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Lecture 34: Anti-Terrorism and Post-911 Hong Kong 12 th May 2003 (Monday)

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1 Lecture 34: Anti-Terrorism and Post-911 Hong Kong 12 th May 2003 (Monday)

2 Structure of Lecture 34 Introduction: Impacts of 911 on Hong Kong Hong Kong SARG and Anti-terrorism Anti-terrorist Security Prospect of Hong Kong after 911 Meaning of the Post-911 World Order in the Popular Perception of Hong Kong Conclusion Will Hong Kong be Affected by Future International Crises?

3 PART I: Introduction – Impacts of 911 on Hong Kong

4 Globalization – Types of Impacts on EVERY Region in the World “ Globalization ” : the Never-ending Debates Acknowledged Features: Information Technology Revolution Interlocking Network of Modern Capitalism Inter-dependency of Nations  Rise of Supranational Organizations Dr. Pun Ngai ^o^

5 The Common Impacts Political Impacts (Positive or Negative) Financial Impacts (Positive or Negative) Psychological Impacts (Positive or Negative) …… 911 as a Globalized Issue – WHY? Centers of Influence Circles of Centers Hong Kong as a Hardcore Global Member or a Peripheral Global Member?

6 Political Impacts Encouragement of Authoritarian Legislatures in Hong Kong? Patriotism and New McCarthyism in USA Basic Law Article#23 Revealing Hong Kong ’ s Identity Void Not a US Sphere Not Completely Protected by the Chinese Shelter Where shall we stand after 911? Are we allowed to have independent “ American policy ” ?

7 Financial Impacts Financial Losses: Domino Effect (Refer to Lecture 32) GDP Consecutive Reductions since 911 Aviation, Insurance, Stock Market … Does it Really Matter? Really Relevant? The Scapegoat Only?

8 Financial Gains?! Crisis Management of the Business Leaders? Upper-wind in the Competition with Singapore? Pan-Pearl Delta Integration after 911? Tourism after the “ 1012 ” Bali Bombing? Dr Tsang: Iraqi War as an Economic Booster to Hong Kong – WHY?! Moralistic or Amoralisitc?...... 曾淵滄專欄

9 Psychological Impacts Pro-Americanism The Newspaper Comments Anti-Americanism The Newspaper Comments Still the Same 4 Stages: The Hyper-active Stage The Stereotypical Stage The Boring Stage The Ironical Stage

10 PART II Hong Kong SARG & Anti-Terrorism

11 Assessment Mechanism of Hong Kong ’ s Contribution to Anti-Terrorism US-Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992 US-Hong Kong Policy Act Report (1 st April 2002) US-Hong Kong Policy Act Report (31 st March 2003) The Rare US Endorsement and the SARG News Summary …… Prime Importance of US-Hong Kong Relationship (Column A) 2000 October: Removed from US Blacklist of “ Illegal Drug Production and Transit Regions ”

12 Application of Anti-Terrorist Laws United Nations Security Council Anti- terrorism Resolutions 1267 and 1333 Taking Steps to Implement Resolutions 1373 and 1390 “ United Nations (Anti-Terrorist Measures) Bill ” Passed by Legislative Council (July 2002) Controversial Promotion of Regina Yip, Secretary of Defense Opposition of the Legal Experts and Democrats – WHY? Banned Illegal Assistance to 286 Terrorist Organizations The Basic Law Article 23 Footnote! Official Mourning and Anniversary Mourning of Tung Chee-wah

13 Financial War against Terrorism Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Hong Kong as the Rotating Chairmanship during 911 Adoption of 8 Special Recommendations: All members should implement in the fight against terrorism and terrorism financing Regularly Direct Financial Institutions to Conduct Searches for Terrorist Assets Using US and UN Lists Found No Such Assets Increased “ Reports ” on Suspected Financial Activities 2000: 6104 2002 (Jan-Oct): 8942

14 Police Cooperation Container Security Initiative (Sept 2002) Customs and Immigration Cooperation 2002-2003: Military Representatives from the Pacific Command Explosive Ordnance Disposal Community Participated in the Hong Kong Police Force Bomb Disposal Officer Licensing Course Cooperation, why not?

15 Why is Hong Kong “ Fully Cooperating ” with USA? One-Country Two-Systems: What is the Level of Autonomy in Anti-Terrorism? CAN Determine: Local Bills CANNOT Determine: National Defense and Diplomacy (e.g. Application of United Nations Resolutions Directly) Anti-Terrorism as an “ International Duty ” No Anti-Terrorist Bill as an “ International Joke ” (Regina Yip) Pressure from the US Consul? Pressure from Beijing? A Sense of Self-Performance of SARG/ SARG Officials?

16 Part III – Anti-Terrorist Security Prospect of Hong Kong after 911

17 Hong Kong as a “ Safe Place ” Tung Chee-wah (after 911) Hong Kong is Safe from Terrorist Attack Regina Ip (Dec 2002) Hong Kong has No Terrorist Bases Internal Security Level Tightened during Crises (911, 1012, Iraqi War) as a “ Formality ” Only … Really? Why or Why Not? What is the Level of Safety Compared with China, Taiwan and Singapore? Message from the Security Service of Eli Avidar, Israeli Consul General of Hong Kong

18 Hong Kong as a Terrorist Financial Base?! Target of the Anti-Terror Bill Precedence of Hong Kong as a “ Drug Haven ” Drug Havens in East Asia: Golden Triangle and Beyond Movies about 60 ’ s Hong Kong …… Triads in the Globalized Era 1 Hong Kong Indian Merchant and his 2 Colleagues were Persecuted in Paraguay for “ Terrorist Activities ” ! (Nov 2002)

19 Hong Kong as a Terrorist Military Transaction Venue?! 3 Indian-Pakistani Individuals Purchased 4 Stinger Missiles Syed Mustajab Shah Muhammed Abid Afridi Ilyas Ali In Exchange for 600kg Heroin + 5 Tonnes Cocaine for Al-Qaeda (20 Sept 2002) Island Shangri-la Hotel HK-US FBI “ Preempted ” the Purchase Charged by US Court Dec 2002 Why Hong Kong?!

20 Local Imitators of Osama Bin Laden?! “ Hong Kong Laden ” (28 Sept 2001) Ultimatum to Tung Chee-wah Claimed Poisonous Food in Supermarkets Next Step: Hotels and Food Courts Aim: Down of the SARG Government “ Will Plan 911 in Hong Kong ” Negative Asset Saloon Workers Attached Poisonous Powders in Open Letters No Actual Movements …… Sentenced to 6 year 8 months Imprisonment What are the Implications?!

21 Part IV: Meaning of the Post-911 World Order in the Popular Perception of Hong Kong

22 A World of Drama 911, Iraqi War … as if Hollywood Movies The “ Saddle Effect ” Required Instant Response Request Different Daily Updates Overestimation of Laden/ Iraq? Unrealistic Expectation of Sudden Changes in the International Arena Miscalculations of Business Decisions Miscalculations of Political Decisions Miscalculations of Personal Decisions After all, the World is Not Enough …

23 A World of Black and White Revolutionary Movies of Maoist China: Artistic Process of Degrading Secondary Characters for the Main Character Where is the Bad Guy? Rise of Anti-Americanism as “ Fashion ” Romanticization of the Anti-Americans Excess Alienation between the Past and Present, the Truth and the Ideal, Ignorant and Knowledgeable …… “ NO WAR ” – but why?

24 A World of “ Their World ” Treatment of the Post-911 World Order in Local Media: Sense of Disconnection from Local Politics “ Tourist Guide Coverage ” in the Discovery Channel n/event/hot/ x n/event/hot/ x Reports on the Iraqi War: the Unfinished Story, Who Bothers?

25 Assigned Readings Main Text: Eric Ma and Peter Yuen. 911 Hong Kong. Chinese University Hong Kong. (will be posted on the website) Supplementary References: US-Hong Kong Policy Act Reports 2002: pi/2002/033101.htm pi/2002/033101.htm 2003: pi/2003/040101.htm pi/2003/040101.htm

26 Conclusion – Will Hong Kong be Affected by Future International Crises?

27 Hong Kong and International Order No Impacts? Normal Impacts in the Era of Globalization (Section I)? Revolutionary Impacts? How Can a Hong Kong Person Tackle the Impacts? YOU as a Case-study ME as a Case-study THEY as Cases-study

28 Normal Impacts in the Post-911 International Realignment World Economic Center Shift to Middle East in the Post-Iraqi Plan?!  Waning of East Asian Economic Boom Sino-American Cooperation/ Conflict in the New Alignment?!  Hong Kong as Part of China

29 Revolutionary Impacts – Rise of Non-state Actors Possibility of Hong Kong to Play Greater Roles in the Future as a SAR Basque Region in Spain as a Comparison Possibility of Outstanding Hong Kong People to Play Stronger Roles in the International Arena Implication of the SARS Crisis

30 ~~The End~~ Thank you for attending

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