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S.E. Hinton Morgan Rodgers

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1 S.E. Hinton Morgan Rodgers
The Outsiders S.E. Hinton Morgan Rodgers

2 Exposition Getting to know you.

3 Meet the Characters Ponyboy South Side Socs
Ponyboy is a 14 year old boy and he has reddish- brown hair and grey-green eyes. Ponyboy is a greaser (a person that lives in what they call the hood in the book) so he doesn’t have anything nice… but he is a kind, brave person. He also loves to read and spent time with the gang. His greatest fear is the socs (the rich kids that live in the upper part of town). Ponyboy is better at saying “NO” than the rest of the gang in my opinion. Designer jeans, madras shirts and expensive cars. The popular crowd, this is a group of spoiled rich kids. Being shown up by the greasers. They are masters of deception. They get good grades and play innocent but are just as guilty and better at hiding it. Meet the Characters

4 Ponyboy Curtis Ponyboy has reddish-brown hair and green-grey eyes.
Note that the eyes are different… the movie varies a lot from the book. Ponyboy Curtis

5 Where When This story takes place mainly in the hood. The town is Tulsa, Oklahoma. The hood is a dirty place and the socs come and go as they please the greasers are always getting jumped by the socs. The setting could be real. If you look around almost every city has a hood. It affects the story because usually the country doesn’t have a hood or a real clean rich part either so if it was in the country it wouldn’t make sense. The season is in the end of summer when it gets cool at night but it is no fall yet. The story is set in the past and it is about 1950’s. The Setting

6 This is a drive-in that Ponyboy and the rest of the greasers may have gone to.

7 Conflict What’s your problem?

8 This is Ponyboy the night of Bobs murder you can tell that he is scared.
Ponyboy is scared and misses his older brothers Soda & Darry he doesn’t want to runaway but he has to because the fuzz (police) are on the murder of Bob Sheldon. This is a minor part of the story. It is a important part but not as important part as some parts. Character VS Self

9 Character VS Character
This is Johnny before he kills bob to save Ponyboy whose being drown. Ponyboy has a problem with all the socs but one in particular, named Bob Sheldon who is the “leader” of the socs group. Bob and his gang jump Pony & Johnny and Johnny kills Bob to save Pony’s life. This is a major problem in the story. This the reason for the main conflict. Character VS Character

10 Character VS Nature Johnny and Ponyboy run away after a bad fight. They hide in an abandon church with no water or electricity. It is here that Johnny finds the meaning of life. The church catches fire and Johnny and Ponyboy risk their lives to save strangers. This is a minor conflict, however, when Johnny dies later in the story, major significance is drawn from this scene. This is the church that Ponyboy and Johnny stayed at. This is Ponyboy and Johnny in the burning church.

11 Character VS Society This is a soc named Cherry Valance and Ponyboy at the drive-in having a conversation about their lives and differences. Society looks down on the Greasers. They are poor and don’t have much. They smoke cigarettes, get into fights, and don’t use good manners, therefore, they must be bad kids. This IS the major conflict in the story. Every smaller conflict points back to this one. This is a story of the haves and have-nots.

12 Rising Action The tension is rising!

13 The bad blood between the Socs and the Greasers gets worse after Bob is killed.
2. Johnny and Ponyboy runway after the fight in which Johnny takes Bob’s life. 1. Johnny kills Bob Sheldon, a soc, when he thinks Ponyboy’s life is in danger. 3 Major Events

14 Climax We have reached the turning point in the story.

15 The story comes to a climax when Johnny Cade, a. k
The story comes to a climax when Johnny Cade, a.k.a “Johnnycake” dies from the injuries he got while rescuing kids from the burning church. The tough gang of Greasers take the news of Johnny’s death very hard. At this point in the book, my prediction for the end of the story was that the Greasers would win the rumble and have a proper burial for their dear friend Johnny. The High Point

16 Falling Action Working out all the loose ends.

17 3 Major Events 1. The Greasers win the rumble with the Socs.
2. Dallas Winston, a.k.a., “Dally”, takes the news of Johnny’s death the hardest. He can’t understand how Johnny dies when he had done so much good. 3 Major Events 3. Grief stricken, Dally robs a store, leads cops on a chase, and is shot and killed by the police in the park in front of his friends.

18 Resolution The problem has been solved.

19 How has the conflict been solved?
What questions are left unanswered for the protagonist? In the end of the story, members from both sides see how class and privilege divide our society. Several members from each group decide to move on and stop the cycle between the groups. The questions left unanswered are: Why bad things happen to good people; Why social class and status makes people different; Why kids can be persecuted for the families they are born into. Wrapping It Up

20 This book was the best book I have ever read
This book was the best book I have ever read. It is was full of action and suspense. I loved the part about the rumble it is full of action and kept me on the edge of my seat! This was the first time I’ve read this book. I will recommend it to friends. I got 80% on my AR test. Personal Response

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