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Road Maintenance Plan Presentation SCHH Community Association August 10, 2012.

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1 Road Maintenance Plan Presentation SCHH Community Association August 10, 2012

2 SCHH Community Association Board of Directors Liaison – Jo Stephey Committee members: – Bill Flack, Chairman – Everett Banks – Dick Eberhart – Don Manson – Alex Anselmi – Harry Vollkommer – Damon Williams – Keith Willis Road Maintenance Plan Presentation

3 SCHH Community Association Approx. 80 miles of paved roads to preserve. After 14 years of service for many roads, surface treatments are necessary to:  Extend usefulness of existing roads, and  Reduce overall lifecycle costs to preserve roads. Road maintenance is the biggest single item in the Reserve Fund. Roads Background

4 SCHH Community Association First attempts in 2010 and 2011 did not provide the desired results. Road Maintenance Plan Presentation

5 SCHH Community Association Road Maintenance Work Facilities Services in conjunction with Property & Grounds Committee selected Engineering firm. Civil Engineering firm:  performed road inspections in 2011, and  prepared comprehensive road condition assessments. Condition assessments resulted in prioritization of annual road maintenance work.

6 SCHH Community Association Portion of residents’ assessments goes into a 'Reserve Fund'. Reserve Fund is used to:  pay for major maintenance or  replacement of community assets. Road maintenance expected to cost over $21 million during next 30 years. 2012 road maintenance work expected to cost about $471,000 from the Reserve Fund. Financial Aspects

7 SCHH Community Association Seals road pavement surface. Protects asphalt against water intrusion. Prevents oxidation of existing asphalt surface. Provides improved skid resistance surface. Extends life of roads in a cost effective manner. Why Resurface Roads?

8 SCHH Community Association Requires mill and overlay in 2012 (which involves removal of the top layer of pavement followed by a new layer of asphalt) No other streets are scheduled for mill and overlay during this year. Vincent Court Conditions

9 SCHH Community Association This year over six miles of roads will receive cleaning, crack seal, and micro surface sealing. 2012 Road Maintenance Work

10 SCHH Community Association Sealmaster Liquid Road TM Micro Surface sealing product was chosen for SCHH road maintenance work. Chosen for protection qualities from:  Oxidation  Moisture  Chemicals Road Resurfacing Material

11 SCHH Community Association Preserves underlying asphalt Appearance after curing Ease of application Allows light traffic after curing time (approx. six hours after final application) Delays most expensive road maintenance, milling and overlay Sealmaster Liquid RoadTM - Advantages

12 SCHH Community Association Sealmaster Liquid Road TM - Application Application will be done by experienced contractor, qualified by the product supplier. Supervision will be done by:  Sealmaster  Community Association Director  Consulting Engineer

13 SCHH Community Association Phase One work to be done? Starting in mid-August: Clean pavement with street sweeper. Remove any plant growth in pavement Fill cracks in pavement with asphalt liquid material. Road maintenance team will strive to minimize inconvenience to residents.

14 SCHH Community Association Phase Two work to be done? Two passes of Micro Surface sealing material will be applied. Micro surfacing is a liquid and sets to a hard surface after all water evaporates. This curing process can take anywhere from four (4) to six (6) hours. Street will be opened after this curing process.

15 SCHH Community Association Resident Precautions During Phase One work:  Park car in your driveway until street sweeping and crack filling is complete. During Phase Two work:  Lawn irrigation MUST BE DISABLED during application and curing process.  Cannot drive on surface until street is reopened to traffic.  Check shoes & pets before walking into your house.

16 SCHH Community Association What neighborhoods will be impacted? Streets to be micro surfaced are located in: Stratford Village Historic Village Egret Cove Blue Heron Okatie Woods Okatie Village Coastal Villas

17 SCHH Community Association Streets planned for Micro Surface Sealing... Argent Court Argent Place Argent Way (from Del Webb Blvd. to Sun City Blvd.) Benjamin Seabrook Chaplin Court Col. T. Heyward Road (from Sun City Blvd. to Stratford Village Way) Faus Road Fickling Court Ft. Beauregard Lane Ft. Walker Court

18 SCHH Community Association Ft. Walker Lane Hamilton Drive Honey Hill Drive Lynah Way Padgett Drive Pelot Court Pepper Place Pinckney Drive Preacher Court Strobhar Court Strobhar Street Sunflower Lane Streets planned for Micro Surface Sealing...

19 SCHH Community Association When will Phase Two work begin? Micro surface sealing to begin September 10. Please note schedule may change based on material availability, weather conditions, and/or equipment breakdown.

20 SCHH Community Association Communication of Schedule to Residents Changeable Message Signs (CMS) located on each side of scheduled road(s):  Date and time  Type of work to be done “No Parking” signs placed on street two (2) working days prior to road surface treatment.

21 SCHH Community Association Community Association website   Neighborhood Reps & Alt. Reps to assist in Communication. Communication of Schedule to Residents

22 SCHH Community Association Deliveries & Services During Road Work Trash Pickup – schedule may be altered with residents notified in advance. Newspapers – delivered early and should not interfere with work. Mail – may be some problems with mail delivery UPS and FedEx – deliveries may be delayed Landscape Services – no landscaping service will be allowed while street is micro surfaced


24 SCHH Community Association If you have additional questions, please call: Common Area Maintenance at 843-705-6358 OR Facilities Services at 843-705-4055

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