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Racism in Modern Russia

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1 Racism in Modern Russia
by a student of Yakutsk State University Varlamova Nadezhda group IDL-101, IDL-104

2 I. Racism and Democracy Racism – one of the main problems in Russia as almost in every part of the World. Racism – the attempt ion that psycho cultural tracts and capacities are determined by biological race and that races differ decisively from one another which is usually coupled with a belief in inherent superiority of a particular race and its right to domination over others. 2a. A doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles. b. A population or social system based on racism.

3 I. Racism and Democracy Democracy – 1.a government of the people…
5. political, social or economic equality… 6. a state of society characterized by tolerance toward minorities. Freedom of expression, and respect for the essential dignity and worth of the human individual with equal opportunity for each to develop freely to his fullest capacity in a cooperative community… (Webster’s 3d New International Dictionary of the English Language. Massachusetts, U.S.A, 1993)

4 II. Racist organizations in modern Russia
Russia outlined several priority sectors to develop in 1994 – one of them is to build a new state where all democratic rights of people are protected. But the aim hasn’t been reached. Even after sixty years from the Second World War ending there is a problem of racism all over the World, even in Russia.

5 II. Racist organizations in Modern Russia
B) There are a lot of racist groups in Russia working almost everywhere “88”,”White bulldogs”, “Sever”, White bears”, ”Russkiy kulak”, “Skinhead legion”, ”Blood and honor”, etc All of these groups members call their selves “skin heads” Russian “skinheads “determine their proposal -to protect their country from foreigners and from non-Russian people in general-to be the best way to bring stability into their country’s inner life. Their ways of reaching the aim are violent and cruel to the people different from them-who are not Russian In Moscow, July, 2003 there was a protest action ,organized by the foreign country students of Russian Capitol Moscow and St. Petersburg , called “Black and White fight only on a chess board!” (The Moscow News, July,2003)

6 III. The reasons of racist ideas popularity
A) skin head groups appealing was the result of not national but social changes in the country There was a great regress in Russia’s economics in that made millions of people become unemployed. Instability of the middle class ,that serves as the basis of stability and positive social as a whole, was one pf the reasons of people’s depression The difference between the rich and the poor became too obvious-sociality divided into two opposite sides The Education system was almost destroyed the political events reflected skin head groups appealing (the 1 Chechen company)

7 III. The reasons of racist ideas popularity
Sociologists of Russia say it is important “to provide still necessary radical maneuvers in the social sphere; 1. to avert a threat to social security caused by the deterioration of the living standards and the equality of life. 2... to form the middle class, the foundation of market relations and guarantee of sociopolitical stability. 3. In every way to support the family as the main social institution that reduces frustration and general instability...” * N. Rimashevskaya - Social Reform Strategies in Russia; Social Sciences; Russian Academy of Sciences: v.2; p. 35#3

8 IV. People’s mass as a great destructive power
French sociologist Lebonne described in his book “Psychology of the People’s mass” published in 1857 of the 19th century feelings and emotions a man may have in a crowd of people He wrote that the crowd is absolutely faceless, irresponsible and dependent from it’s leader The sociologist foresaw the role of personalities had gone and that the times of destructible people’s crowd had come * *(Fakel. Fio )

9 V. The government politics and racist organizations activity
Bringing national, racial, religious intolerance activities “is determined to be a crime (the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) The President Putin said in Krakow’s conference in Poland, 27 January, that “no one has the right to be indifferent to nationalism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia... Unfortunately, even in our country we see these diseases too often, and we are ashamed...”

10 Reference materials Webster’s 3d New International Dictionary of the English Language, Marriam - Webster Inc., Springfield Massachusetts, USA; 1993) The Moscow News, July, 2003 N. Rimashevskaya - Social Reform Strategies in Russia; Social Sciences; Russian Academy of Sciences: v.2; p. 35#3 Fakel. Fio The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

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