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Dental Unit.

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1 Dental Unit

2 Dental Abbreviations ADA-American Dental Association
ADAA-American Dental Assistant Association DANB-Dental Assistant National Board CDA-Certified Dental Assistant RDH-Registered Dental Hygenist

3 Dental Unit There are 20 baby teeth
Permanent teeth begin to erupt in the mouth at age 5 There are 32 permanent teeth (adult) Odontology is the growth and study of diseases Periodontium supports and surrounds the teeth Transverse/Horizontal plane separates the mouth into a maxillary and mandibular section

4 Dental Laboratory Technician
Aid the dentist Provide retainers Manufacture dentures 2 years of college

5 Dental Assistant Operate and maintain dental equipment Perform x-rays
Position the patient Take impressions Demonstrate brushing techniques (good hygiene) Usually get reimbursed by the dentist for continuing education classes 29% growth in the next 10 years

6 Tooth Anatomy

7 Tooth Anatomy Dentin-tissue making up main bulk of tooth
Apical Foramen-opening in tip of root of the tooth Pulp-made of nerves and blood vessels Cervix/Cemento-enamel junction-area where crown joins root Crown-section of tooth visible in the mouth Enamel-forms protective outer layer on the tooth Cementum-tissue that helps hold tooth in place Root-section of tooth below gingiva and gums Pulp-provides nourishment and sensation for the tooth Enamel-hardest tissue in the body

8 Alveolar Process Contains a series of sockets
Bone tissue that surrounds the root of the teeth

9 Attached Gingiva Gum tissue attached to alveolar bone
Made of epithelial tissue covered with mucous membrane

10 Free Gingiva Gum tissue that surrounds cervix and fills interproximal spaces Made of epithelial tissue covered with mucous membrane

11 Periodontal Ligament Contains nerves and blood vessels that provide nourishment Fibers of connective tissue that attach to the cementum and alveolus Acts as a shock absorber and prevents teeth from resting on the bone

12 Wisdom Teeth 3rd molars Show up around 16-25 years old Hypodontia
Supernumerary Impacted: fail to erupt from gingiva, different categories

13 Identification of the Teeth

14 Bicuspids- Pulverize or grind food
Cuspids- tear food, Aka canines/eyeteeth, longest teeth in the mouth Incisors- broad, sharp edges, use to cut food Molars-largest and strongest teeth, located in the back of the mouth


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