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How to make a paper transforming ninja star By Lewis, 5/6C.

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1 How to make a paper transforming ninja star By Lewis, 5/6C

2 What you need: You need 8 sheets of square paper altogether. 4 one colour and another 4 a different colour.

3  Firstly, fold a piece of paper in half and then open it back to its original form. Now you have a crease in the middle of your paper.

4  Secondly, fold the two top corners in to the middle, shaping a plane form, like this.

5  Here come’s the tricky part. Thirdly, fold the bottom middle towards a corner of the plane form. Then fold the other corner towards the same crease. Top Top folded toward the corner

6 Fourthly, fold all the side’s in firmly, but not too tight otherwise the paper might tear.

7  Now you have a diamond shape. After that your going to have to make this same diamond shape 8 times, using the step’s I have given you with your other 7 square pieces of paper

8 When you have finished all the diamond shaped pieces connect each flap to the other flaps like this. Now fold both of the two corner flaps inside the bigger flap and do the same concept with all the other diamond shape’s until you reach the last one.

9 Now with the last flap, carefully place the middle flap between the two other flaps and then fold it in with the hooks. Hooks Hooked In

10 There, now you have made your transforming ninja star. But it’s not transforming ninja star, when you don’t know how to transform it. So to transform your ninja star, you must push each opposite side of your ninja towards the centre of the ninja star but carefully.

11 If you want to untransform your ninja star, pull every opposite side apart, but don’t pull it too far apart otherwise the transforming ninja star might break apart. Anyway, now you have completed and finished your transforming ninja star.

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