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ArcLogistics Routing Software for Special Needs, Maintenance and Delivery.

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1 ArcLogistics Routing Software for Special Needs, Maintenance and Delivery

2 What is ArcLogistics? A desktop routing and scheduling solution Not just “shortest path”, but also includes a number of parameters to create an optimal routing solution such as: Vehicle capacities Time windows Costs: fixed and variable Street network constraints

3 Who is ArcLogistics for? Anyone who has to: Find addresses (students, locations, work orders, etc.) Assign students or orders to vehicles and drivers Sequence the stops- get them in the “right” order All while considering… Time- overtime, unproductive time, student pickup, bell times, or work order time windows Vehicle capacity Vehicle or driver specialties Route alternatives and restrictions

4 Uses in Schools for ArcLogistics Special Education routing- door-to-door pickup Maintenance/work orders at school sites Supply delivery to school sites

5 Key features of ArcLogistics I Multiple vehicle assignment using complex business rules Minimize travel distance, time and costs Easy to use interface Determine which vehicle should serve a student or school location and in what sequence Accommodate time windows Optimize resources by accounting for vehicle attributes (capacity, restrictions, driver specialties, special equipment) Builds routes based on network drive times, distances, turn restrictions, not straight-line distances

6 Key features of ArcLogistics II Configurable street restrictions and barriers (speed limits) Customizable reports Capacity tracking and custom zones Import students and/or work orders from any ODBC database Geocodes addresses- students, etc. Comes with street data (Navteq ® ) or use your own GIS data

7 Benefits- Cost Reduction/Better Service Optimized routes and schedules: Reduce total fleet miles Reduce the size of the fleet: same work with less Reduce the number of personnel hours: less overtime Reduce maintenance costs: fewer vehicles or mileage means less maintenance Typical results: 10-30% mileage reduction Fast ROI- pays for itself in a few months

8 Cost of ArcLogistics? Commercial users: $10,000 plus $2,000 for street data Education users: $1,000 including street data

9 User Interface- Overview Tree View List Views Map Table of Contents Time View Map View

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