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Hand and Power Tools 12345BONUS 678910BONUS 1112131415BONUS 1617181920BONUS 2122232425BONUS.

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2 Hand and Power Tools 12345BONUS 678910BONUS 1112131415BONUS 1617181920BONUS 2122232425BONUS

3 When it is important that the object you are striking not be damaged which tool is the best one to use? A.Bell faced Hammer B.Claw Hammer C.Sledge Hammer D.Mallet ABCDABCD

4 Which of the following wrenches is adjustable? A.Striking Wrench B.Box-end Wrench C.Pipe Wrench D.Combination Wrench ABCDABCD

5 A crosshead screw is tightened by using which of the following? A.Allen Wrench B.Torx Screwdriver C.Phillips Head Screwdriver D.Robertson Head Screwdriver ABCDABCD

6 You should discard a clamp with a ________. A.Ridged Jaw B.Sliding Jaw C.Swivel Jaw that turns freely D.Bent Frame ABCDABCD

7 Which of the following should you wear when you use a nail puller or a ripping bar? A.Safety Glasses, Hard Hat, Ear Plugs B.Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Gloves C.Safety Glasses, gloves, Resporator D.Hard Hat, Ear Plugs, Gloves ABCDABCD

8 ABCDABCD What type of hammer should never be used in the construction industry? A.Sledge Hammer B.Ball Peen Hammer C.Cast Head Hammer D.Claw Hammer

9 Safe use of a wrench requires you to do which of the following? A.Push it away from you. B.Pull it towards you. C.Use an extension. D.Use the shortest handle available. ABCDABCD

10 Which one of these should be sharpened on an oil stone? A.Punch B.Chisel C.File D.Screwdriver ABCDABCD

11 Which tool would you use to drive a stake into the ground 18” to 24”? A.Claw Hammer B.Sledge Hammer C.Wooden Mallet D.Slag Hammer ABCDABCD

12 Which of the following would you use to cut heavy gauge wire? A.Lineman's Pliers B.Needle-nose Pliers C.Channellock Pliers D.Slip-joint Pliers ABCDABCD

13 Use this to maintain a saw blade properly. A.Sand paper B.Grinder C.Emery cloth D.A file ABCDABCD

14 A saber saw will cut more smoothly if you use this. A.Oil B.Water C.Grease D.Beeswax ABCDABCD

15 Proper maintenance of pliers requires you to do which of the following? A.Wipe with a soft cloth B.Use Grease C.Oil the joints D.Wash with Water ABCDABCD

16 Which of the following is used to measure vertical distances? A.Steel Rule B.Micrometer C.Measuring Tape D.Wooden Folding Rule ABCDABCD

17 A _______ Square is used to mark many different angles. A.Try B.Carpenter’s C.Rafter Angle D.Framing ABCDABCD

18 Which of the following bits are used to drill in wood? A.Auger B.Carbide C.Shank D.Masonry ABCDABCD

19 When is a surface plumb? A.Centered between two objects B.Exactly horizontal C.Exactly vertical D.At a 45 degree angle ABCDABCD

20 When cutting with a circular saw you should always cut on this side of the line. A.Top B.Bottom C.Finish side D.Waste or unused side ABCDABCD

21 This is essential to the safe operation of an electric drill. A.Keyless chuck B.Trigger lock C.GFCI outlet D.Chuck key holder ABCDABCD

22 You should stand at this point when using a circular saw. A.Directly behind the work B.To one side of the work C.Directly in front of the cut D.Directly over the work. ABCDABCD

23 ALWAYS do this when working on any power tool. A.Disconnect power B.Set the trigger lock C.Remove the blade D.Apply grease ABCDABCD

24 To extend the life of a hand held band saw blade you should do which of the following? A.Operate at low speed B.Operate at high speed C.Vary the speed D.Operate at medium speed ABCDABCD

25 Which of these grinders is used to smooth a damaged chisel head? A.End B.Angle C.Bench D.Detail ABCDABCD

26 Air pressure is used to power this kind of tool. A.Hydraulic B.Pneumatic C.Aerodynamic D.Electromagnetic ABCDABCD

27 The first step for operating an electromagnetic drill is_____. A.Put the power to the On position B.Put the electromagnetic switch to the On position C.Set the depth gauge D.Turn the switch OFF ABCDABCD

28 What do you do if a nail gun leaves the nail head above the surface. A.Lower the air pressure B.Raise the air pressure C.Lower the nail size D.Raise the nail size ABCDABCD

29 BONUS When does a belt sander work best? A.When it is stationary on the surface to be sanded B.Started at low speed C.When used with high grit paper D.Running at full speed before you touch the surface ABCDABCD

30 BONUS A cracked grinder wheel will do which of the following? A.Ring clearly B.Make a dull thud C.Splinter D.Develop visible cracks. ABCDABCD

31 BONUS How far away should you keep any part of your body from a cutting tool? A.1’ B.6’ C.3” D.6” ABCDABCD

32 BONUS Dust from an electric sander is _______. A.Harmless B.Explosive C.Will damage the sander D.Completely removed from the collection system ABCDABCD

33 BONUS Which of the following is used to break brick or concrete? A.pavement breaker B.Hammer drill C.Pneumatic drill D.Hydraulic jack ABCDABCD



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