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1 Case history 2012 With Kirio’s K-Order, DMedia Commerce manages and optimises the sales processes of their commercial network. Order margin control and increase of productivity of the sales force are the main objectives obtained. DMEDIA COMMERCE, A SOLID REALITY Dmedia Commerce SpA is part of the D-Mail Group, listed in the Italian exchange’s Star and operating in the areas of Media Commerce and Local Media. The company has two souls: a section dedicated to e-commerce with the well-known brand Dmail and the other directed towards B2B with sales of domestic appliances and whiteware to GDOs as well as a series of specialist stores all over Italy. Dmedia Commerce is a unique reality inside the national panorama, penetrating the market via a multichannel approach and an exclusive integrated management model regarding direct sales and sales from afar. The turnover in 2012 will be around 40 Million Euros. CONTROL AS A FACTOR OF COMPETIVENESS The collaboration with Kirio was born at the business unit dedicated to B2B, where the sales model was developed, based on orders made by the agents at the clients. The non-food market has recently registered a downturn in terms of consumption, which seems to turn into something structural. In a similar scenario it is strategic for companies, working with GDOs and specialist stores to maintain and especially foresee the carried out order margin. Based on this need to control the process, the partnership with Kirio – the software house from Bologna, specialist in management solutions - was born. Cosimo Pinzauti, Dmedia Commerce IT Project Manager, says: “The demand for a software to enable us to control the order process came from our CEO and the controlling department. The requirement was clear: we had to give our agents a solution for them to give them an immediate visibility, via a simple chart, of the margin of the order they were working on.” For Dmedia Commerce it was fundamental to understand beforehand if the order was profitable for the company. In case the order was profitable an immediate confirmation had to be sent out to the agent, while in case it was not, the order should have been blocked and/or evaluated again. “The factors, determining if an order is ‘good’ are various and especially they don’t always coincide with those the agent foresees at the moment when the order is placed: the agent’s commission, active or passive shipping, premiums foreseen by the GOD, possible royalties to be paid on particular products – these are all factors we couldn’t let the agent to decide” Pinazuti explains.

2 L revisione della, una al gestionale Mago. K-Order tells the agent via a “traffic light” if the order is accepted. If it is accepted, it is directly sent to the logistics department. Otherwise, if the order is missing the margin, it will haave to pass different layers to be unblocked, reaching from profitability to the management, the sales manager and to the CEO. “K-Order interacts directly with Mago and synchronises every 8 hours. Therefore the agent will have a complete real-time overview of the order: the agent can know just-in-time if the goods have been sent, if it can be found in the warehouse and if the agent can see the accompanying document” Pinzauti says. Case history 2012 K- ORDER, THE RIGHT SOLUTION Based on these facts Dmedia Commerce, with Mago from Microarea as a management B2B application, started to look for the right solution. Through a phase of software selection Pinzauti and his staff spotted K- Order - the platform developed by Kirio for managing and optimising the sales processes of the commercial network - as the ideal solution. “Right from the start we were impressed by its flexibility and the possibility to personalise the application. We assessed the main necessities and how to approach them together with the staff from Kirio. After less than three months we were operational” says Pinzauti. But K-Order’s update is not limited to Mago: it is carried out in both directions and also includes SAP, the software used by Dmedia for the finance department and the management of the agents’ commissions. Thanks to this interaction, orders are also blocked when the client is in a position of insolvency, if there is a problematic situation in terms of payments or if the client is already highly in debt with the company. “Today the financial aspect is more important than ever. The client’s solvency is a fundamental factor, which can determine the outcome of an order. K-Order processes the financial data in real-time and defines our client’s financial reliability.”

3 THE PROJECT’S ADVANTAGES K-Order’s concrete advantages for Dmedia Commerce lead to: Increase of productivity of the sales force thanks to simplification of the agents’ work; Reduction of the administrative work load thanks to automation of the order registration and the successive steps until the shipping; Increase of service level for the client with steadily updated information; Improved exchange of information between the company, the sales network and the market; K-order enables all - from the chief executive and the responsible sales person – to always have an updated view of the situation. Case history 2012

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