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Mining Technologies International Hy-Drive Hydrogen Generating System Hydrogen Generating System.

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1 Mining Technologies International Hy-Drive Hydrogen Generating System Hydrogen Generating System

2 Concept Hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element in the universe. Two hydrogen atoms bond together to form hydrogen gas molecules. The small molecular size of hydrogen gas results in a very high buoyancy and diffusivity, meaning that free hydrogen has a large amount of energy.

3 Adding hydrogen gas to fuel improves the ignitability of the mixture, and increases flame speed and combustion stability. Hydrogen acts as an octane enhancer and gives a substantial increase in the compression ratio. Ignition energy of hydrogen is 20-70 times less than that of diesel fuel. Relative Flame Speeds. Hydrogen – 195 cm/s Diesel – 20-45 cm/s -Green Car Congress 5 Nov 2005

4 Technology Hy-Drive Technologies Ltd. is an energy and power technology firm that has developed a Hydrogen Generating System. Mining Technologies International is working with Hy-Drive Technologies to bring this unique technology to the mining industry.

5 What is Hy-Drive? The Hy-Drive unit uses electrolysis to generate and inject small amounts of hydrogen gas into the combustion chamber of a regular internal combustion engine, creating an enriched air-fuel mixture and a more complete and faster burn of the fossil fuel mixture.

6 Converts distilled water (H 2 O) to hydrogen (H 2 ) and oxygen (O 2 ) using an electrolysis process. This system produces ~0.47L of hydrogen gas per minute at a max pressure of 30 psi which is pumped into the air intake. Hydrogen enters the stream of forced air and flows into the combustion chamber. How It Works

7  Lower emissions Objectives  Reduce fuel consumption  Increase HP  Increase engine life and reduce maintenance costs  Give new life to old equipment  Offer those employed in the mining industry a cleaner environment to work in

8 What are the benefits of using Hy-Drive? 1. Diesel emissions become considerably reduced. 2. A reduction of transient mode exhaust smoke. 3. A more thorough burn of diesel fuel – which aids in eliminating the impurities in exhaust gases, from the combustion chamber. 4. An increase in efficiency = decrease in fuel consumption.

9 Lower emissions -Up to a 98% reduction of CO. -Up to a 74.5% reduction in HC. -An 11.1% reduction in NO X. -And up to an 81.4% reduction in particulate matter. Based on controlled tests at California Environmental Engineering.

10 Emission % Reduction CO-53.46% NO-1.91% NO 2 -3.70% NOx-2.82% HC reduction -46.70% Emissions changes in the exhaust of a typical Toro 40D with a Detroit Series 60 engine after ~ 200 hours

11 Reduced Fuel Consumption Tests done on the surface with the trucking industry show fuel savings between 9% and 30%. These are currently being attempted underground.








19 Longer Engine Life & Reduced Maintenance Longer Engine Life & Reduced Maintenance An incomplete burn in the engine combustion chamber causes carbon deposits. Carbon deposits can mean premature engine failure such as wear to pistons and rings, valves, cylinder walls and degradation of oils. With the H 2 /O 2 gases in the combustion chamber a more efficient burn is created that burns fuel more completely which reduces emissions.

20 Where is Hy-Drive presently being used?  Highway Trucks  School, Highway & City Buses  Stationary Generators  Loaders  Transit Mix Trucks  Forklift Trucks  MINING

21 Hy-Drive Hydrogen Generating System Features of the HGS unit -Powered by standard electrical charging circuit (12v or 24V) -Fueled by distilled water -Unit must be filled every 80 hrs -Pressure safety controls -Hydrogen leak sensors -Turbo boost monitors -Flame arrest system -Special no-spark pumps

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