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Over-50s Housing Trends is part of a continuous education course developed by a team of specialist editors, researchers and property experts around the.

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2 Over-50s Housing Trends is part of a continuous education course developed by a team of specialist editors, researchers and property experts around the world for developers, financiers, planners and industry managers. It paves a clear concise path through the thickets of information overload. All the trends canvassed have started to emerge somewhere in the world. The over-50s housing market is splintering into a hundred slivers. The certainties of the past 30 years have been shattered by generational change, and seismic shifts to the social, cultural, political and economic order. This continuous study is updated every month. It reflects change as it occurs.

3 39. Voucher System The emergence of the paid carer society. Worldwide trends emerging that will coalise into a paid carer workforce. The trend elements are: a)Voucher System The direct payment to the care recipient who makes own buying decisions. b)Paid part time work New Zealand innovation whereby you cannot be fired even if you seek to take substantial time off to care for anybody. Pro-rata payments apply (i.e. one day's work generates 20 per cent of original pay). c)Will create paid work for neighbours, friends, family members or home care businesses.

4 40. Rejigging Home Care The creation of small cluster housing care homes Atlanta resident Candace Long, CEO of Long Development Group is to buy a foreclosed home in a cul-de-sac in an older neighborhood and renovate it for an assisted care residence for up to six senior citizens. Long said the residents are elderly people "who need assistance, but whose families would prefer them to be in a home setting rather than be institutionalized.

5 41. Who looks after ageing disabled when parents die The question haunts the parents of the disabled. Who will care for their children when they grow too old and frail to do it. Solutions are emerging in three countries, but one business plan stands above all others. It involves no government money, nor a contribution from the elderly parents… Using insurance to create financial instruments to sell to hedge fund sector to create a cash flow to: a)Build. b)Fund management and care programmes. c)Assets for your balance sheet. d)Leverage for future cash flow upon each apartment vacancy.

6 42. The need for intellectual stimulus The ancient Greeks placed inscriptions over library entrances that read "place of healing for the soul". Doctors are increasingly prescribing books and reading to treat illness,and now two developers in two countries have library apartments,which will target the over-50s residential market, on the drawing board. Book Well is a collaboration between the State Library, the public libraries network and VicHealth. The idea, says project manager Susan McLaine, is to move "beyond a book- club approach to literature into a therapeutic realm.” Under a pilot program begun last April, Book Well has run 19 reading therapy groups, catering to the aged, veterans, migrants and people with mental illness. They have been held in hospitals, community health centres and aged care facilities both in Melbourne and towns including Kyneton, Warrigal, Wangaratta and Colac. Last month, some people affected by the Black Saturday bushfires began a new group at the Hampton Park Library. They read Henry Lawson's The Drover's Wife and a Gwen Harwood poem, Suburban Sonnet. The ancient Greeks placed inscriptions over library entrances that read, "place of healing for the soul." More recently, author Brenda Walker has written Reading by Moonlight: How Books Saved a Life – a moving memoir of reading and cancer. Books, she says, cannot postpone death - that is the job of medicine. But certain books, "by showing us the inner fullness of individual life, can rescue us from a limited view of ourselves and one another.” *Specialist Library Homes targeting the over- 50s market are being built in Manhattan and Hay-on-Wye.

7 43. Long-term care insurance to be repackaged The concept had a stuttering introduction. The veterans around the world always believed the state owed them a pension and all care. The boomers aren't retiring, don't have substantial savings, are still servicing a mortgage / credit card debt, and have children. LTC looks to have better prospects. Biggest single growth opportunity worldwide for the insurance sector. Been very slow to create 'marketable products.’ Insurance sector on cusp of taking over care sector.

8 44. Rich retirees to subsidise social housing Housing associations/community housing groups are being exhorted to target asset- rich baby boomers who have paid off their mortgages, to help subsidise social housing stock. The funding will create more aspirational housing and new markets, as well as helping in destigmatising "older person's accommodation.” Housing associations should be actively targeting asset-rich, baby boomers who have paid off their mortgages, in order to subsidise their other social housing stock. That is the message from the National Housing Federation, which believes housing providers need to mimic the private sector in reaching new markets and seizing fresh commercial opportunities to provide more aspirational housing. Its year-long Breaking the Mould project, which culminated in a report published in February, found that today's "powerful generation of asset-rich, high-expectation 'baby boomers'" is wealthier than those of previous generations with households of people over 65 collectively owning around £500 billion of unmortgaged property equity. Amy Swan, policy officer at the National Housing Federation, says, "the sector should be asking itself whether our current housing offer is attractive to this group of people". The affordable housing sector, she says, has lagged behind private developers. "We should be proactively looking at the business opportunities…offering many more homes for private sale and expanding services that people may pay for within the community. Housing associations have been quite slow to exploit this.”

9 45. F ill vacant apartments / flats inside six weeks There is a sales technique, which if used effectively / efficiently, will fill up all your vacant independent living units within six weeks and save you money on your marketing and sales budget. This methodology is simple to embrace and will be of inestimable value to developers with independent living units to full retail price. The sales / marketing skills of the over-50s housing sector is lamentable. Little knowledge about how customer thinks. Focus groups get loaded questions. “God will prevail” mentality. Ape thy neighbour marketing. "You are my mission" / not for profits. The righteousness of the medical profession / staff. "Matron knows best" / autocracy. You can shoehorn any 80-year-old into any situation and they generally will not complain. Until recently when they have discovered there are options.

10 To order any/all of the 100 plus trends in over-50s housing, contact one of our offices: UK Suite 212, 28 Old Brompton Rd, South Kensington, London, SW7 3SS Phone: +44 (0) 207 681 2020 Fax: +44 (0) 207 657 3555 USA Suite 1192, 1111 Desert Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89102. Phone: +1 310 684 2446 Fax: +1 323 319 9245 Or Go To The Website CONTINUOUS EDUCATION SERIES

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