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4/29/20151 CandyMan TV Channel Available now in Europe ….only for women.

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1 4/29/20151 CandyMan TV Channel Available now in Europe ….only for women.

2 4/29/20152 What is the Candyman TV channel ?  Candyman is a UNIQUE TV channel only for women 14+. There is no similar channel out there.  Candyman broadcasts short mini-films 5-20 minutes long each with a dramatic “story” set to a hot musical track. Candyman has NO LANGUAGE content and is therefore already localized and suitable for your country.  The actors in the mini-films are male fashion- models, athletes and professional strippers from top European striptease clubs.  Each story clip is shot either outside in nature, or in studios, apartments or clubs and shows the sensuality of the male body, but contains NO erotic content and NO exposed genitalia.  Candyman operates under an ofcom license from the UK with offices in London and Estonia.

3 4/29/20153 Market Research 1 – either with or without children, there are many adult-age women living alone.  In Germany and Austria one third of women in their 40’s live without children.  There is big demand in the market “acceptable” male stripper content. The world- famous Chippendale male strippers tour in Austria, Germany, Switzerland & Central Europe has SOLD OUT in almost all of the 50 cities starting in October 2014. ales ales

4 4/29/20154 Market Research 2 – either with or without children, there are many adult-age women living alone.  According to PEW Research, in households with children under the age of 18, over 25% of them contained only a woman as the “head of the household” and no male. These percentages are increasing each year.

5 4/29/20155 Market Research 3 – Male Striptease is a part of our popular culture and nothing to be ashamed of !  Two recent examples of striptease movies on prime time in Europe: 1) “Magic Mike” with Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey showed on Pro7 8:15pm Sunday October 26 th 2014. 2) “Liebe macht Sexy” was an original German TV Movie on Sat1 on Tuesday August 26 th 2014 8:15pm starring Simone Thomalla whose boyfriend who has a job as a stripper in a night club. sexy-retter-sexy-stripper-clip

6 4/29/20156 Additional Target Groups  According to US Market Research, it is estimated that 80% of the buyers for the “Playgirl” channel content were not women, but homosexual men.  Candyman will also have appeal to this large target group which is estimated at 10% of males.

7 4/29/20157 Background Information  Candyman broadcasts 24/7 in SD and is encrypted in Viaccess on Eurobird 9 at 9° East.  An HD signal on Satellite is to be added in 2015.  Have a look at our trailer:  

8 4/29/20158 Unique Selling Points  Your platform certainly has an erotic channel targeting men, yes? Why not then offer something similar for your female customers?  Women-led households are a LARGE and steadily growing demographic – make them your customers.  Women feel less comfortable than men searching the internet for erotic content and more comfortable viewing such content on the TV. Candyman Channel can fill this market gap.  Going to night clubs and strip clubs can get expensive, so your customers will see the Pay Value in Candyman.  Candyman owns ALL rights to its content, so VoD, mobile, 2 nd screen, PVR, etc is available with a linear deal.

9 4/29/20159 Thank you !

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