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The Outsiders Chapter Questions.

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1 The Outsiders Chapter Questions

2 Greasers For each describe their character and the positive and negative characterizations described by Ponyboy in Ch. 1. Ponyboy Curtis *Johnny Cade Darrel Curtis “Darry” *Steve Randle Sodapop Curtis Keith “Two-Bit” Mathews Dallas “Dally” Winston

3 Ch. 1 Questions Describe the differences between a Soc and a Greaser. Why was Ponyboy walking alone at the beginning of Ch. 1? Explain the relationship between Darry, Sodapop and Ponyboy.

4 Ch. 2 Questions Why does Dally hate “to do things the legal way?
Why does Ponyboy always think the redhead was stuck up? Was he stereotyping her? How does Johnny stand up for Cherry and Marcia? Why is this unusual for Johnny? Why do you think Johnny cried after he was jumped by the Socs when he doesn’t cry after he fights with his parents? What does Cherry mean when she says that things are rough all over?

5 Ch. 3 Questions What does Cherry explain as the difference between the socs and the greasers? When and how did Pony’s parents die? What happens when Pony comes home after his curfew? Why does Johnny like it better when his father is hitting him?

6 Ch. 4 Questions What major event happens in this chapter? How did the author foreshadow that Johnny would use his knife in chapter 2? What would your advice be to Johnny and Ponyboy if they'd come to you for help instead of Dally? Explain.

7 Outsiders Ch. 5 Why does Pony have a problem with Johnny's idea to disguise themselves? Examine Robert Frost's poem, Nothing Gold can Stay. What do you think the poem is saying? How might this apply to the characters in the novel? Who's the spy for the greasers? Does this surprise you? Why or why not?

8 Why doesn’t Dally want Johnny to turn himself in?
Ch. 6 Questions Why doesn’t Dally want Johnny to turn himself in? What “other side” of Dally is revealed in this chapter? What is your definition of a hero? Do the boys prove themselves to be heroes, according to your definition?

9 What condition is Johnny in after the fire?
Ch. 7 Questions What condition is Johnny in after the fire? What was Bob's 'real' problem, according to Randy (p.116)? Why would being crippled be worse for Johnny than someone else? Why did Pony think it was better to see socs as "just guys" on p. 118? What do you think he means by this?

10 If Darry didn't have Soda and Pony, why would he be a soc?
Ch. 8 Questions “We needed Johnny as much as he needed the gang. And for the same reason" (p.121). What do you think Pony means, and what is the reason? If Darry didn't have Soda and Pony, why would he be a soc? What does Cherry mean when she says Bob "wasn't just anyone" on p.129?

11 Ch. 9 Questions Why do the boys fight? Why is Pony different? What is the difference between Tim Sheppard's gang and Ponyboy's? Explain how Pony feels this difference might give his group the upper hand? What do you think Johnny's last words to Pony mean?

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