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1 Copyright © 2013 FingerTec Worldwide Sdn.Bhd. All rights reserved.

2 The Importance of Security & Time Attendance
Security and safety are primary concerns in any sector, be it at home or at work. Peace of mind from a safe working environment has a positive effect on productivity, and helps keep morale high among employees. Human capital is one of the company’s most valuable asset, and its management is the key to corporate success and growth. Time Attendance has also been in hot demand, particularly a fully automated and accurate system for time attendance. For employers, this will greatly reduce costs resulting from human errors, additional labor, buddy punching and tardiness. For employees, there will be no more discrepancies or delays in payroll on top of the assurance that work is rightly recognized and duly rewarded. And when the two functions are offered by one product in a centralized system, the advantages are abundance!

3 Great Benefits of Biometric System
Traditional locks and keys are easily replicated or misplaced. One resigned staff forgets to return the key, the whole lock needs a replacement. Biometrics, on the other hand, is convenient, accurate and reliable – User biometric unique data is kept in digital form which is easy to delete, suspend, transfer accordingly yet secure because the algorithm has manipulated the actual image into unique strings of number. Paired with the bundled powerful access software, Ingress, discrepancies, extra costs and frustrations associated with manual calculations and traditional time clocks are minimized. Employees can work with a peace of mind knowing that the workplace is secure and their attendance are tracked accurately reflecting their commitment at the workplace.

4 Introducing FingerTec’s Best Selling Door Access Terminal: R2
COMPACT AND POWERFUL FINGERPRINT TERMINAL Massive Storage - Stores 120,000 transactions, 3,000 fingerprint templates and 3,000 cards (Mifare/HID card technology is an option). Multiple verification techniques - Fingerprint, card and password. Reliable optical fingerprint scanner - Precise verifications under 1 sec/scan! Various common methods of communication - TCP/IP, RS485/RS232, USB. Sleek, Slim and Sturdy Design - Suitable for any environment. Convenient Combinations - Pair with FingerTec slave devices such as R2c and H2i for a complete yet economical IN/OUT solution. Comes bundled with Ingress – Powerful Door Access software. SDKs available – BioBridge and FTDP for 3rd party integration.

5 Extra AMAZING R2 features at no extra costs
Short Message Display – Send personalized messages to employees, either public message or personal message, after their verification for discreet and easy communications. Work codes – Allow your staff to specify tasks when reporting attendance, making payroll calculations more accurate. i.e.: 11 for meeting with a client, 12 for Site Inspection, etc. Multi Verification Methods – You can combine between the card, fingerprint and password methods for added security. Centralized Data – All information are stored in the Ingress software for advanced access control management. Easy Installation – Its small dimensions and simple setup make installation a breeze.

6 Pair R2 with R2c Slave Reader for Complete and Affordable Biometric Door Access Solution
FINGERPRINT SLAVE TERMINAL Cost Effective – Combination of master and slave terminals can reduce cost by around 30%. Convenience with Multiple Verifications – Fingerprint, card and passwords data are stored in the master terminal, providing convenience to users. Customizable Card System – Mifare/HID Card technology option is available upon request. Sleek and Professional Design – Small size for easy installation at any environment. RS485 Connection Between R2 and R2c – Provides stable connection between the slave and the master terminal.

7 R2 Installation Simplified
The installation of R2 follows industry standards as illustrated in the diagram above. Once the installation is completed, one scan at any of the terminals will open the door for access. FingerTec provides exclusive accessories such as AdapTec Plus, Protective Metal Casing, Enclosures for a cleaner and better installation. For more info, please visit

8 Get more with AdapTec Plus
AdapTec Plus has the perfect combination of power supply and door access controller features for an encrypted and secure IN-OUT functions. A single AdapTec Plus can power up to 2 terminals and 2 sets of door accessories such as EM Lock/Drop Bolts. Supports 12 V rechargeable battery whereby in events of power failure, the terminal can still last for up to 8 hours. Can be paired with a siren for emergencies. Also prolongs the lifespan of your terminals with data encryption. Cleaner installation with exclusive Metal Casing and Enclosure FingerTec Metal Casing is specially designed to fit AdapTec Plus and backup battery in one casing, to be installed firmly on the wall. In or out of sight, the installation is cleaner with the metal casing. We offer FingerTec Enclosure to limit users from touching the reader unnecessarily. It also reduces attempts on vandalism and keeps the reader protected from water sprinkle and dust. Metal Casing Enclosure

9 Make A Presentable R2 Presentation with FingerTec Exclusive Demo Kits – Only for Resellers
FingerTec Door Access Demo Kits provide a portable and professional solution for your sales/training demonstration activities. These kits are 100% fully functional yet easy to bring around for your product presentation. The demo kits come in a classy and durable suitcase for presentable look. Also comes with a variety of accessories such as drop bolts and alarms for a realistic simulation. For more info, please visit

10 Connect R2 with Ingress Software for
Centralized Door Access Management Ingress is the complete and advanced door access solution to managing and monitoring door activities with a simple module on time attendance data tracking. KEY ACCESS CONTROL FEATURES IN INGRESS Graphical Floor Maps – Intuitive graphical maps are completely customizable to let you monitor activities of doors. Real-Time Monitoring – Real-time access control event, fire alarm and transaction log monitoring from one centralized station. Remote Control – Enable user to control access activities directly from the monitoring station. Fire Alarm Linkage – Allows the automatic unlocking of emergency fire doors in the event of a fire. Anti Passback – This feature allows does not allow a user to enter without exiting. Interlocking – Interlock system monitors the state of the doors and upon request, the unit will opens a door after the other door is closed.

11 Connect R2 with Ingress Software for Centralized Door Access Management
ADDITIONAL TIME ATTENDANCE FUNCTIONS IN INGRESS 6-column attendance data – Ingress provides weekly schedule with 3-pair of IN/OUT attendance data for monitoring. Group Duty Roster – Supports group or personal duty roster setup. Leave and Holiday Management – Supports variety of leave and holiday management. Attendance Sheets – Provides detailed attendance data on a comprehensive individual attendance sheet. Variety of Attendance Report – A total of 15 attendance reports available for you to print and save in various formats. Availability of Raw Data – Terminal data audit list enables raw data checking and export. Configurable Export Format – Simple export for attendance data using the configurable export template format. Link to Sage Payroll – Post attendance data can link to Sage UBS payroll easily. 9-digit Workcode – Can support up to 9-digit of workcodes.

12 Connect R2 with Ingress Software for Centralized Door Access Management
ADDITIONAL FEATURES IN INGRESS Away from computer? - No worries. Ingress can be configured on both iOS and Android devices to receive , sound alerts and other notifications about door activity. Database Backup and Restore – Database is backed up in Ingress in the event of server down. Offline Alarm and Door Activities are also recorded and restored to terminals once system is back online. Setup has never been easier – With the Built-in Setup Wizard, initial setup is a breeze. Innovative features also reduce configuration time and eliminates programming error. Batch Create User allows one to import large amounts of users from Excel sheets to the software. Generate up to 29 types of comprehensive reports and place customizable water marks before printing.

13 What do you get when you purchase FingerTec solution?
Powerful Software Bundled with Ingress (upon request) - the comprehensive door access software to centralizing, managing, and monitoring door activity as well as integrating with 3rd party apps, etc. All-in-One CD Packed with various marketing materials, product manuals and guides in a variety of languages. High Quality Hardware Stringent Quality Control 28 month warranty on all FingerTec terminals. After Sales Support Round-the-clock technical support via various platforms: Teamviewer, Skype, MSN, etc.

14 Frequently Asked Questions
Must I use R2 with R2c? Not necessarily, R2 is a standalone product and you can use it independently but if you want to do a complete installation, you can opt for other reader such as H2i or you can simply put a push button for exit. If I’ve already been using other FingerTec terminals, can I add R2 in the mix and still using the same software? If you are using TCMS V2 and you do not want to focus on door access reporting, just link R2 with the software and the rest will be normal. But if you want door access software, connect to Ingress and maintain two separate software. Can my terminals have both Ingress and TCMS V2 software? No, all FingerTec terminals can only support either one of these software. So please do choose one that best fit your needs. If I am currently using TCMS V2 software, can I change to Ingress? What will happen to all of my data? With a small fee, your terminals can be reconfigured to support Ingress software. All previous data can be transferred seamlessly. Copyright © 2013 FingerTec Worldwide Sdn.Bhd. All rights reserved.

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