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Global Issues American Ideals All “men” created equal Equal Justice Under the Law Knowledge is Power Individualism Power of Gov’t rests in hands of people.

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2 Global Issues

3 American Ideals All “men” created equal Equal Justice Under the Law Knowledge is Power Individualism Power of Gov’t rests in hands of people (Popular Sovereignty) Separation of Church & State

4 Standards For Human Rights Human Rights: basic freedoms that all people should enjoy Examples: right to food, safety, shelter, free speech, etc.

5 Human Rights & Democracy Spreading Democracy & protecting Human Rights has been goal of USA since Constitution written

6 Mixed Picture: Bad News… While # of Democratic countries has increased over last 50 yrs, # of people abused/imprisoned (i.e. human rights violations) has changed little Countries in which human rights violations are still occurring:  China  Iran  Cuba

7 Universal Declaration of Human Rights Encouraged by USA, adopted by U.N. in 1948 Addresses social and economic freedoms as well as political rights Statement not of the way things are, but how they should be

8 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (cont.) Protection of Rights  All human beings are born equal in dignity & rights  Many of rights are the same as included in the US Constitution (e.g. own property, right to marry) Raising Standards of Living (e.g. right to work, receive an education, receive equal pay for equal work, etc.)

9 Spread of Democracy & Liberty 1900: 12% of countries were Democratic 2007: 64% of countries Democratic Problem: 37% of world’s pop. live under a non- democratic gov’t (e.g. China)

10 Reasons to be a “Global Citizen”: Current Events War on Terror: Afghanistan & Iraq Human Rights atrocities: Rwanda & Darfur (Sudan) Threats to International Security: Iran & N. Korea The Environment (i.e. Climate Change)

11 Afghanistan Known as “the Graveyard of Empires” Has defeated every foreign country/empire that has tried to enter (Persia, Mongols, Great Britain, USSR (USA?)

12 Afghanistan (cont.) Afghanistan comprised of multiple tribes that continuously fight for control of the country Taliban assumed control of Afghanistan in 1996

13 Afghanistan (cont.) 1996-2001: Taliban allowed Osama Bin Laden & Al Qaida to train in Afghanistan 2001: Afghanistan invaded by multi-nation force (led by USA) & Taliban “removed” (war lasted 3 weeks)

14 Afghanistan (cont.) 2001-current: USA & allies attempting est. Democracy & fight terrorism (i.e. Taliban & Al Qaida) Result: ??? (USA to withdraw troops by 2014, but…)

15 Iraq 1980s: Iraq ally of USA (fighting war against Iran) 1991: Iraq invades Kuwait (USA ally) due to border dispute over oil field Result: Persian Gulf War: USA + allies attack Iraq for invading Kuwait (ally of USA)

16 Iraq (cont.) Victory! But: did not remove Saddam Hussein from power 1992-2002: USA used military force to keep Iraq from threatening neighbors

17 2002: USA invades Iraq (Iraq “accused” of having Weapons of Mass Destruction (no proof ever found) 2002-current: USA attempting to est. Democracy & fight terrorism Result: ??? (USA has withdrawn troops, but…)

18 Rwanda Rwanda former Belgium colony (independence in 1962) Two major cultural groups/tribes in constant conflict in Rwanda:  1) Hutu  2) Tutsi

19 Rwanda (cont.) 1994: Hutu began genocide of Tutsi (800k exterminated in 10 days, 2 mil+ exterminated by “end” of genocide) Currently: armed conflict still present in country (Hutu now an insurgency against Tutsi gov’t)

20 Darfur Region (Sudan) 2003: rebels attack Sudanese gov’t (frustrated over poor economy) 2004-2011: war b/t gov’t & rebels forces (and fight for local support) has resulted in genocide of citizens of Darfur 2012: 300k+ have been exterminated w/ little foreign gov’t pressure/involvement to end conflict (not even from USA)

21 Working for Human Rights Major point: Efforts by Individuals are more often successful at protecting human rights than actions/ policies of governments

22 Iran 1930s-1940s: Discovery of oil makes Iran important economically for W. industrialized countries (e.g. USA) 1950s: Middle East wars w/ Israel (USA ally) cause relations b/t USA and Iran to become tense

23 Iran (cont.) 1953: Iran’s Shah (leader), supported by USA is removed from power Result: USA’s CIA overthrow’s new leader & puts back in old Shah Result: Iran views USA as “hypocrite” & threat

24 Iran (cont.) 1960s: Iran grows frustrated w/ constant USA involvement & continued support for Israel 1979: Iran rebels against USA involvement by taking US embassy + workers hostage

25 Iran (cont.) 1980-current: USA does not conduct foreign policy/diplomacy w/ Iran 2009: Iran “trying” to developing nuclear weapons (USA response?)

26 N. Korea 1945: USSR occupies N. Korea after WWII 1946: Became Communist (helped by USSR) + given weapons 1949: N. Korea invades S. Korea (ally of USA) Result: Korean War

27 N. Korea (cont.) Korean War ends in stalemate (i.e. no one wins) 1980s: N. Korea begins to try to develop A-bomb (helped by USSR)

28 N. Korea (cont.) 1994: Convinced by USA + U.N. to give up Nuclear program (in exchange for aid) 2004: re-starts nuclear weapons program & detonates 1 st A-bomb in 2006

29 N. Korea (cont.) 2007-2009: defies USA & U.N. by testing more A- bombs + rockets N. Korea views USA as enemy & “preparing for invasion by USA” Future: ????

30 Question: Why is being both a citizen of the United States and a global citizen (i.e. practicing Civics) important?

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