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In This Day and Age, Physical Access Control Is Not An Option; It Is a Necessity

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2 In This Day and Age, Physical Access Control Is Not An Option; It Is a Necessity
Choosing the right system is an important decision to safeguard one’s property and resources 3 main factors to determine a good investment in door access control solution: Convenience – Installation, implementation, day-to-day operation and reporting Cost – Initial cost, maintenance cost and lifespan Competence – Heightened security and operation awareness

3 Biometrics Is The Recognition Technology Based on the Uniqueness of Body Parts
Fingerprint is one of the most preferred biometrics technologies due to: Better cost due to mature technology and stable price Less intrusive User friendly

4 R3 is FingerTec’s Multimedia Color Fingerprint Model For Door Access and Time Attendance System
Deploys the latest fingerprint matching technology for fast and accurate identification and verification (< than 1 s). 2.4” LCD color touchscreen makes the R3 stand out. Other credentials like password and card are readily embedded. Easily configured and set to match company’s rules for access such as time zone, access group, denied access etc. Made from sturdy material for longer lifespan. Slim, sleek design that brings sophistication into any office environment. Tokenless no additional peripheral required, card is optional.

5 R3 with Door Access Accessory
Installation of R3 with standard door accessories such as EMlock, emergency breakglass, exit button, and etc provides reliable door access system Can be connected to other R3 or R2c for truly biometrics access/exit system or can mix and match biometrics with card for a more economical solution Using fingerprint to open doors Data is intact and accurate Can be linked to third party peripheral such as alarm and siren. Stores up to 3000 fingerprint templates (1:1, 1:Many), card identifications and transactions (First in, first out)

6 Connectivity to Ingress
Most comprehensive Door Access software with various compulsory features for security such as real time monitoring, database administration, report management and much more Provides notifications during emergency Supports import and export of user data, export of transaction logs and attendance data, plus, the export function comes with template configuration for easy 3rd party software integration Scalable, you can connect to as many as 999 or as less devices in a centralized system

7 Tight Door Access Security But It Also Offers Many Other Benefits to Match the Requirements of a Good Door Access Solutions: Increased efficiency and productivity – Automation of security and workflow provides peace of mind. Realtime – Provides timeliness in work monitoring so any modifications and actions can be done without delay. Accuracy of data – With automation recording of data, the company receives correct data at all times. Green initiatives – Reduce our carbon footprints by having automated system.

8 Monitoring - Real-time access control event, fire alarm and transaction log monitoring from one centralized station. Graphical Floor Map - Customizable and intuitive graphical floor maps to monitor door activity. Anti-Passback - Does not allow people to enter without exiting the area. Interlocking: Interlocking system monitors the state of the doors and upon request, the unit will open a door after a door is closed.

9 Implementation of R3 with Ingress Spells Convenience
Installation is made easy with standard door accessories and regular installer Fingerprint technology is easy to use and it takes less than 2 seconds to get verified. All data of the employees are intact with their recorded activities for the management to keep track and all data is centralized. Leave & Holiday Management: Supports varieties of leave and holiday management for employers to easily keep track of who’s in the office. Data Exporting: Simple export for attendance data using TCP/IP connectivity, RS232, RS485 or a common USB stick device for ultimate convenience.

10 Implementation of R3 with Ingress Is Cost-Effective
The initial cost for such biometrics system is not high considering the high capacity of users that can be sustained by the system and the low maintenance cost with 3 years warranty and support available online 365 days around the clock from the manufacturer itself. Products from FingerTec have been proven to have a long lifespan if customers adhere to the do’s and don’ts when caring for the products such as by applying enclosure: Support is always available online at or can be ed at

11 Implementation of R3 with Ingress Is Effective
Combination of biometrics R3 and comprehensive door access control solution provides tight security and accurate data and reporting. Combine R3 and Ingress for effective and efficient security management with TimeZone, GroupTimeZone and Group Verify features. Customize , sound alerts or push notifications and get notified when certain door events are triggered. Push notifications are sent to your TimeTec Mobile iOS and Android applications so that you can take charge of the situation!

12 Protect & Enhance your R3 with FingerTec Exclusive Accessories
Enclosures An acrylic enclosure that protects your terminal from the risk of meddling by unauthorized individuals and also comes with reduce risk of weather effects.

13 R3 Questions Answered Q: How can I search and check a user’s clocking records on my R3 reader? A: You can search and view user’s transactions logs in the reader itself by following these two simple steps below on your R3 reader. The logs will be displayed on the screen for the range entered. Enter the user ID Enter the start date & end date of the record range that you want to view Q: How can I edit the displayed date and time on my R3 reader device? A: Follow the instructions below to edit the date and time on your R3 reader. The time will be displayed in 24-hours format: Press and hold the menu button until you enter the menu Select the DATA/TIME icon and press the OK button Enter the correct date and time via the keypads. Shift columns by pressing the up or down arrow Press OK to save the settings Check the accuracy of the date and time at the terminal’s LCD

14 R3 Questions Answered Q: These biometric devices are pricey, why should I invest? A: Manual timekeeping and safeguarding processes are cheaper but proven to be costly and time consuming with the risk of errors. In comparison to these manual methods, biometric access control and attendance systems are error free, quick to install, user friendly and highly accurate.

15 Get All of These Features and More FOR FREE When You Purchase Your R3!!
Powerful Software

16 Get More With FingerTec
Get More With FingerTec! You’re in Good Hands with the FingerTec Technical Support Team! It is our job to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little better, which is why our Technical Support Team is available /7! We are ever ready to help you with your enquiries and troubleshooting needs. Connect and chat with our Technical Support team on Skype. Operational Hours: 9:00AM to 10:00 PM (GMT +8) Days: Monday to Sunday support is available 24 hours a day. us:

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