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Ch. 1 - Principles of Government

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1 Ch. 1 - Principles of Government
Government: The institution through which a society makes and enforces its policies Essential to the existence of civilized society and has an extraordinary impact on the lives of people. What would you be like if you never had any oversight?

2 What do we expect from our Gov’t?
Protect us from criminals and terrorists Protect the environment, our property, health and education Pave streets, regulate traffic Punish criminals Respond to natural disasters Protect our civil rights Care for elderly and poor That is a lot!

3 The State Dominant political unit in the world. Characteristics:
Population Territory Sovereignty – power within its own borders Government Body of people living together in a defined area, tied together politically Nation=ethnic term, country=geographic term

4 Politics Politics – The process by which we select our governmental leaders and what policies these leaders produce. Politics – The process by which government is conducted, policies determined and leaders chosen.

5 Politics is NOT a Dirty Word
People disagree on politics because they disagree about: Government Priorities The Role of Government Specific Governmental Policies The Direction of the Nation Personal Values Etc. Politics and Government are inseparable

6 Purpose of Government From the Preamble to the Constitution:
Form a more perfect union – link together people and states

7 Purpose of Government From the Preamble to the Constitution:
Establish Justice – equal rights and laws 3. Insure Domestic Tranquility – Peace at home 4. Provide for the common defense – military, foreign policy

8 Purpose of Government From the Preamble to the Constitution:
Promote the general welfare – well being 6. Secure blessings of liberty–rights & freedoms

9 Purposes (the Preamble) review:

10 Forms of Government Dictatorship – Rule by 1 person or small group
The most common form of goverment Authoritarian, Oligarchy, etc. Totalitarian Control all aspects of life – political, social, economic Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong-Il Theocracy Control by force and the FEAR of force

11 Forms of Government Democracy “Government of the people,
by the people, for the people” “We the People” Direct Democracy – NE town halls Representative Democracy – Republic Fastest growing form of government Most difficult form of government

12 Democracy Presidential System Branches chosen independently
Separation of Powers Checks and Balances Strong Executive – independent of Legislature United States system

13 Democracy Parliamentary System
Executive (Prime Minister) is a member of legislature (Parliament) Legislative majority chooses Executive Legislative branch is superior to Executive and Judicial branches No checks and balances System used in UK, Canada, Israel, most of Europe

14 Foundations of Democracy
Worth and dignity of every individual Sometimes the welfare of some is subordinated for the welfare of the group Equality of all persons – conditions, opportunities, laws Majority rule with minority rights Necessity of compromise=most ideas have more than two sides Individual freedom

15 “No government demands so much from the citizen as Democracy, and none gives so much back.”

16 Conditions Favorable to Democracy
Economic conditions Best when there aren’t extremes of wealth and poverty Free enterprise – capitalism or socialism Education The higher the literacy rate the better You need educated voters Social Consensus Shared values: Freedom, Equality, Peace, etc.

17 Democracy and the Free Enterprise System (Capitalism)
Gov’t doesn’t make the decisions, the market does through the laws of supply and demand Private ownership, profit, competition America has a mixed economy because the government does get involved Regulations, laws Building codes Education Post office

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