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CHAPTER 1 REVIEW Study this!!!!. 1. stimulation (talking, interacting, etc.) and play.

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1 CHAPTER 1 REVIEW Study this!!!!

2 1. stimulation (talking, interacting, etc.) and play

3 2. physically, intellectually, socially, morally, emotionally

4 the parent you’ll become, the child you were, etc…

5 you know what is expected, you gain more confidence, know how to guide children

6 first years of life were not considered to be unusual or different, childhood wasn’t recognized

7 fewer toys, children worked at young age, expected to entertain and behave with more maturity, etc.

8 a. Freud - childhood affects adulthood (specifically emotional experiences) b. Montessori – learning through the senses, learn best by pursuing interests c. Piaget – 4 stages of intellectual learning d. Coles – personality and intelligence is based on moral development

9 Control different body functions

10 . a. before birth b. in first year c. in first year

11 a. stages occur at about the same time for all b. certain tasks must be learned before new ones are c. each individual develops at a unique rate d. problems/changes in one area affect other areas of development e. you never stop learning

12 heredity – height, eye color, voice, hair pattern, etc… environment – people, situations, places, etc…

13 discovering your identity, preparing for your career, becoming independent

14 50/60s – finding peace 40s – finding stability 30s – settling down, starting family, building career

15 heighten powers of observation, understand what children need, know why they behave the way they do…

16 Objective – based on FACTS not ideas/judgments

17 . a. everything that happens in a set period of time, when getting to know a child b. writing everything about a specific behavior, when trying to help solve a prob. c. how often a child does a certain behavior, when trying to get rid of a behavior d. list of what should be happening at stage and observing what they can actually do

18 in corner, out of the way… be quiet and behave only as an observer

19 confidential items/information should only be shared with parents or caregivers

20 Entry level – sales clerk, etc. Paraprofessional – assistant teacher at daycare, etc. Professional – licensed or certified, ex: doctor, teacher, accountant, etc…

21 children’s writer, own boss, create your own business…

22 research online, visit counselors…

23 look at pay, hours, benefits, demand now and in future, aptitudes, experience req’d

24 so you can keep skills current and develop a plan/path, etc.

25 communication skills, technology, work well with others, transferable skills…

26 YOU HAVE A TEST TOMORROW – STUDY. …you’ll be glad you did.

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