical research.  Enhance entrepreneurship and commercialization of innovations.  Attract seed fund and venture capital.  Strengthen the region’s position internationally.  Influence governmental bodies to support the vision of MedCoast. ALL THIS NEED ACCESSABLE INFORMATION!

16 Database project vision  Improve Information availability  Stimulate cross border cooperation  Reduce cost by working together  Standardisation / Common network standards add new features  Link the organisations (KI, MVA, Bio Uppsala BioSweden and Scanbalt) closer together  Add value for our members

17 Database should be based on:  Existing available infomation, if possible  Single registration of data  Include national information in the Scandinavian region  Internet access and searchable  Regional monitoring and individual updating of information  Access control for strategic information

18 Database project group:  Medicon Valley Academy  Scanbalt  BRG/Sahlgrenska Science Park  Uppsala Bio  Karolinska Institutet  Medcoast Scandinavia  Sweden Bio

19 Project Phases:  1.Company Database Demo Feb.2004 for MCS region  2.Launch of Company Database at Bio2004 in San Fransisco (2 June 2004)  2. Common system layout for Scandinavian Bio resource database 2004/2005  3.Updated data structure and project admin. Dec. 2004

20 What do we want to achieve? Add value for our members and collaboration partners

21 Generic model of the KI system Web-server (database) ODBC Local Database Scandinavian Common Database ODBC Local web portal Web portal

22 What is available today? Administration Maintenance system for updating information by the users (Companies) Search applications –KI –SwedenBIO –Biosweden –MedCoast –Uppsala –Medicon Valley Academy + Scandinavian Common Corporate DB

23 The current database General –Company name –Org. number –Address, tel, fax –E-post, Web-address –Description of Company –Established –Co-names –Key words Key personnel –Title –Position –E-mail –Div –(Boards, Scientific founders, Advisory Board) Classification –35 main categhories (MeSH) –26 Productt areas –Activity (Market/sale, Service, Production, R&D, div) –Financial information –Annual Turnover (+ % Medical, % F&U, Asset turnover) No. Of emloyees Profit (+EBIT) Others –Administartion –Acadermic partners –FDA approvals

24 Classification System Tripple searchable Unlimited entities for each company Dynamic Activity –R&D –Sale –Production –Services Medical Areas (MeSH) –35 # such as Allergy & immunology Medical Oncology Neurology Surgery Product –26 #,such as Biomaterial Biomedical knowlegde Diagnostics Pharma IP advisors

25 MeSH-Index:  Medical Subject Heading (MeSH)  Launched by National Library of Medicine (NLM, USA)  Structure standard for indexed databases as MEDLINE  22,500 Descriptors (main headings) 133,000 Supplementary Concept Records Hierarchical and ranking structure

26 Strategic info in demand:  IP-project database for outlicensing/industrial patrnership/investigations  Competence collaboration/mobility  Info channel for Governmental and public use (Bibliometric and statistical data)  Funding sources (both public and private)  Interactive investment partnering

27 Scandinavian DB status:  Approx. 2000 companies included  Free search application  Basic information available  Links to participants DB for more details  Official Launch at Bio 2004

28 Best way to find us is at

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