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Corporate Administration Management System CAMS-ITech: Vertical CRM for the Administration/Finance Area CAMS-iTech™ is the technological answer developed.

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2 Corporate Administration Management System CAMS-ITech: Vertical CRM for the Administration/Finance Area CAMS-iTech™ is the technological answer developed by IMPACT-iTech™ to face the challenges presented by the KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations, controls associated with AML (Anti Money Laundering) as well as CTF (Combating Terrorism Financing). At the same time, it integrates and unifies access to the management system already existing within the organization. CAMS-iTech™ re-orients the client’s view, which is traditionally based on the management systems that fragment the information according to the product or service function that they wish to engage, in order to re-focus it on the client.

3 Cams-iTech Diverse Areas are related to the Client. In this situation, efforts are multiplied and redundant information accumulated in specialized systems within each business unit. The integration capacity allows Cams to build a complete picture of the client and its relationship with the company.

4 Main Modules Due Diligence Manager (KYC) Is the administrator of client documentation requirements (individual and corporate) and follow-up, depending on their defined relationships (owners, directors, authorised signatories, etc.). Exigencies of different jurisdictions are set in the system as well as those defined internally by the Compliance Officer of the Company. Risk Rating Framework It administers different risk types affecting clients. In particular, it supports the most modern Anti-Money Laundering risk concepts, such as Risk Interconnection. Anti-Money Laundering Manager It allows control of financial operative behaviours against profiles in accordance with the framework recommended by the international rules. Suspicious Lists Control Allows comparison of the names of the contacts in the database with different lists, such as OFAC and FBI, and alerts matches. Contact and Facility Manager Its integration capability makes it a very attractive package for companies dedicated to financial and administration businesses.

5 It is very simple to enter contact information in CAMS. It records all of the company’s contact information in a unique and centralized way, defining individual and corporate contacts. Each contact related to any area of the company has a unique entry where all the data is held, independently of the sector in which the information is entered. This allows the information for each contact to accumulate in accordance with the type and quantity of dealings with the company. Contacts and Facility Manager

6 The individual and corporate contacts can be related one to each other. The relationships themselves have a logical linkage that accompanies them. Moreover, the creation of Corporate Contacts can be made from an Individual Contact based on a relationship and an Individual Contact can also be created from a Corporate Contact.

7 Contacts and Facility Manager The activities connected to the company and its clients are represented as an entity, that is to say it is an active piece of information that can have controls, relationships, be subject to risk analysis, due diligence, etc. This gives a whole new dimension to working with CAMS. Each Business has specific data and behaviour according to its effect in the real world; this is modeled in CAMS and allows it to work in an explicit manner in each company scenario. Financial & Corporate Service Provider

8 Contacts and Facility Manager Furthermore, from the analysis of the different types of contacts and their relationships, we obtain a 360 degree vision of them.

9 Due Diligence Manager CAMS Due Diligence Manager guides the execution of the Due Diligence and it documents all the actions undertaken in order to comply with the regulations. The documentation requirements can be configured for each function that a contact develops within the different business types. Due Diligence Manager meets the external jurisdiction demands as pre-defined for each location (such as laws or regulations) allowing changes to be applied.

10 Due Diligence Manager As an advantage of the 360 degree view, the documentation demands are applied to the contacts according to the functions that they carry out on the different products. Additionally, documentation can be designed according to the RISK that each client represents. The system is updated online as soon as documentation is received through any channel, the results being immediately visible. Modifications are also instantly applied to internal or external rules together with the documentation requirement consequences. The state of clients completion is known at all times, and it is possible to control dates and to have all the digital documentation aligned within the system.

11 Risk Rating Framework It allows the definition and control of conceptual risk frameworks for the client and the commercial relationship with the organization, to evaluate situations such as the potential risk of money laundering, as well as operational risks. This module takes advantage of the network generated among the clients and the functions that are carried out within the businesses to evaluate total emerging risks of each and every one of the structures. The first step is the client evaluation.

12 Risk Rating Framework The second step is to take into account the client’s relationships with other contacts, which could be the company where they work, family, etc.

13 Risk Rating Framework The last step of the evaluation involves the categorization of the client’s commercial relationships with the company.

14 Risk Rating Framework The client risk is combined with the risk from related entities to obtain a client’s integrated risk value.

15 Anti-Money Laundering Manager The basic criteria of Control are supported: Quantity of Movements, Total Amounts and Volumes. All the activities are recorded, deviation alerts are given and reports generated to support and file the official reports and documentation for the audit.

16 Integrated view of the solution The successful implementation of this kind of solution involves a process of pre-implementation, implementation and post-implementation. Impact iTech can provide a series of services by a team of professionals specialized in each field. Pre-Implementation Services –Legal Consultancy –Application Consultancy –IT Infrastructure Consultancy Implementation Services –CAMS Personalization –CAMS Connectivity Post-Implementation Services –CAMS Maintenance –Legal Consultancy as required –CAMS Update

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