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High-voltage plasma torch for pulverized coal burner NIT, LLC Tatyana Zykova, CEO.

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1 High-voltage plasma torch for pulverized coal burner NIT, LLC Tatyana Zykova, CEO

2 Project product: New generation plasma torch and pulverized coal fuel feed system for coal-burning fire starter and coal firing to support coal flame Product value: Exclude fuel oil co-combustion for coal-burning power plants Lower fuel costs in generation New plasma torch with multijet for −longer torch lifespan, −lower power consumption, −lower system cost (known as major drawbacks of current fuel oil and sole plasma systems) Current stage: 1,5 kW plasma torch prototype Model patented in Russia, patent application filed The essence of innovation Product end-user: coal-burning power plants, currently using fuel oil fire starter and firing to support coal flame

3 Consumption of coal dust standard grinding, g/sec 5-20 Air flow, l/s< 100 Power coal-dust flame, kW~100 Max Life of the electrodes of the plasma torch, hours >1000 Maximum electric power consumption, kW <15 kW Pulverized coal burner specs: Competitive advantages High efficiency, over 90%, of new plasma torch Torch lifespan not less than 1000 hours Lower cost of plasma torch, expensive materials excluded (tungsten, hafnium) Inert gases not used 2x Lower NOx emission Estimated product economics Pulverized coal plasma torch CAPEX $480 000 (12 units for each boiler) Competitive OPEX per year: fuel oil = $300 000 pulverized coal fuel = $200 000

4 Innovation: Compared with existing plasma technologies new plasma torch has lower cost and ease of maintenance Competition Plasma torch by Kutateladze Institute of Thermal Physics (Novosibirsk) Chineese plasma tourch fire starters Sales strategy: Pilot installations with energy companies Collaboration with Design and Engineering companies Market and Competition Market segments: Coal burning energy production Disposal of hazardous waste Domestic market: Exceeds 3 500 units, 4.2 billion rubles Foreign markets: We already have proposals from European companies that are interested in plasma torches

5 Tatiana Zykova Project leader Business development, fund raising from 2008 Ovdin Viktor, Ph.D Head of R&D Designer of various high voltage equipment “Inventor of the USSR” title for energy storage systems Author and owner of patents: Arc welding DC supply, Energy storage system, High-voltage plasma torch Kluchnikov Alexander Head of pilot production from 2009 Project team Project team has successfully developed fuel oil plasma torch ignition in cooperation with JSC “SibEnergoGrupp” 5 successful implementations

6 R&D phase Duration, months Investments, M RUB Research and development of 15 kW Plasma torch 3-44,5 Research and development of pulverized coal fuel feed system with 15 kW plasma torch fire starter 3-41,3 Pilot installation & Engineering2-30,7 Total6,5 Investment offer Support of project: 2011 - grant from the regional budget of 285 thousand rubles 2012 - company NIT became a resident of Novosibirsk Business Incubator 2012 - made1.5 kW plasma torch prototype 2013 - company became a resident of the innovation center "Skolkovo" 2013 – model patented in Russia We look for any investment forms to current phase of project:

7 Thank you! Contacts: LLC "NIT", Novosibirsk Str. Esenina, 8/4 Director: Tatyana Zykova Tel.: +7 (383) 284-45-45 Fax: +7 (383) 284-45-44 E-mail:

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