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4 Place a piece of squared shaped paper on the table.

5 Now fold the paper to get the 4 creases as shown below.

6 Start by collapsing the pre-folded piece of paper.

7 You will see the paper taking shape.

8 You will end up with the folded triangle as shown below.

9 Fold one corner of the triangle upwards.

10 Follow with folding of the second corner. Turn the paper around and fold the other 2 corners.

11 You will see a square that looks like it has a diagonal line drawn across it.

12 Now fold the corner towards the centre. Do the same for the other 3 corners.

13 Once all 4 sides have been folded you will see this shape as shown below.

14 Use your finger to expand the pocket as shown. Next the flap will be tucked into the pocket.

15 This is how you fold the flap into two.

16 Fold the flap back towards the centre.

17 Tuck in the folded flap into the pocket.

18 Do the same for the other 3 flaps.

19 Blow here Unfold the ball slightly and then blow gently into the hole.

20 Here you have your PAPER BALL.

21 Another name for the PAPER BALL IS PAPER BALLOON ? You can fill it with water and create a WATER BOMB ?

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