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Respiratory Tract Conditions

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1 Respiratory Tract Conditions
Chapter 18

2 Common Cold Management Transmission Symptoms Vitamin C Zinc gluconate
Usually begin 1-2 days after exposure Include Clear nasal discharge (rhinorrhea) Nasal itching Sneezing Nonproductive cough Itching and puffiness of the eyes Mild sore throat Low-grade fever Management Vitamin C Zinc gluconate Transmission Person to person Airborne droplets

3 Sinusitis Symptoms Management Type of Infection Nasal congestion
Facial pain Pain in upper teeth Pressure behind the eyes (retro-orbital) Nasal discharge Pain over sinuses Coughing Fever and chills Management Control the infection Reduce mucous Antibiotics Nasal sprays Type of Infection Bacterial Viral Allergy

4 Pharyngitis Symptoms Causes Management Throat appears red
Tonsils appear swollen Puss-like discharge Causes Viral Bacterial Fungal Management Antibiotics Bed rest Plenty of fluids Saline gargles Throat lozenges Mild analgesics

5 Influenza- “FLU” Symptoms Management Causes Fever Rest Chills
Malaise Headache Muscle aches Hacking cough Sore throat Watery eyes Sensitivity to light Management Rest Plenty of fluids Saltwater gargles Cough medication Analgesics Causes Hemophilus influenza type A, B, or C

6 Allergic Rhinitis “Hay Fever”
Symptoms Chronic sore throat Swollen mucosa Enlarged lymph tissue Exudate Causes Seasonal allergies Seasonal pollens or irritants Management Antihistamines Limiting exposure Cromolyn sodium Hypersensitivity reduction

7 Bronchitis Symptoms Management Causes Marked cyanosis Edema
Production of sputum High CO2 levels in blood Low O2 levels in blood Coughing Wheezing Management Reduce swelling Causes Cigarette smoke Pollution Infection

8 Bronchial Asthma Symptoms Causes Management Wheezing
Rapid onset of fatigue Thick yellow or green sputum Causes Constriction of bronchial muscles Mucosal swelling Management Nebullizer Bronchodilators Cromolyn sodium Antihistamines

9 Exercise Induce Bronchospasm
Symptoms Chest pain Chest tightness Burning sensation Wheezing Causes Cold air Low humidity Pollutants Management Bronchodilators Cromolyn sodium Oral theophylline Leukotriene modifiers

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