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Intolerable Acts & Taxation Foldable

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1 Intolerable Acts & Taxation Foldable

2 Intolerable Acts Opening
Intolerable – Impossible to endure; unbearable. Coercive – to act by force; strong-arm After the Boston Tea Party, England passed a series of strict new laws to punish the colonists. In England, they referred to the 4 new laws as Coercive. In the 13 Colonies, they were referred to as Intolerable. Prompt: Write a sentence using the word “Intolerable,” as if you were a colonist in the 1770’s. Write a sentence using the word “Coercive,” as if you were a British soldier in the 1770’s. Which would you rather be, the soldier or the colonist? WHY?

3 Student Expectation Analyze the causes of the American Revolution, including the Intolerable Acts.

4 Intolerable Acts Read each of the new laws passed by the Intolerable Acts and match a picture with that law. Write A, B, C, or D for each picture that matches the description. Sketch the picture in the space provided. (Either the picture from the PowerPoint or your own.)

5 Intolerable Acts


7 Road to Revolution Taxation Foldable
Create a foldable using 3 pieces of printer paper. Overlap each sheet leaving 1 inch at the bottom of the previous sheet. Fold the three sheets in the middle  Creating 6 sections On the 1st section place the Title “Road to Revolution” 2nd - Sugar Act 1764 3rd - Stamp Act 1765 4th - Quartering Act 1765 5th - Tea Act 1773 6th - Intolerable Acts 1774

8 Road to Revolution Taxation Foldable
Define - Inside each flap you will provide a brief descriptions of each tax. Next you will analyze pictures and choose pictures that best fit with each tax  Cut the picture out  Glue it in.



11 Create a TREE MAP List each ACT of Parliament in the foldable List 2 unique things about that Act
Parliament Acts Stamp Quartering Townshend Tea Intolerable Cause Effect FRAME OF REFERENCE If you were a colonist during this time, which Act would affect you most? Which act would affect you least? WHY?

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