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The Grease The Soc The Curtis Family Jay Mountain The Rumble 100 200 300 400 500.

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1 The Grease The Soc The Curtis Family Jay Mountain The Rumble 100 200 300 400 500

2 This is the defining “tuff” characteristic of the group.

3 What is their hair?

4 This bad habit is practiced by all members of the gang.

5 What is smoking?

6 This leader of rival greasers is actually a good friend of Darry’s.

7 Who is Tim Shepard?

8 This object is carried by Two-Bit Mathews to impress others.

9 What is a switchblade?

10 This character understands sunsets and advises Ponyboy to “stay gold”.

11 Who is Johnny Cade?

12 This girl’s nickname is a direct reflection of her red hair.

13 Who is Cherry Valance?

14 This territory does not welcome the Soc.

15 What is the East Side?

16 The privileged youth drive these cars and sport these jackets.

17 What are Mustangs and Madras?

18 This boy admits his weaknesses to Ponyboy prior to the rumble.

19 Who is Randy Adderson?

20 Cherry tells Ponyboy to try to understand if she does this at school.

21 What is “if she doesn’t speak when she sees him”?

22 The parents of these three boys suffered an untimely death when their car was hit by a train.

23 Who are Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy Curtis?

24 This food can always be found in the Curtis family’s refrigerator.

25 What is chocolate cake?

26 Darry is proud of this ability.

27 What is his athleticism?

28 Darry is concerned about Ponyboy’s experience with this nighttime event.

29 What are nightmares?

30 Sodapop and Ponyboy stay out of trouble to avoid this.

31 What is “being moved to a boys’ home”?

32 Because of an act of self-defense, these two boys are homeless for a week.

33 Who are Johnny Cade and Ponyboy Curtis?

34 The boys go to this young man for advice after Bob dies.

35 Who is Dallas Winston?

36 This place is abandoned, cold, and spiderwebby.

37 What is the church?

38 The boys hop the 3:15 train for this town.

39 What is Windrixville?

40 The boys pass their days in hiding by reading this Civil War classic.

41 What is Gone With the Wind?

42 The fight is to avenge the death of these two boys.

43 Who are Bob Sheldon and Johnny Cade?

44 This is Darry’s advice to Sodapop and Ponyboy should the “fuzz” arrive.

45 What is “to run and hide”?

46 Ponyboy is sick and takes a hefty dose of this before the fight.

47 What is aspirin?

48 This is the mood at the Curtis home prior to the rumble.

49 What are excitement and expectation?

50 This promise is made by the Soc prior to the big fight.

51 What is “to use skin, not weapons”?

52 FINAL JEOPARDY This is the reason Ponyboy Curtis must write a theme paper.

53 What is “he is failing English”?

54 Who kills Dally?

55 How old was S.E. Hinton when she wrote The Outsiders?

56 How does Ponyboy get a concussion?

57 What is the name of the town where Johnny and Ponyboy hide out?

58 The blue mustang symbolizes _________.

59 Which character dies first?

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