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Call A Doctor Plus The care you need, on your schedule!

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1 Call A Doctor Plus The care you need, on your schedule!

2 SOLUTIONS USED TO LOWER COSTS  Increase Deductibles (HSA Plans)  Increase Co-pays  Carve out certain services  Cover the catastrophic For years we have been shifting the cost of healthcare onto the backs of the employees in “hope” that they will become more cost conscious consumers.

3 THE STATE OF HEALTH CARE  Average family spends $1,430 and loses around 35 hours each year to doctor’s office visits alone  That’s about $120 and 3 hours every month  Most doctors offices are closed 75% of the hours/week  Over 66% of ER visits are for non-emergency reasons  25% of people have skipped a recommended medical test due to cost  24% of people do not fill their prescriptions  Over 75% of Doctor visits originate from stress factors  1 in 3 Americans state their level of stress is “extreme”

4 THE BOTTOM LINE…  Getting well has become extremely inconvenient  Difficult to meet face-to-face with a physician/specialist  Difficult to get a timely appointment  Can be difficult to actually get to the appointment  Additionally, it isn’t cheap  ER and Urgent Care are frustrating and expensive options  Missing work can be a costly proposition  For most people, healthcare reform will inevitably lead to  Increased costs  Longer waits, shorter interactions  Increased stress levels

5 WELCOME TO CADR+ Call A Doctor Plus is a program designed specifically to save you time and money by utilizing technology to provide efficient, immediate access to Healthcare solutions and other personal services.

6 A NEW PARADIGM IN HEALTHCARE  Talk to a Doctor in minutes, 24/7/365  On-demand access via phone, computer or mobile app  78% of office visits can be handled via phone*  No co-pays, deductibles or per-use charges  Each call saves ~$325 in traditional Healthcare costs  14 minute average response time, 91% resolution rate  “Plus” access to other Health Professionals and services  Covers members and their families *American Medical Association

7 USE CADR+ WHEN YOU:  Need basic medical care 24/7  Don’t want to go to UC/ER  Can’t get a timely appointment with your PCP  Need Rx prescription/refills* for common conditions  Can’t afford your insurance copay or deductible  Can’t take off work or school  Can’t meet face-to-face with physician/specialist  Need medical care access from remote locations  Traveling and in need of medical care *If appropriate

8 “PLUS” THESE ADDITIONAL SERVICES Telephonic Counselors Speak directly with highly educated consultants who are ready to help guide you through life’s challenges. Legal & Financial Advisors Talk with a network attorney or financial consultant by phone for as long or as many times as you need. Childcare & Eldercare Services Comprehensive services to help with all your needs while providing care for the loved ones in your life that need it most. Medical Bill Saver Let our Bill Saver team work on your behalf to reduce what you owe. Pay only 25% of the total savings!. WellCard Discount Card Savings on a wide range of healthcare products and services like prescription drugs, lab tests, vision and dental care. Online Work-Life Resources In-depth resources and guides for issues from adoption to college planning, elder care to emergency care and more.

9 WHY CALL A DOCTOR PLUS? Convenience:  Licensed physicians and industry professionals available 24/7/365  No waiting rooms, no closed offices, no waiting weeks for an appointment  Receive answers and treatment within minutes via phone, email, or video Peace-of-mind:  100% acceptance regardless of preexisting conditions or age  No limitations on usage  Board certified, state specific Physicians and other vetted partners  “Do it for yourself; do it for the ones you love” Money-savings:  Significantly less expensive than typical Office, ER/UC visits  Saves on out of pocket expenses i.e. high deductibles, co-pays  Less time off needed for doctor appointments  Medical Bill Saver available in the event of excessive medical/dental billing

10 14 min 95% 91% 100% $0 Average Physician response time Member satisfaction Patient issues resolved Follow up QA email within 48 hrs. Cost per consultation

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