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Task 1. James Colley. The TV Shows. The One Show. BBC One Christine Bleakly Adrian Chiles 7pm Weeknights Top Gear. (since 2002) BBC 2. Jeremy Clarkson.

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1 Task 1. James Colley

2 The TV Shows. The One Show. BBC One Christine Bleakly Adrian Chiles 7pm Weeknights Top Gear. (since 2002) BBC 2. Jeremy Clarkson Richard Hammond James May 8pm Sundays (or any other time on Dave)

3 The Content. The One Show. The conventional of a general magazine show; two presenters, one male and female, which helps to make the show appealing to both of the opposite sexes. The content of the show can sometimes be random from one segment to the next, but it works because of the presenting styles of both Chiles and Bleakly. Also this because the BBC want to offer an alternative to the soaps and news that is on the other channels. Top Gear. Top Gear is unique in its presenting, is has to be one of the only TV shows that consistently gets high ratings but has 3 middle aged male presenters. The content of the show is basic, but shot in a artistic way. When watching Top Gear it is easy to realise that even though its is an hour show, there is usually only 4 segments, this is because the content that they are putting in cant be presented and summed up in minutes.

4 The Presentation. The One Show. As I have already stated the presenting style of Chiles and Bleakly is a conventional one, the style of one man one women has worked for years will carry on working, this is because, not only does it make it visually accessible to all, but it also can create an easy viewing experience which is what the BBC wants from it. They both talk to each other in a very friendly, informal way which helps people to watch because if makes the audience feel like they are there having that chat. Top Gear. Top Gear is similar to The One Show in its presenting styles. One of the main differences between the two is the style of chat, the one show is like a couple, where as Top Gear is very blokey, this is visible when two of the presenters team up against the other one or make practical jokes upon him. The main thing that I like about the presenting on Top Gear is that as an audience we are always presented with the idea that the three of them are old friends for years, and this works well for them and the show.

5 The Look. The One Show. The main thing that strikes me straight away when I watch The One Show is that they use the backdrop of evening time London which is not as busy as any other time, this is to help reiterate to the audience that it is filmed live and it does it well. Also the colour scheme of The One Show involves strong reds, this is because the BBC is currently using this colour for all their shows. Also the use of sofas and the coffee table helps to create an ease for the viewing audience. Top Gear. Top Gear has a unique set, and it works very well for it. The set is that one of a hanger with rustic, non- fancy stage and cars from previous series on the walls. The set works because of the what the show is, its a boys and there toys show, so having a clean studio set wouldnt work, and would somehow take something away from the show and its content.

6 The Sound. The One Show. The sound of The One Show is a simple one. It is just a trumpet with coral singing the word One. As for segments and VTs The One Show uses backing tracks from hit songs to accompany the pieces. Top Gear. As for Top Gear the theme has been the same for years, possible remixed and altered slightly but essentially it remains the same. Just like The One Show, Top Gear uses the backing tracks from hit songs top accompany its segments, where as Top Gear uses older songs, or satirical joke songs, for when the Stig is test driving cars round the track.

7 The Audience. The One Show. The audience for The One Show is that of middle aged people who are just in from work and settling down for the night and just want something easy to watch. Also the audience would one that might not tune in every night but would still possible choose The One Show over any other channel. As for in house audience there probably wouldn't be one due to the key demographic and the time of the show. Top Gear. Where as with Top Gear the audience is such a vast one, crossing ages, sexes and social groups. Also this audience would be one that would consistently tune in every week in order to be part of it, and Top Gear is one of those shows that people will talk about for the week after viewing it at work or between friends. As for an in house audience Top Gears has grown at the same time as the TV viewing audience. If someone who had never watched the show before tuned in, the in house audience would be a correct representation of the shows audience and demographic.

8 The Conclusion. Although both of these shows work, if I had a choice I would choose to watch Top Gear over The One Show. As for the shows themselves I can understand as to why they are two of the highest ratings receivers on BBC One and BBC 2, due to the reasons that i have presented. I like both of these shows and this is because I think that both of them work very well, and also do what the BBC want them to do, The One Show consistently has people watching at 7pm weeknights, and Top Gear receives high ratings when it is on BBC let alone the re-runs on BBC3 and Dave.

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