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Powerfully simple work management Software for an organized, engaged and productive workforce.

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1 powerfully simple work management Software for an organized, engaged and productive workforce.


3 With a well thought out plan in supervisors’ hands and a clear view of how crews are performing, Fewzion users plan their work and work their plan to safely deliver results each and every shift. Fewzion makes management operating systems (the tools, meetings and behaviours necessary to manage operational people, processes and equipment) easier to implement and more sustainable. Applying the Plan, Do, Check, Adapt (PDCA) improvement cycle helps operations get control and steadily improve process performance. The tools and work practices of a MOS should create awareness of process performance (in comparison to a plan) at regular intervals so corrective actions can be taken. This helps to improve efficiency by monitoring the allocation and use of resources. Effective management systems engage the whole workforce in improving operational performance, Fewzion puts an easy to use, visual system in the hands of planners and front line leaders so that they can build better plans, see progress and improve performance one shift at a time.

4 Plan Fewzion follows the PDCA cycle Do Act/Adapt communicate adapt / commit Check An effective plan must connect the work you want to do and the targets you want to meet with the resources and equipment you need to get the plan done. To do this it needs to set realistic targets and know what people and equipment are available. Plans must change to remain relevant to changing conditions. We need effective “whole site” views to enable tradeoffs and commitment during daily and shiftly operational meetings. Managers and supervisors should have the adapted and committed plan with them at all times to communicate to their team at the beginning and throughout the planning horizon. Managers and supervisors should regularly inspect what they expect in their process. Progress against the plan should be discussed with their team at regular intervals to ensure the plan is on track. Where actual performance varys from the plan action should be taken. The team should execute the plan as it is described (in terms of rate and utilization) and complete all tasks set in the manner they have been described Every variance is an opportunity to act to get back on track or to improve in the future. So all variances from the plan should have an action. It is only through aggressively pursuing actions to improve our ability to accurately execute on our plans (i,.e perform the PACER system) that we can improve the performance of our processes This cycle is effective at all levels of work (planning horizons) and should be completed Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, each day, Shiftly and throughout each shift.

5 Fewzion is built around this cycle Weekly Plan, Roster, Leave and Equipment Plans Reporting Dashboard Actuals Screens Shift, 24/48 hour and weekly WoM schedules Prestarts Printed Shift Plan / Tablet Plan Docommunicate adapt / commit Check Act/Adapt

6 Weekly Planning / Review System Fewzion enables effective planning and scheduling so that work is ready to be executed on each shift Day / Shift 16 Week / Monthly Plan Long Term Plan (Theory) 1. Consider monthly targets and budget 2. Update weekly maintenance schedule 11. Weekly review meetings 10. Improvement actions captured then planned 3. Update Roster and Leave spreadsheets 4. Update equipment plan in Fewzion 5. Create weekly process plan, resource balance and approve / decline cross function tasks Weekly Planning Add tasks and targets Weekly Process Plan 9. Daily process review meetings using reports 9. Shift is run and closed out 24/48 hour schedule Weekly Whole of Mine Plan 6. Weekly planning commitment meeting 7. 24/48 hour schedule meeting, commit to next 24 hr 8. WoM Shift Schedule / Handover Plan Do communicate adapt / commit Check

7 7 Adaptive Shift Schedule and plans (in Fewzion) Weekly Plan (in Fewzion) Monthly Plan Long Term Plan (Theory) 1. Understand Shift Plan and progress of current shift 2. Call off going deputy and do hand over (understand reality) 3. Adjust shift schedule to meet reality (plan to achieve targets and planned tasks where possible) 4. Agree / Commit to plan with undermanager and other deputies then print 6. Actively manage work and crew to achieve shift plan 8. Do hand over with oncoming deputy (share reality) 9. Finish shift and update “Actuals Boards” with KPIs & task completion. 10. Undermanager debriefs deputy about the shift reviews variances and raises actions Print Shift Leadership System Fewzion enables effective leadership behaviours throughout each shift to help hit targets. WoM Shift Schedule Printed Shift Plan WoM Shift Schedule Printed Shift Plan Actuals screen/s 5. State targets and plan for shift at Muster / Prestart. 7. Communicate with CRO regularly to update progress Plan Do Action communicate adapt / commit Check

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