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2 major types of Stroke.

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1 2 major types of Stroke

2 Hemorrhagic and Thrombotic strokes

3 Types of Intracranial hemorrhage

4 Antiplatelet agents

5 Carotid Endarterectomy

6 Hemorrhagic Stroke

7 Ischemic Stroke

8 Sources of ischemic stroke

9 Lifestyle changes to prevent Stroke

10 Lifestyle

11 Risk Factors for stroke
High B.P. and Obesity

12 Causes for ischemic stroke
Blood clot Fibrin Clot

13 Mechanisms of Stroke Affected portion of the Brain Embolus ICA

14 Emotional Changes After Stroke

15 Living at home after Stroke

16 Rehabilitation

17 Stroke Diagnosis

18 TIA and Warning Symptoms



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