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Presented to the Beverage Packer The Safe Actuator Cam Jeff Love President.

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1 Presented to the Beverage Packer The Safe Actuator Cam Jeff Love President

2 Mission Statement At Beverage Technologies, Inc., our mission is to provide the food and beverage packaging industry with anti-contamination solutions that help reduce product liability and maximize the uptime of our customers’ plants.

3 Identifying the Problem  Current Crown Valve Actuator  Detracts from profit margin  Wastes valuable man hours  Holds greater potential for product contamination

4 The Risk of Contamination  Typical Design of Crown Valve Actuator Allows Contamination of Product  Application of grease commonly spills over discharge rail Possibility of contamination exists even though most plants cover this area

5 Contamination Point  Assembly Design Allows for Contamination  Grease can easily drip over infeed star Actuator assembly passes directly over infeed star, causing possible contamination

6 Human Error  Current Assembly Designs Allow Excessive Grease to Contaminate Product  Greases easily passes by the O-ring Liberal applications of grease can bypass the O-ring and contaminate product in the bowl

7 BTI Solution  Improve Assembly System by Converting to Safe Actuator Cam BTI’s HF160625C ASSEMBLY Patent-Pending #114/286,660

8 Eliminate Grease Long-Lasting Greaseless Assembly

9 Key Features  Assures Compliance  Will aid in highest standard of quality control  Environmentally safe  Maintenance Free Design  Reduces downtime  Increases production  Prevents Product Contamination  Reduces liability  Greater ROI  Frees up man hours  Reduces costs Profit Per Case Can Increase Up to 14%

10 What the Beverage Plant Can Expect  Superior Operation  Increased Production Hours  Increase in Profit Margin  Protection of Brand Identity Beverage Plant Quality Value Service

11 A Small Investment Yields Major Benefits  Increase Production  No need to shut down production for maintenance  Long-Lasting Greaseless Assembly Saves on Man Hours

12 Cost Analysis  30 minutes of greasing time * 1250 cans/minute = 37,500 cans of lost production per greasing SAVE TIMESAVE COSTS  You SAVE TIME and SAVE COSTS TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS SAVED  Over a period of time this means TENS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS SAVED

13 Summary  Elimination of grease contamination  Superior quality control  Reduced liability  Greater profit margin  Increased production Upgrading Filling Equipment With Safe Actuator Cam Will Ensure:

14 Beverage Technologies, Inc. 2206 Mouton Drive Carson City, NV 89706 Toll Free: (800) 323-8832 Fax: (775) 884-4234 Thank You

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