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Mighty Mouse Effective email marketing Hans de Kretser.

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1 Mighty Mouse Effective email marketing Hans de Kretser

2 Mighty Mouse Customer lifecycle Solution providers Building your lists Planning Campaigns Creative and content Measuring success What next?

3 Customer Lifecycle Acquisition Website registrations

4 Customer Lifecycle Acquisition 3 rd Party Lists and Promotions

5 Customer Lifecycle Acquisition Viral Marketing

6 Customer Lifecycle Conversion “The newsletters are very good. It has allowed me to see dance companies that I would not have known about.” Subscriber to Dance Consortium’s website Information & Newsletters

7 Customer Lifecycle Money off vouchers to try service Software discounts after trial period Conversion Offers & Incentives

8 Customer Lifecycle Service After sales email

9 Customer Lifecycle Service

10 Customer Lifecycle Retention What’s the bait? Seth Goding, Permission Marketing Content that rewards the reader Marketing as a form of entertainment But most of all… Messages that are relevant

11 Customer Lifecycle Unsubscribe rates of around 1% are common but… Can be reduced to 0.1% to 0.2% by improving relevance of the emails and by improving the design and copy. [E-consultancy, Online Marketing Benchmarks, 2004, UK] Retention

12 Customer Lifecycle Extension First timers and follow ups “ Welcome back from Oslo ”

13 Customer Lifecycle Multi-buy schemes Extension

14 Customer Lifecycle Extension Profile enhancement

15 Customer Lifecycle Recommendation Sample from V&A newsletter Sample from Hampstead Theatre newsletter

16 Solution Providers

17 X X Strategy X X Media Buying X X X Email Creative X X X Web-site design X X X Data Management X X X E-mail Broadcast X X X Tracking Adapted from Dave Chaffey – Total E-mail Marketing HAS

18 Solution Providers Adapted from Dave Chaffey – Total E-mail Marketing

19 Solution Providers ESP Check List 1.Support all three modules 2.Connects with databases 3.Easy to add data captured offline 4.Easy to segment based on form fields 5.Broadcast module send Plain text and HTML 6.Easy to send test emails 7.Database fields merged into subject line 8.Body of message personalised 9.Recovers after interrupted delivery 10.Handles bounces 11.Reports on bounces, opens, clicks etc 12.Cost

20 Building Lists Permission Marketing by Seth Godin 1.People are bombarded with interruption style marketing 2.Some people want to control what marketing communications they receive 3.An incentive in return for personal information which is reinforced over time

21 Building Lists The legal framework Governed by the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 “Senders cannot send such messages unless they have the recipient’s prior consent to do so”.

22 Building Lists The legal framework This strict “opt-in” rule is relaxed if three exemption criteria are satisfied: –The recipient’s email address was collected “in the course of a sale or negotiations for a sale” – i.e. online booking –The sender only sends promotional messages relating to their “similar products and services” AND –When the address was collected, the recipient was given the opportunity to opt-out which they didn’t take. The opportunity to opt-out must be given with every subsequent message.

23 Building Lists Online Ticketing

24 Building Lists Website sign-up forms

25 Building Lists Website sign-up forms

26 Building Lists Website sign-up forms

27 Building Lists Broadway Barking

28 Building Lists Lowry

29 Building Lists Lowry

30 Building Lists How much information to ask… Sadler’s Wells

31 Building Lists Sadler’s Wells

32 Building Lists What to ask –Name (title/first/last name) –Email address –Geographical location (touring companies) –Art form interest –HTML/Plain Text –Opt in to sms text messages –Frequency

33 Building Lists Reassure potential subscribers with: –Privacy Policy –How to opt out –What and how often –Examples of previous emails

34 Building Lists West Yorkshire Playhouse

35 Building Lists Soft-opt in

36 Building Lists True-opt in

37 Building Lists Double opt-in Tate

38 Building Lists Notified opt-in

39 Make it compelling “Sign up to our free email list and receive monthly newsletters about what's happening at Hampstead Theatre, the latest news, competitions and special offers.” Building Lists

40 Use viral techniques Sample from V&A newsletter Sample from Hampstead Theatre newsletter

41 Building Lists Incentives

42 Building Lists Premium online content Promoting your e- lists

43 Building Lists More Online Opportunities –Online Surveys –Partnerships Offline Opportunities –Programmes and brochures –Return postcards –Surveys

44 Building Lists List house-keeping –Email data capture – verification –Make updating & opt-out easy –Use software to clean databases –Use bounce back management –Keep humans involved –Measure churn

45 Building Lists Managing opt-out –Make it easy –Offer to change their frequency/profile –Remind them of the benefits and that they can opt in again later –Confirm opt-out –Check unsubscribed from all lists

46 Building Lists Reducing opt-out –Monitor churn –Create compelling content that’s relevant –Include incentives –Keep it fresh

47 Campaign Planning Setting Objectives –Sell a show or exhibition –Customer lifecycle –Promote a new website/online feature –Get feedback

48 Campaign Planning Reward opt-in –Priority information –Offers or incentives –Features and articles

49 Campaign Planning Email format –Newsletters linklink –E-fliers linklink –Messages

50 Campaign Planning Online supporting information –Updates on website –Micro sites –Online trailers

51 Campaign Planning Lists –Who are the most profitable leads to be made aware of the event? –Focus on how many of the “right people” there are

52 Campaign Planning Lists Targeting the message

53 Campaign Planning Lists In-house3 rd Party Better responseAcquisition CheaperVolume

54 Campaign Planning

55 Lists

56 Campaign Planning Lists

57 Campaign Planning Timing and Frequency Newsletters –Frequency –Consistency Solus / e-fliers –Day of the week –Follow up

58 Campaign Planning Timing and Frequency

59 Campaign Planning Integrating offline/online marketing –Creative –Timing

60 Campaign Planning Monitoring and Evaluation A+B Testing

61 Creative & Content

62 From Address 88% of consumer respondents respond better to emails with clear company names. [Easily, 2005] Over 50% will delete an email without opening if it is from a company they don’t recognise. [E-consultancy, Online Marketing Benchmarks, 2004, UK]

63 Creative & Content Subject Line –Keep it short ( about 30 characters) –Think AIDA –Tease, event tie-in, direct, personalise –Don’t attract the SPAM cops (!’s, CAPITALS, keywords like free, sex etc)

64 Creative & Content Subject Line by number of characters Open Rate 0-4927.0% 50+23.7% Based on 23,475 emails sent by more than 650 EmailLabs Clients Subject Line

65 Creative & Content Email Format HTML vs Plain Text

66 Creative & Content HTML generally generates 20%-40% more response than plain text version. [E-consultancy, Online Marketing Benchmarks, 2004, UK] 90 – 95% of people can see HTML. [E-consultancy, Online Marketing Benchmarks, 2004, UK]

67 Creative & Content Plain Text –More robust on different platforms –Smaller bandwidth to receive –Cheaper and quicker to produce –Easier to read offline –Better deliverability

68 Creative & Content HTML –Better Response Rates –Easier to track response –Branding and formatting control

69 Creative & Content HTML design What to consider –Width of email –Image to text ratio –Background colours

70 Creative & Content WOS consistency and HTML/plaintext ratio – peacock version

71 Creative & Content

72 Test designs Hotmail Yahoo AOL Google mail Outlook Mac/PC

73 Creative & Content

74 Outlook

75 Creative & Content Yahoo Mail

76 Creative & Content Hotmail

77 Creative & Content The Email Heading –Grab attention in Preview Pane –Re-assure with branding –Inform what the email is about

78 Creative & Content Preview Pane Sadlers Grab attention Reassure Inform

79 Creative & Content Personalisation & Salutation –Implies relevance –Can increase response rates –Think about tone

80 Creative & Content


82 Preview Pane What to keep above the fold –Organisation name and logo –Tagline –Issue and Date –Table of contents –Significant headlines –Salutation if personalising

83 Creative & Content Email Body –Lead copy – main summary with links to more information with main proposition – above the fold –Main copy – room for detail and clear instructions

84 Creative & Content Copy Follow good DM copywriting rules but most of all… –Make it scannable –Make it relevant –Keep it brief

85 Creative & Content Links Use as the call to action Tracking system Use variety of link techniques: –“click here” –text links –graphic links e.g.googlewhack

86 Creative & Content Number of LinksCTR 0-243.4% 25+4.4% Based on 23,475 emails sent by more than 650 EmailLabs Clients Links

87 Creative & Content What makes it Viral? Make it easy to spread Quality Content –Inside information/advance warning –Humour and games –Incentives and special offers –Originality

88 Measuring Success Simple Techniques –Offline methods – the traditional way –Landing pages – with web logs –Including images in HTML emails –Query strings

89 Measuring Success Query Strings

90 Measuring Success





95 What to measure –Open rate –Click through rate –Bounce backs –Unsubscribes –Capture rate –Conversion rate

96 Measuring Success The Lowry February Email sent to 37k subscribers Clickthroughs14% Sales£8,420 - £11,645 Views44% Cost£746

97 Measuring Success Things to test –Lists (previous purchases) –Offer –From Address –Subject line –Format, layout, design –Content – copy, style, tone, structure –Call to action – copy and position of link –Day of the week – time of day –Landing page

98 Where next? Email marketing to continue growing –Good return on investment –Ingrained in our culture –Spam filters getting better –Emails to house lists best online marketing –Here to stay

99 Where next? Rich Media –Audio, animation and video –Still in infancy – technical issues –Rich media in advertising success

100 Where next? Rich Media

101 Where next? RSS Feeds

102 Where next? Podcasts

103 Where next? Podcasts

104 What next? Multiple platforms Mobile and Wireless

105 Mighty Mouse Effective email marketing Hans de Kretser

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