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American Legion Auxiliary Member Benefits Program October 16, 2012.

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1 American Legion Auxiliary Member Benefits Program October 16, 2012

2 AGENDA Introduction About Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc. Gallagher Partners Member Benefits Guide Benefits Available to Members Website – Member Benefits Platform Demo Questions & Answers 2

3 INTRODUCTION Gallagher Benefit Services, as the Member Benefits provider and proud partner of the American Legion Auxiliary, is excited to offer its members a greatly expanded array of new insurance products, discount services and professional and financial services. 3

4 GALLAGHER BENEFIT SERVICES Subsidiary of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Gallagher Benefit Services is the world’s fourth largest insurance broker and has over 13,000 employees world wide. Full-Range of Employee Benefit Services Founded in 1927 Operates over 80 offices across the country Serving both private sector and nonprofit organizations 4

5 GALLAGHER PARTNERS As the ALA Member Benefits Program Administrator, Gallagher Benefit Services has several partner companies and insurance carriers to provide this exclusive national program to you. One of these partner companies is Extended Benefit Services (EBS) which is one of the largest independent financial services agencies in the country. 5

6 MEMBER BENEFITS GUIDE 6 An Extended Benefits Services (EBS) representative will be contacting Auxiliary members to schedule appointments to help them understand all the exclusive benefits now available.

7 BENEFITS AVAILABLE Estate Planning Information (Wills and Trusts) –An EBS representative, at no charge, will meet with you one- on-one to gather basic information and help get your plan started. Home and Auto Insurance –Through our relationships with 20 different insurance companies we are able to deliver savings to ALA members (on average $437/year savings). 7

8 BENEFITS AVAILABLE Tax Planning Information –Your ALA membership provides access, at no charge, to licensed professionals through EBS, who can review your current tax situation and help make recommendations on how to lower your taxes. Financial Services –EBS will meet with ALA members and family to complete a financial review, at no cost. –Some of the services available: Retirement Planning Pension Options College Savings Plans IRA’s Annuities 8

9 BENEFITS AVAILABLE Dental Insurance –Fully insured dental insurance –In and out-of-network benefits –No deductibles or waiting periods –Benefits cover up to $2,000 per calendar year. Discount Dental – Careington –Members can take advantage of savings offered by Careington, one of the most recognized dental networks in the nation (over 63,000 participating dentists). –Average annual savings of $1,200 per family 9

10 BENEFITS AVAILABLE Life Insurance –Term life insurance is designed to provide a pre-defined number of years of insurance with an unchanging cost or premium for the duration of the of the term or coverage period. –Term Life Insurance quotes are available on the ALA Member Benefits Platform and can be generated immediately. –Members can also speak to an advisor for more information. Long Term Care –Long-term care plans provide benefits for those needing assisted living, nursing homes and in-home care. –Members can discuss multiple long-term care solutions available through the Member Benefits Program with an advisor and receive quotes. 10

11 BENEFITS AVAILABLE Critical Illness Insurance –Critical Illness Insurance is a lump-sum cash benefit upon the first diagnosis of a covered critical illness (Heart Attack, Stroke, Coma, End Stage Renal Failure, Major Organ Failure or Permanent Paralysis) or diagnosis of Cancer. –Members can discuss their options with an advisor and receive quotes by way of this exclusive member benefits program. 11

12 BENEFITS AVAILABLE Medicare Supplemental Insurance –Medicare Supplemental representative consultations and quotes are available to members. –They assist members by: Handling enrollment in the products of their choice Completing the application process Mailing the policies to the member Servicing the account for the life of the policy 12

13 BENEFITS AVAILABLE VSP Vision Insurance –Fully insured vision insurance –38,000 points of access nationwide –Annual WellVision Exam included –No waiting periods and no deductibles –No co-pays for contacts Vision Discount – Eyemed –Members save 20-40% off the retail price of eyewear –Discounts available on exams, eyeglasses and contacts –50,000 providers nationwide (including LensCrafters, Sears Optical, Target Optical, JCPenney Optical, and most Pearl Vision locations) 13

14 BENEFITS AVAILABLE Pharmacy Med Impact –A free prescription discount available to members. –Discounts available at over 58,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. –15%-60% off of generic prescriptions –15%-25% off of brand named drugs. 14

15 15 WEBSITE – MEMBER BENEFITS PLATFORM DEMO  Financial Services  Dental Insurance*  Discount Dental – Careington*  Life Insurance*  Long Term Care  Critical Illness Insurance  Medicare Supplemental Insurance  Pharmacy-Med Impact*  Vision Insurance*  Discount Vision – Eyemed* * Receive your quote immediately on the National ALA Website Member Benefits tab today! Benefits Available on the ALA National Website Platform

16 THANK YOU All of these Member Benefits are exclusively available to American Legion Auxiliary members and family members because of your dedication and service to the mission! Thank you for all that you do! 16

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