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10 “Game Changers” In 12 Months Government Fleet Expo.

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1 10 “Game Changers” In 12 Months Government Fleet Expo

2 Three Words: Postprandial Periphrastic Peripatetic Stay til the end to learn what they mean

3 Talking Points 10 Actual Programs All are Proven in an actual Government Fleet Some require $$ Some Cost Nothing All are Proven in an actual Government Fleet

4 “Game Changer” #1 Modify Driver Behavior

5 Why Me? Who Better than the Fleet Manager? Subject Matter Expert You Don’t have a “Dog in the Fight” Impartiality Breeds Cooperation Drivers are Less Intimidated –MODIFY? MODIFY WHAT??

6 Driver Behavior Modification Elements: Limit Vehicle Max Speed Heighten Vehicle Idle Awareness

7 Driver Behavior Modification Elements: Implement Eco – Driver Training Program – Benefits: –35% Vehicle Efficiency –$4.00/Gallon –Accident Prevention –Significant Cost Savings

8 “Game Changer” #2 Implement GPS/Telematics

9 Potential? GPS may be the largest Industry Game Changer of them all. Enhances Accountability/Productivity/Efficiency Remote Management Tool – Another “..Club in your Bag..” Manage by Exception Technology Advancing Exponentially Risk Management Advantages

10 GPS Benefits Monitor/Control Idle Time Monitor/Enforce Vehicle Speed Odd Hours Vehicle Usage Vehicle/Operator Productivity Vehicle Malfunction Notification Seat Belt Usage Hard Braking (Eco Driving) Jack Rabbit Starts (Eco Driving) PM Scheduling Odometer Accuracy

11 More GPS ideas, non-vehicle: Using A Garmin/Tom Tom or similar: GPS Locate Critical Sites –Bulk Fuel Sites –Stand-by Generators –Auxiliary Fuel Sites (e.g. Fire/EMS)


13 “Game Changer” #3 Market Compare PM Costs


15 PM = Core Service? Is PM a Core Service Y/N? Would you Agree PM is the most important service Jiffy Lube vs Your PM’s – Differences?? Everyone’s a Fleet Manager Customers don’t understand PM Education Opportunity for Customers

16 If Preventive Maintenance is your most Basic Service… Can the marketplace complete for Fleet’s basic service… Or If Fleet cannot compete in their most basic service area, perhaps they’re not as effective as they should be…

17 Market Comparison – PM’s: Select Vehicles Deliver to Vendors (OEM’s are best) Present your Process –PM Checklists –Ancillary Items (wheelchair lift) Vendor must perform Your PM Compare Cost Differences Compare Quality Differences

18 Results? – 12/2010 Commercial outlets? $925.75 higher over 4 PM’s One vendor failed to follow instructions and performed an LOF for $46.00. Same vendor recommended replacement of the drum brakes (F-150 has no drum brakes?!?) Transit bus wheelchair inspection wasn’t performed – an FDOT requirement Parts used commercially were 28.8% higher in cost Filters routinely serviced by Fleet were left untouched by commercial outlets

19 “Game Changer” #4 ID/Act on Underutilized Vehicles

20 Underutilized Vehicle Program Establish Utilization Criteria: –Miles/Year –Gallons Used –Vary by Equipment (On Hwy / Off Hwy) Track Vehicle Utilization History – Make it easy on yourself ID Candidates Notify the Using Entity of Candidate Selection Allow Time for Justification Committee Justification Review (e.g. Purchasing, Budget, Fleet) Appeal Process Reassignment/Disposal Process in Place

21 “Game Changer” #5 On-Line Technician Training - CDX

22 Technician Training On-Line Controlled Environment Set Curricula –ASE Based –You Decide Importance Inexpensive Monitor Progress/Performance Benchmarks High Quality Training Materials –Diagrams –Videos –Modulular Self Paced


24 Example Purchased User Licenses for each Tech plus Mgmt. Techs Took Final Exams Benchmark Established for Each Tech/ASE Selected A – 6 (Electrical) Next: A – 8 (Engine Performance) Entire Staff is now taking same Module –Shared Experience –Moving through the Modules Individually –Deadline –Retake the Final Exam

25 Benefits? Lowers Training Costs Improved Retention Results are Measureable Self Paced Collective Experience Objective – Improve ASE Scores Broad Scope of Training Area Shared Success

26 “Game Changer” #6 CESmall Quantity Generator Haz Mat

27 How? Small Quantity Generator Status –220 – 2200 lbs. Monthly CE SQG – < 220 lbs./Month Launder Shop Rags Buy Brake Clean in Bulk –Dispense in Hand Charged Aerosol Cans –Product is Env. Friendly (no toluene or chlorine) Aerosol Cans puntured/disposed Used Oil/Filters are recycled Used Batteries are recycled


29 “Game Changer” #7 Service In-Sourcing

30 Examples: Sell Fuel to Outside Clients In-Source Repair Services –Municipalities –State Agencies –Federal Agencies –Colleges/Universities Lease Vehicles Establish a Rental Motor Pool –Light Vehicles –Heavy Equipment

31 Benefits? Offset Overhead Costs Supplemental Staff Taxpayer Benefits Equipment Variety Broadens Repair Scope Privatization Threat Reduced Shared Success Partnership Benefits

32 “Game Changer” #8 Sell Surplus Items on Craigs List

33 Why?? Excellent Way to Cull Surplus Parts More Lucrative than Salvage Bids Quick Cash Turnaround

34 How? Check/Modify the Rules Open an Account Provide Copious Descriptions Present the Items Cleanly and Accurately Have a Ready System for Cash Payments Several $ Thousand $ is out there.


36 “Game Changer” #9 Incentive Based Performance Intiatives

37 Incentives for What?? Technician Certification Body Shop Services Vendor Performance (Parts, Service, Tires, Towing) –“If you can measure it, you can incent it”

38 Incentivize What? 1.Technician ASE Certification 2.Body Shop Performance: 1.Estimate Responsiveness 2.Time to Repair 3.Contract incl Incentives & Penalties 3.Parts Vendor: 1.Delivery 2.Right Part/First Time 3.Contract incl Incentives & Penalties 4.Towing: 1.Responsiveness 2.Use of Alarm Clock 3.Rotation Integrity

39 “Game Changer” #10 Prepare a Technician Recruiting DVD

40 How? In House Communications Department? »Or Film it In - House »Or iPhone or other Video Equipment Use your own Technicians Make it short, 10 – 12 Minutes Focus on the Benefits Film at your Location

41 Benefits: Best your Competition Candidates will –“see” their workplace –“see & hear” from their peers –Draw conclusions naturally –Presume you’re “tech savvy” –Families can see the potential employer too Will give you a “leg up” on the competition

42 Three Words: Postprandial – After a Meal Periphrastic - Talking in Circles Peripatetic - Walking in Circles

43 Used in a Sentence: “When I'm conducting a presentation I strive to avoid periphrastic activity and if the venue is small I can sometimes find myself striding peripatetically and I always urge the host not to schedule my session postprandially help assure the audience stays awake.”

44 Remember our Troops protecting our right to be here 2 nd Brigade Combat Team 101 st Airborne Division (Air Assault)

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