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Technology Presentation & Funding Requirements London May 2012 By; LJ Myrtroen.

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2 Technology Presentation & Funding Requirements London May 2012 By; LJ Myrtroen

3 The MEC Team Chairman; Anbjør Svenkerud Highly experienced business woman, with experience as MOB in major leading Norwegian bank and insurance companies. CEO; Bjørn Skjervold Army Major in charge of transport, long time experience working for a number of major international companies. Sales; Lars Johan Myrtroen Known for his international network, and making a number of start – ups into successful global players. Technology; Anders Thalberg Inventor, long experience in international work. 2 Coal Power Plant

4 What do we do: We are using Magnetism to optimize the Combustion Process in any kind of Engine, run on any kind of Fuel ! By utilizing our Patented Technology: We are solving a hundred year long challenge, getting a Faster, Cleaner and more Efficient Combustion ! 3

5 Which leads to ; ◦ Increased torque ◦ Reduced  Fuel Consumption  CO 2 emission  Soot- and particle emissions  Lubrication Oil Consumption  Wear and tear on engine  Time for maintenance ◦ Quicker and more even throttle response ◦ Cleaner combustion compartment ◦ Cleaner lubrication oil ◦ No trouble with particle filters 4 Open Flares

6 Range of Applications Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) ◦ Reduced fuel consumption (5 – 15 %) Ship Engines ◦ Reduced fuel consumption (3 – 5 % ME, 5 – 8 % AE) Coal Burning Power Plants ◦ Increased efficiency ( 4 – 6 %) Gas Turbines ◦ Reduced fuel consumption ( 4 – 6 %) Open Flares ◦ Reduced soot particle emissions Asphalt & Cement Production ◦ Reduced fuel consumption 20 – 25 % per ton produced asphalt 5

7 R&D 13 years of experience has demonstrated how the fluids and the oxygen in the air need to be treated differently in engines in respect to: -Number of magnetic fields -Field strength -Separation and placement of magnetic fields -Fluid Dynamics (also when working with gaseous components) -Temperature -Pressure This knowledge based on imperial data and continuous R&D has made us the foremost expert on the field! 6

8 Cost Efficiency Lifetime of our products is longer than the lifetime of the Vehicle / Vessel No maintenance required on our equipment Installation on the main engine on a vessel gives ROI in approximately 1 - ONE - year For Long Haul Trucks the ROI is less 90 days 7

9 Funding To support our growth we are seeking for financial or industrial investors. On the vehicle side alone we expect to have signed agreements for the delivery of between 40 to 50,000 units by the end of 2012. Capital requirements 25 to 30 mill US$. Loan agreements or equity deals available. OPENING-UP THE MEC ENERGY SAVING HIGHWAY 8

10 Contact Details Magnetic Emission Control AS Company reg. no NO 884 494 842 Storelvdalsveien 3551, N-2480 Koppang Norway Mr. Bjorn Skjervold E-mail : Phone : +47 9179 1482 Mr. Lars Johan Myrtroen E-mail : Phone : +44 20 8133 9055 9

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