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Time to Switch to Biometrics

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2 Time to Switch to Biometrics
Time to Switch to Biometrics! Introducing TA500: Affordable & Effective Fingerprint Time Attendance System TA500 is using fingerprint matching technology to compare the actual fingerprint with its data, providing data accuracy at all times. 2. One scan of a fingerprint takes less than 2 seconds and data is recorded safely in database. 3. The fingerprint data can not be reversed engineered and it can’t be used for other purposes except solely for FingerTec verification 4. TA500 offers 2 default verification methods: fingerprint & password; RFID card (Optional) 5. Can contain 2000 fingerprint templates and 80K transactions, ideal for small or medium-sized offices

3 The Advantages of Fingerprint Technology
Huge on Accuracy: Each fingerprint is unique to an individual and there are no two similar fingerprints, not even twins. Readily available: No additional cost required because users are using their fingers for verification. Increased security: Without the presence of the actual finger, no verification can be done, no worries about stolen cards/passwords Constant: One’s fingerprints remain consistent throughout life. Reliability: The system records every details that comes with the fingerprint to provide reliable records.

4 Get Up Close with TA500 TA500 Equipped with durable fingerprint non-coated optical scanner Vivid 2.8" color TFT screen with user-friendly user interface One verification is done under 1 sec per scan! 3 verification methods: - fingerprint (default), password (default) & RFID card (optional) 2000 fingerprint templates (1:1, 1:Many) 80000 transactions data at any given time (first in, first out) TCP/IP and USB disk connection available for easy data transferral. Powered with the comprehensive TCMV V2 Software

5 Get Up Close with TA500 TA500 It comes with built-in battery for mobility and it doesn’t need any installation - plug and play concept It is made sturdy from robust ABS material, the material used for car body The keyboards are easy to use for settings and everyday punch in of information, and the machine comes with 3 access level for security It has over 12 International Voice/Display Language available: English, Arabic, Indonesian, Chinese Traditional / Simplified, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Thai, Turkish, French, Persian.

6 The Top 5 Reasons to have a TA Software
Ways Time & Attendance Software can benefit your Company: It provides easy management of attendance data and report generation in real-time It matches the staffing supply resources you have with the staffing demand required It optimizes labor expenditure with real data, improved bottom-line. It gives more efficient attendance and payroll processing with negligible room for error. At the end of the day, the right time & attendance software can integrate across departments seamlessly, saves you countless man- hours as well as increase the accuracy of data across departments.

7 An Overview of TCMS V2 FingerTec’s Central & Cost-Effective TA Solution
With more than 15 years of success in providing time and attendance solutions to tens of thousands of clients across the globe, TCMS V2 has an outstanding track record with great customer reviews. The TCMS V2’s powerful capabilities include centralizing, storing and managing all the time attendance information that is automated for an easily-managed and networked attendance solution. TCMS V2 has important features for TA Software such as keeping employee data intact, managing shift and scheduling, handling leaves and holidays, keeping tardiness in check and many more. Every purchase of the FingerTec TA500 device comes FREE with TCMS V2 software Quick and easy software installation! Offers 3 levels of access to safeguard data authenticity: Administrator – full access Login – preview and print report Head of department – preview and print reports for same department

8 TA500 and TCMS V2 The Perfect Symphony
Understanding Key Time Attendance Functions In TCMS V2 Multiple working type-scenarios: Supports a variety of working schedules, shifts & rosters to accommodate all working environments with over 1000 schedules available Leave & Holiday Management: Supports a variety of leave and holiday management Various Time Attendance Report Formats: A total of 25 types of time attendance reports available to print and save in various formats Eg: XLS, TXT or ODBC Easy & Comprehensive Attendance Viewing: Provides easy & comprehensive attendance sheet to check and manage the attendance data of the users. Centralized Data Management: Supports data transfer via TCP/IP, Dynamic DNS, RS232/485, GPRS or USB flash disk to centralize data from all branches into one centralized system

9 Protect & Enhance your TA500 with FingerTec Exclusive Accessories
TA500 Enclosure Protect your TA500 from dust, water and vandalism with our exclusive enclosure. Mini UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) The Mini-UPS can power your FingerTec terminals for up to 3-5 hours in events of power cut off. The UPS is light (150gm) and portable, the must-have accessory to accompany your TA500 device wherever you are. Charge your device in the car while you are out and about!

10 Get All of These Features and More for FREE When You Purchase FingerTec’s TA500
Powerful Software

11 TA500 Questions Answered Q: I just purchased a new FingerTec TA500 device. How do I activate it? A: TA500 comes with a unique license key. You must connect TA500 to TCMS V2 and perform online activation. TCMS V2 reads the serial number of your terminal, matches it with the license key and verifies it online. If you do not have an Internet connection, please do offline activation. Q: What are recommendations for a successful fingerprint enrolment with TA500? A: It is highly recommended to enrol two fingerprints per user ID, one template is the default fingerprint and another is a backup. Check the quality of the fingerprint, locate the center point of the finger to be placed in the middle of the scanner for a good reading. Make sure that the fingers are not too wet or too dry for enrolment. Q: These biometric devices are pricey, why should I invest? A: Manual timekeeping processes is cheaper but proven to be costly and time consuming with the risk of errors. In comparison to these manual methods, biometric attendance systems are error free, quick to install, user friendly and highly accurate.

12 TA500 Questions Answered Q: What are the available Clocking Schedules in TCMS V2 Software? A: Although the TCMS V2 software offers up to 1000 different clocking schedules, the three most common clocking schedules are as below: Weekly - Working schedule for weekly basis. Daily - Working schedule for daily basis. Flexi - Working schedule that does not include any late ins, early outs or overtime. Q: Are the devices weatherproof? A: No. Check out FingerTec’s Accessories site for a range of enclosures to protect and safeguard your devices. Q: The LED on TA500 is blinking all the time. Why is that? A: You have nothing to worry about unless the blinking light is red. The green blinking light is indicating that the terminal is under its standby mode. Red blinking light may signal problem in the terminal. Q: Why doesn’t the TA500 respond to my RFID card? A: Kindly ensure that your TA500 is embedded with card reader and if yes, that you’ve registered your user ID card to your TA500 terminal. Check if your user ID has been assigned to a verification group that supports RFID card. Q: Can the terminals be integrated with a 3rd party application? A: Yes. You can conveniently integrate them with a third party application (ie: payroll system) with our SDKs at no extra cost!

13 Get More With FingerTec
Get More With FingerTec! You’re in Good Hands with the FingerTec Technical Support Team! It is our job to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little better, which is why our Technical Support Team is available /7! We are ever ready to help you with your enquiries and troubleshooting needs. Connect and chat with our Technical Support team on Skype. Operational Hours: 9:00AM to 10:00 PM (GMT +8) Days: Monday to Sunday support is available 24 hours a day. us:

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