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7th Grade Talent Search 2014-2015 Duke TiP 7th Grade Talent Search 2014-2015.

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1 7th Grade Talent Search 2014-2015
Duke TiP 7th Grade Talent Search

2 Eligibility Be in seventh grade. Meet test requirements of:
2013 FCAT 2.0: 5th grade: Reading > 256, Math > 256, Science > 419 2014 FCAT 2.0: 6th grade: score at or above 95th percentile Paper application: “HCPS Qualified” on line 14 (other) in Section 9. Do not bubble a %. OR A standard score of 125 or above on an IQ test in the last two years.

3 Why DukeTip? The Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search helps educators and families determine how advanced their students’ academic abilities truly are. Above-level testing at least two years above a student's current grade offers gifted students and their families a far better understanding of how the student compares to his or her gifted peers and what level of educational challenge is appropriate.

4 Enrollment in DukeTip Apply online: OR
Apply with a paper application and send to: 2015 7th Grade Talent Search Duke University TIP Box 90781 Durham, NC

5 Mulrennan Orientation
On October 21st, Tuesday, Mulrennan Math and Reading Tutors are holding a student orientation at 8:00am – 8:30am in room Students need to be present at orientation to register for tutorials. Mulrennan will then hold 12, one-hour tutoring sessions from October through December before school. Dates to come at orientation. Students that attend orientation can participate online and in person at Mulrennan for tutoring. Tutors are Mrs. Hernandez for Reading and Ms. Lee for Mathematics.

6 SAT Online Practice
Mulrennan’s code: mlr594 Full access to 18 interactive lessons, 10 official full-length SAT practice exams, hundreds of practice questions, personalized score reports, automated essay scoring, sample student essays, and detailed answer explanations including why answers are “right” or “wrong”. If your child is under the age of 13, please sign the Official SAT Online Course Parental Consent Form and Return it to Mrs. Welsh in Guidance or Mrs. Hernandez, Reading Coach.

7 Enrollment Deadlines SAT 12/6/14 10/1/14 10/21/14
Test Test Dates Paper App. Deadlines Online App. SAT 12/6/14 10/1/14 10/21/14 ACT 12/13/14 10/1/14 10/21/14 SAT 1/24/15 11/4/14 12/9/14 ACT 2/7/15 11/4/14 12/9/14

8 Test Content 3 - 3.5 hours long
ACT hours long 4 sections- English, Mathematics, Reading, & Science 36 possible points on each section SAT 3 hours & 45 minutes long 3 sections- Critical Reading, Mathematics, & Writing (includes essay) 800 possible points on each section

9 School ID and Test Location Codes
Duke TIP School ID (section 6 of paper application): Mulrennan – EA Test Selection (section 8 of paper application): The available test centers in your area are listed at Select only one test and one test date. Indicate your first and second choice of test center locations on this date.

10 Codes for Testing Locations
ACT on 12/13/14 or 2/7/15 Durant HS (207190) Plant City HS (209110) SAT on 12/6/14 or 1/24/15 Durant HS (10561) Plant City HS (10560)

11 Fees Enrollment fee is $75.00.
Students that receive free/reduced lunch can fill out a written free grant request form, or show written verification of free/reduced lunch and pay $30.00. Fee covers the cost of the ACT or SAT & other talent search benefits through 11th grade year. Go to for more information on fees and enrollment info.

12 Fee Grant Requests Submit the fee grant request by one of the following methods: Fax: (919) Mail: Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search Fee Grant, 300 Fuller Street, Durham, NC 27701

13 SAT Reminders What students should bring: Admission Ticket
Duke Talent Search Identification Form School ID Two sharpened #2 pencils A good eraser Approved calculator on website (graphic and scientific calculator recommended) Snacks for outside of testing room.

14 Spanish Assistance www.tip.duke/7guide
For Spanish language assistance, contact Traci Guidry (512) or Brochures are available in Spanish.

15 By participating in duketip
Students receive: Educational Resource Handbook Educational Opportunity Guide & College Guide Merit Packet Recognition at Mulrennan’s 7th grade End of Year Banquet Invitation to Hillsborough County Scholars Summer Academy SAT scores at the State level will receive an invitation to Duke’s recognition ceremonies in FL or Duke University to receive an award. Students can also qualify for TIP’s Summer Studies Programs based on scores.

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