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OVER 70% of all ER, urgent care, and doctor office visits can be safely handled over the phone. -Wellness Council of America Did you know? Physician Access.

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2 OVER 70% of all ER, urgent care, and doctor office visits can be safely handled over the phone. -Wellness Council of America Did you know? Physician Access

3 The most innovative & comprehensive healthcare solution on the market today! Personalized Proactive Wellness Program Prescription Drug Pricing Comparison Search Tool 24/7 Physician Access Anywhere Anytime

4 24/7 access to doctors Licensed and reside in the US All Board Certified Licensed Physicians Available by phone, video, or email Diagnose, prescribe, inform Service available in 49 states (exception Idaho) Largest Telehealth network in the country Physician Access

5 Top 9 Reasons We Visit the Emergency Room Allergies Bronchitis Earache healthiestyou doctors address the most common visits and many more… ✔✔✔ ✔✔✔ ✔✔✔ ✔✔✔ Physician Access Sore Throat Pink Eye Sinusitis Strep Throat Upper Respiratory Infections Urinary Tract Infections

6 Telehealth vs. Office Visit 8,000 patients Source: Journal of American Medical Association, Vol 173 No. 1 “…telehealth did not have higher rates of misdiagnosis or treatment failure.” Telehealth market expected to double by 2016 Physician Access

7 Call healthiestyou or schedule your appointment online Provide medical history Call is scheduled with appropriate doctor Doctor reviews online patient history and calls the member If prescription is required, sent via Escript to member’s choice of pharmacy Doctor updates EMR with consultation notes Member receives follow-up survey The Member Experience Physician Access

8 AVERAGE CALL BACK TIME from a doctor 30% under 2 minutes Guaranteed under 3 hours 11 minutes Physician Access

9 Our Health Management Platform Designed by Dr. Kelly Traver, world-renowned physician and wellness expert Leverages more than eight years of research and real life experiences of 10,000 patients Personalized, smarter-with-use, online health programs that empowers people to achieve the health and happiness they deserve. Taps into up-to-date brain and behavior science on 12 major brain principles Dr. Kelly Traver is a Stanford educated physician and former Global Medical Director for Google Worldwide. She is also the author of the HealthiestYou 12 Week Program, available everywhere books are sold.

10 Personalized Health Mgmt 1 Online Mobile App 2 Book by Dr. Kelly Traver 3 Health Management Program How do you access the awesomeness?

11 Health Management Member Experience Virtual Coach: Delivers personalized feedback based on actual behaviors (1800-rule engine) Personalization: Behavioral questions enable better customization of program based on real user data Weekly Action Plan: Customized to meet specific needs/goals Points for Rewards: Incentivizes users Social Media Tools: Harnesses the power of crowd sourcing, collaboration, and mutual support Activity Log: Enables users to input and track their cumulative progress Personal Library: Updated in real time with appropriate lessons, exercises, etc. Videos for this Week’s Lessons: Engages users, better results with targeted video

12 Save up to 85% on medication! Prescription Drug Price Comparison Tool Beats co-pays 7 out of 10 times!

13 Prescription Drug Comparison Tool Notice any difference? $16.00 $73.47 vs. …we sure do! }

14 The Member Experience Team Member: " I wanted to thank you for implementing this program! As you know, my daughter came home sick yesterday. This morning she was still not feeling well complaining of a cough, sore throat and stuffy nose. Nothing traumatic but something to address. With a busy work day ahead...I was able to get her evaluated without missing a beat with my work obligations. I was able to get her lunch and drop her off to my back up person on my way to my meeting. As a single parent, this program saved me from having to take a 1/2 of a day off from work and allowed me to balance my life as a parent and as an employee. Kudos to the G&A family!” Team Member: "After being sick for several weeks, one doctor's office visit and several follow up calls with my primary care physician, I decided to contact Healthiest You to get some relief for continued problems with allergy issues. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the enrollment process was followed by an immediate call from a doctor that I was able to select from many choices. I only had about a 40 minute window in my day and didn't think it was possible to talk with a doctor so quickly. I was on the phone with the doctor for 6 minutes and was able to pick up my prescription on the way home from work. I only invested about 15 minutes and didn't even have to leave the office. Awesome new benefit!” Raving Fans We have stacks upon stacks of these…

15 Our members UTILIZE way more! 2% Competitor Avg. * Percentages based on annual utilization. 39.75%

16 HealthiestYou changes the delivery of care, which changes the benefit plan design, which allows… Benefit Plan Design Reduced Medical Spend Increased Employee Benefits Flexibility on Benefit Selection = The Future of Benefit Plan Design!

17 Benefit Plan Design 1. Start with HealthiestYou Over 70% of ER, Urgent Care, and Doctor Office Visits can be handled safely and effectively over the phone. 24/7 Access to Physician Network. No Consult Fees! Wellness and Sick Care Program Prescription Savings up to 85%. 2. Major Medical HMO, PPO, High Deductible, HSA, Self Insured 3. Supplemental Medical Medical Bridge/Gap Plan, Critical Care, Cancer, Accident 4. Ancillary Dental, Vision, EAP, Chiropractic, ID Theft 5. Financial Life, Disability, IRA, 401K 70%+ 30%

18 Why Industry Leading Engagement & Utilization 24/7/365 Physician Access No Consultation Fees Personalized Health Management Prescription Drug Price Comparison Tool Benefit Plan Design Member Friendly Portal Comprehensive Employee Communication Support from HY Team Monthly Newsletter to Group Admin *Benefit plan design can play a critical role in driving utilization

19 HY Marketing Fun = Utilization = Savings For All Custom Monthly Newsletters Proactive Health Awareness Educational Videos by Dr. Kelly Digital Product Video Breakroom Posters, Stickers, Magnets Geo-Location Notification

20 Client Case Study June 2012-May 2013

21 Truth in Numbers

22 1 Instantly Create Proposals Work from Anywhere Stay in the Know Real Time Dashboard 2 Our Supercharged Partner Portal Automated Tasks Marketing Help Social Sharing Beautiful Emails Become a Telehealth SUPERHERO today!


24 1 Group Application Form of Payment – ACH, CC, or Check Group Census 2 3 - Enrollment -

25 Industry-First Revolutionary Tools

26 1 Use the service – have your own membership Sign up for Partner Portal and get contracted Use our support team to help close your first group - 2 3 - Getting Started -

27 It’s all about creating a path to better health, and we’re excited to lead the way.

28 97% of members will use the service again. (68% national average satisfaction rating with in-person doctor visit) Survey Saaays… 93% of members had issues resolved with healthiestyou 95% of members would recommend healthiestyou 50% of telephone consultations resulted in an employee not leaving work for care 95% of members showed improved nutrition 74% of members relieved stress levels And the

29 The Healthiest of Reminders… healthiestyou is not health insurance and we encourage all members to maintain adequate insurance from a responsible provider. healthiestyou is designed to complement, and not replace, the care you receive from your primary care physician. healthiestyou physicians are an independent network of doctors who advise, diagnose, and prescribe at their own discretion. healthiestyou physicians provide cross coverage and operate subject to state regulations. Physicians in the independent network do not prescribe DEA controlled substances, non- therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. healthiestyou does not guarantee that a prescription will be written. Prescriptions by phone are not available in Idaho.

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